Stephen Rowe

Stephen Rowe (born April 7, 1980 in Heart's Content, Newfoundland and Labrador) is a Canadian poet. ... more on Wikipedia

Stephen Rowe Filmography

movie 2014 Don't Worry Baby as Dr. Schnieder
movie 2013 Socks & Bonds as Hank
movie 2009 Landlocked
movie 2006 The Pink Panther as Black Market Jeweler
movie 2005 Red Doors as Dr. Levy
movie 2004 Imaginary Heroes as Emergency Room Dr.
movie 1999 Water and Power as Bar Local
movie 1996 Gasp as Professor
movie 1996 The Silencers as Senator Maxwell
video movie 1995 Cyber-Tracker 2 as Damien Rhodes
tv movie 1993 A Case for Murder as Stanley Haynes
tv movie 1993 Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman as Nice Looking Man
tv movie 1993 Hart to Hart Returns as Agent Cates
tv movie 1993 Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash as Caldwell
movie 1993 The Hit List as Search Detective
movie 1992 Basic Instinct as Internal Affairs Investigator
tv movie 1991 Sweet Poison as Billy
video movie 1988 Robots as Elijah Baley
movie 1988 Split Decisions as Businessman

Stephen Rowe on Youtube

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Broken Hill is the name of my home town, and the title of my debut Cd. Shooting this video was a good time and we had the best few days with some really cool...

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