Stanley Ridges

Stanley Ridges (July 17, 1890 ? April 22, 1951) was a British-born actor who made his mark in films by playing a wide assortment of character parts. Born July 17, 1890 or 1891, Southampton, Hampshire, England, Stanley Ridges would become a protege of Beatrice Lillie, a star of musical stage comedies, and spent a great many years learning and honing his craft on the stage. ... more on Wikipedia

Stanley Ridges Filmography

movie 1951 The Groom Wore Spurs as Harry Kallen
movie 1950 No Way Out as Dr. Sam Moreland
movie 1950 Paid in Full as Dr. P.J. 'Phil' Winston
movie 1950 The Du Pont Story as Gen. Henry du Pont
movie 1950 The File on Thelma Jordon as Kingsley Willis
movie 1949 Streets of Laredo as Major Bailey
movie 1949 Task Force as Sen. Bentley
movie 1949 You're My Everything as Mr. Henry Mercer
movie 1948 An Act of Murder as Doctor Walter Morrison
movie 1947 Possessed as Dr. Harvey Willard
movie 1946 Because of Him as Charles Gilbert
movie 1946 Canyon Passage as Jonas Overmire
movie 1946 Mr. Ace as Toomey
movie 1945 Captain Eddie as Col. Hans Adamson
movie 1945 God Is My Co-Pilot as Col. Meriam 'Steve' Cooper
movie 1945 The Phantom Speaks as Dr. Paul Renwick
movie 1944 The Master Race as Phil Carson
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as Cmdr. William B. 'Bill' Goggins
movie 1944 The Suspect as Inspector Huxley
movie 1944 Wilson as Dr. Cary Grayson
movie 1943 Air Force as Major Mallory
movie 1943 False Faces as District Attorney Stanley Harding
movie 1943 Tarzan Triumphs as Col. Von Reichart
movie 1943 The Voice That Thrilled the World as Himself
movie 1943 This Is the Army as Maj. John B. Davidson
movie 1942 Eagle Squadron as Air Minister
movie 1942 Eyes in the Night as Hansen
movie 1942 The Big Shot as Martin T. Fleming, Attorney
movie 1942 The Lady Is Willing as Kenneth Hanline
movie 1942 To Be or Not to Be as Professor Siletsky
movie 1941 Mr. District Attorney as District Attorney Tom F. Winton
movie 1941 Sergeant York as Major Buxton
movie 1941 The Sea Wolf as Johnson
movie 1941 They Died with Their Boots On as Maj. Romulus Taipe
movie 1940 Black Friday as Prof. George Kingsley
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny as Charlie
movie 1939 Each Dawn I Die as Meuller
movie 1939 Espionage Agent as Hamilton Peyton
movie 1939 I Stole a Million as Downs - Crooked Atty.
movie 1939 Land of Liberty
movie 1939 Let Us Live as District Attorney
movie 1939 Nick Carter, Master Detective as Doctor Frankton
movie 1939 Silver on the Sage as Earl Brennan
movie 1939 There's That Woman Again as Tony Croy
movie 1939 Union Pacific as General Casement
movie 1938 A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: They're Always Caught as Dr. John Pritchard
movie 1938 If I Were King as Rene de Montigny
movie 1938 The Mad Miss Manton as Edward Norris
movie 1938 Yellow Jack as Dr. James Carroll
movie 1937 Internes Can't Take Money as Innes
movie 1936 Sinner Take All as MacKelvey
movie 1936 Winterset as Shadow
movie 1935 The Scoundrel as Paul Decker
movie 1934 Crime Without Passion as Eddie White
movie 1932 The Sign of the Cross as Chaplain Lloyd
movie 1931 For Two Cents as Reporter
movie 1930 Let's Merge
movie 1930 The Poor Fish as George
movie 1923 Success as Gilbert Gordon

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