Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Grace Morgenstern (born December 10, 1965) is a Swiss-born Canadian actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter for television and film. Born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Stephanie began her acting career when she was 15. She has worked extensively on stage, film, and television in both English and French. Her most widely-seen screen credits have been The Sweet Hereafter, Maelstrom, Revoir Julie and Forbidden Love. Stephanie has been twice nominated for Genie (Canadi ... more on Wikipedia

Stephanie Morgenstern Filmography

tv series 2008 Flashpoint
movie 2007 Bonded Pairs as Rosemary
tv movie 2005 Riding the Bus with My Sister as Olivia
tv series 2005 Miss BG as Aunt Alice
movie 2003 Blizzard as Emma Ward
movie 2003 Cold Creek Manor as Local
tv movie 2003 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids as Ladybug
movie 2002 Blue Skies as Dresser
tv series 2002 Power Stone
movie 2001 Remembrance as Aurora Isaacs
movie 2000 Believe as Mary Alice Stiles
movie 2000 Café Olé as Sharon
movie 2000 Maelström as Claire Gunderson
movie 2000 Passengers as Rachel
movie 2000 Shooter as Chris
tv movie 1999 Dash and Lilly as Studio Secretary
tv movie 1999 Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge as Professor
tv movie 1999 P.T. Barnum as Nancy
movie 1999 The Rememberer as Annie
movie 1998 2 secondes as Sugrun
tv movie 1998 Mind Games as Anna
movie 1998 Revoir Julie as Juliet
tv series 1998 Birdz as Steffy Storkowitz
movie 1997 Strands
movie 1997 The Sweet Hereafter as Allison
tv series 1996 Blazing Dragons as Princess Flame
movie 1995 Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn super S: Sêrâ 9 senshi shûketsu! Burakku dorîmu hôru no kiseki as Mina - Sailor Venus
movie 1995 Butterbox Babies as Dorothy
movie 1995 Curtains as Claire
movie 1995 Why I'll Never Trust You (In 200 Words or Less)
movie 1994 Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn S as Mina - Sailor Venus
movie 1993 Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn R as Mina - Sailor Venus
movie 1993 Taking Liberty as Sarah
movie 1992 Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives as Laura
tv movie 1992 Partners 'n Love as Angela
tv series 1992 Midnight Cob as Jiggs
movie 1990 Ding et Dong le film as Cheftaine
movie 1990 Moody Beach as Serveuse
movie 1990 The Nutcracker Prince as Louise
movie 1989 Canada's Capital: Behind the Scenes
movie 1989 The Mountain and the Valley as Effie
movie 1989 Without Work: Not by Choice
tv series 1989 The Smoggies as Princess Lila
movie 1987 People and Science: Deadlines
movie 1987 Wednesday's Children: Vicky
movie 1986 A Gift for Kate
movie 1986 Toby McTeague as Sara
tv series 1986 Spearfield's Daughter as Trudi
movie 1985 Blue Line as Ilena
movie 1978 Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang as Narrator

Stephanie Morgenstern on Youtube

I found this a while back a decided to reupload this part. This is an old interview with Stephanine Morgensten and Susan Roman, who are voice actors in the E... Here's the first of two Sailor Moon 20th ...

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