Stanley Maxted

Stanley Maxted Filmography

movie 1958 Fiend Without a Face as Col. Butler
movie 1958 The Strange Awakening as Mr. Moffat
movie 1957 Across the Bridge as Milton
movie 1957 Campbell's Kingdom as Henry Fergus
movie 1956 Ett kungligt äventyr as J G Parker
movie 1956 It's Never Too Late as Lee Sax
movie 1956 The Weapon as Colonel
movie 1955 I Am a Camera as Curtis B. Ryland, Editor
movie 1954 The Final Test as Senator
movie 1954 The Love Lottery as Oliver Stanton
movie 1953 Never Let Me Go as John Barnes
movie 1953 The Net as Prof. Adams
movie 1949 I Was a Male War Bride as U.S. Consul in Heidelberg
movie 1946 Theirs Is the Glory as Himself

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Fiend Without a Face Trailer - Directed by Arthur Crabtree and starring Marshall Thompson, Terry Kilburn, Michael Balfour, Gil Winfield, Stanley Maxted. An A...

the 1946 movie "Theirs Is The Glory", were actual survivors (soldiers and civilians like the "Angel of Arnhem" Kate Ter Horst, Frederick Gough, Stanley Maxte...

UNGEHEUER OHNE GESICHT Originaltitel: Fiend Without a Face Herstellungsland: Großbritannien Erscheinungsjahr: 1958 Regie: Arthur Crabtree, Marshall ...