Stephen Gevedon

Stephen Gevedon Filmography

movie 2014 The World Made Straight as Grandfather
movie 2013 The Devil You Know as Max Pierce
movie 2012 Archaeology of a Woman as Doctor
movie 2012 Hellbenders as Clint
movie 2010 13 as Mackinnon
movie 2009 Children of Invention as Rob the Salesman
movie 2009 Frank the Rat as Roger
movie 2006 The Collector as Death
movie 2005 Dog Eat Dog as Cellphone Man
movie 2005 War of the Worlds as Neighbor with Lawnmower
movie 2003 Music as Ebenezzer
movie 2003 Undermind as Jimmy Dimes
movie 2002 Bridget as Steven
movie 2001 Acts of Worship as Rick
movie 2001 Eight as Derek
movie 2001 Session 9 as Mike
movie 2000 Happy Accidents as Frenchman
movie 1999 I'll Take You There as Chris
movie 1999 Zoo as Jared Foxx
movie 1998 High Art as Man at Party
movie 1998 Paranoia as David
movie 1997 L'amico di Wang as Sam Jordan
movie 1997 States of Control as Alex, the Playwright
movie 1996 The Side of the Road as Adam
movie 1995 Blue in the Face as Dennis
movie 1995 Boys on the Side as Johnny Figgis
movie 1995 Smoke as OTB Man #3, Dennis
tv movie 1993 Daybreak
movie 1992 Mac

Stephen Gevedon on Youtube Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to...

Two young children living illegally in a model apartment outside Boston are left to fend for themselves when their hardworking mother disappears. Directori: ...

You can check out a trailer for this film right here: Session 9 is a 2001 American psychological horror film, dire... Sinopse: 13 é um número que mexe com o imaginário do homem. Para uns, ele representa sorte, para outros, o azar. Quando ...