Stepin Fetchit

Stepin Fetchit (May 30, 1902?November 19, 1985) was the stage name of American comedian and film actor Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry. Perry parlayed the Fetchit persona into a successful film career, eventually becoming a millionaire, the first black actor in history to do so. He was also the first black actor to receive a screen credit. ... more on Wikipedia

Stepin Fetchit Filmography

video movie 2004 TV in Black: The First Fifty Years
tv movie 1998 Small Steps, Big Strides: The Black Experience in Hollywood as Himself
tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'Judge Priest'
tv movie 1993 John Ford as Jeff Poindexter [in "Judge Priest"]
tv movie 1993 Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America as Jeff Poindexter
movie 1990 That's Black Entertainment as Himself
tv movie 1989 The Show Boat Story as Joe
movie 1976 Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood as Dancing Butler
movie 1975 Brother Can You Spare a Dime
movie 1974 Amazing Grace as Cousin Lincoln
tv movie 1972 Cutter as Shoeshine Man
movie 1972 Malcolm X as Unidentified Film Role
movie 1970 A.k.a. Cassius Clay as Himself
movie 1969 Muhammad Ali, the Greatest as Himself
tv movie 1968 Black History: Lost Stolen, or Strayed as Himself
movie 1953 The Sun Shines Bright as Jeff Poindexter
movie 1952 Bend of the River as Adam
movie 1950 Harlem Follies of 1949
movie 1949 I Ain't Gonna Open That Door
movie 1948 Miracle in Harlem as 'Swifty', the Handyman
movie 1946 Baby Don't Go Away from Me
movie 1945 Big Timers as Porter
movie 1945 Open the Door Richard as Richard
movie 1939 Zenobia as Zero
movie 1938 His Exciting Night as Casper, the Baker Butler
movie 1937 Fifty Roads to Town as Percy
movie 1937 Love Is News as Penrod
movie 1937 On the Avenue as Herman
movie 1936 36 Hours to Kill as Flash
movie 1936 Dimples as Cicero
movie 1935 Charlie Chan in Egypt as Snowshoes
movie 1935 Helldorado as Ulysses
movie 1935 One More Spring as Zoo Attendant
movie 1935 Steamboat Round the Bend as Jonah
movie 1935 The County Chairman as Sass
movie 1935 The Virginia Judge as Spasm Johnson
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Bulga
movie 1934 Carolina as Scipio
movie 1934 David Harum as Sylvester Swifty
movie 1934 Judge Priest as Jeff Poindexter
movie 1934 Marie Galante as 'Pacific Gardens' Waiter
movie 1934 Stand Up and Cheer! as George Bernard Shaw
movie 1934 The World Moves On as Dixie
movie 1932 Slow Poke
movie 1931 Neck and Neck as The Hustler
movie 1931 The Galloping Ghost as Baxter College Locker Room Attendant
movie 1931 The Prodigal as Hokey
movie 1931 Wild Horse as Stepin
movie 1930 A Tough Winter as Stepin
movie 1930 Cameo Kirby as Croup
movie 1930 La fuerza del querer as Spot
movie 1930 Swing High as Sam
movie 1930 The Big Fight as Spot
movie 1929 Big Time as Eli
movie 1929 Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 as Swifty
movie 1929 Hearts in Dixie as Gummy
movie 1929 Innocents of Paris as Bit Role
movie 1929 Kid's Clever as Negro Man
movie 1929 Salute as Smoke Screen
movie 1929 Show Boat as Joe
movie 1929 The Ghost Talks as Christopher Lee
movie 1929 Thru Different Eyes as Janitor
movie 1928 Nameless Men
movie 1928 The Devil's Skipper as Slave's Husband
movie 1928 The Tragedy of Youth as Porter
movie 1927 In Old Kentucky as Highpockets
movie 1925 The Mysterious Stranger

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Actor Stepin Fetchit aka Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry(1902--1985) wearing a Fez, in the movie "Charlie Chan in Egypt" released by 20th Century Fox ...

Lincoln Perry as Stepin Fetchit. Concert Posters bought and sold.

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