Steve Pendleton

Steve Pendleton (September 16, 1908 ? October 3, 1984) was an American film actor. He appeared in over 150 films between 1923 and 1960. ... more on Wikipedia

Steve Pendleton Filmography

movie 1970 Tora! Tora! Tora! as Destroyer Captain
movie 1969 Pit Stop as Luther
movie 1966 Blood Bath as Head shop operator
movie 1960 Guns of the Timberland as Sam Peterson
movie 1960 Ocean's Eleven as Major Taylor
movie 1958 I Married a Woman as Photographer
movie 1958 Once Upon a Horse... as Milligan
movie 1957 Battle Hymn as Captain in Control Room
movie 1957 Bombers B-52 as Lt. Col. Graham
movie 1957 Loving You as Mr. O'Shea
movie 1957 The Night Runner as Capt. Reynolds
movie 1957 The Unholy Wife as Deputy Bob Watkins
movie 1956 The Great Man as Voice of Doctor
movie 1956 The Price of Fear as Detective
movie 1955 One Desire as Customer
movie 1955 Phantom Trails as Curt Lesley
movie 1954 Killers from Space as Briggs
movie 1954 Target Earth as Colonel
movie 1954 The Caine Mutiny as Court-Martial Board Member
movie 1954 The Glenn Miller Story as Lt. Col. Bassell
movie 1954 The Two Gun Teacher as Bailey
movie 1953 Border City Rustlers as Larson
movie 1953 Jack Slade as Stage Passenger
movie 1953 Let's Do It Again as Police Car Driver
tv movie 1953 McCoy of Abilene
movie 1953 Mexican Manhunt as Policeman
movie 1953 The 49th Man as Technician
movie 1953 The Great Jesse James Raid as Todd--Crooked Gambler
movie 1952 Androcles and the Lion as Soldier
movie 1952 Indian Uprising as Captain Denton
movie 1952 Paula as Male Nurse
movie 1952 Phone Call from a Stranger as Airport Official
movie 1952 The Ring as Al - Policeman at Clubhouse
movie 1952 The Sniper as Ambulance Man
movie 1952 Trail of the Arrow
movie 1951 Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas as Sam White
movie 1951 Chicago Calling as Police Lt. Ryan
movie 1951 Desert of Lost Men as Posse member
movie 1951 Drums in the Deep South as Capt. Travis
movie 1951 Purple Heart Diary as Sgt. Morse
movie 1951 Submarine Command as Maj. Talbot
movie 1951 The Great Missouri Raid as Arch Clements
movie 1951 When the Redskins Rode as Appleby's Friend
movie 1951 You Never Can Tell as Motor Cop
movie 1950 A Lady Without Passport as Joe - Airport Attendant
movie 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn as Eddie - Detective
movie 1950 Gunfire as Charlie Ford
movie 1950 Hi-Jacked as Detective
movie 1950 Johnny One-Eye as Police Detective
movie 1950 Mystery Submarine as Asst. U.S. Atty. Paul Rodgers
movie 1950 No Man of Her Own as Policeman
movie 1950 One Way Street as Cop at First Accident Scene
movie 1950 Return of the Frontiersman as Winn
movie 1950 Rio Grande as Capt. Prescott
movie 1950 Rookie Fireman as Potts
movie 1950 Sunset in the West as Walter Kimball
movie 1950 Where Danger Lives as Policeman at Roadblock
movie 1949 Alias Nick Beal as Det. Sgt. Hill
movie 1949 Arson, Inc. as Murph
movie 1949 Battleground as Sergeant
movie 1949 Chinatown at Midnight as Policeman
movie 1949 Free for All as Commander's Aide
movie 1949 Johnny Allegro as Young Man
movie 1949 Port of New York as Agent in Club
movie 1949 Red, Hot and Blue as Detective
movie 1949 Ride, Ryder, Ride! as Gerry Brooks
movie 1949 Roll, Thunder, Roll! as Marshal Bill Faugh
movie 1949 Sky Liner as Smith
movie 1949 Sons of New Mexico as Polo Umpire
movie 1949 The Blazing Trail as Kirk Brady
movie 1949 The Doctor and the Girl as X-Ray Technician
movie 1949 The Sky Dragon as Ben Edwards, Guard
movie 1948 Beyond Glory as Gen. Prescott
movie 1948 Enchantment as Albert, the RAF Officer
movie 1948 He Walked by Night as Detective
movie 1948 Highway 13 as George Montgomery
movie 1948 Homecoming as Orderly
movie 1948 Walk a Crooked Mile as Police Detective Gaines
movie 1947 Heartaches as Assistant Director
movie 1947 The Return of Rin Tin Tin as Gordon Melrose
movie 1947 Untamed Fury as Jeff Owens
movie 1947 Wild Harvest as Swanson
movie 1946 That Brennan Girl as Ed
movie 1942 Eyes of the Underworld as Hub Gelsey
movie 1942 Sunday Punch as Ken's Taxi Driver
movie 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli as Corporal
movie 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob as Mr. Adams - Opera House Usher
movie 1941 Always Tomorrow: The Portrait of an American Business as Ben Hawley - Later Sales Manager
movie 1941 Coffins on Wheels as Younger Police Mechanic
movie 1941 Dive Bomber as Pilot
movie 1941 Knockout as Stanley, a Fighter
movie 1941 Men of the Timberland as Tex
movie 1941 Military Training as Lieutenant Instructor, Crack Drill Squad
movie 1941 Million Dollar Baby as Reporter
movie 1941 Navy Blues as Marine with Message for Buttons
movie 1941 Sergeant York as Scorer
movie 1941 The Reluctant Dragon as Humphrey's Boss - Head of Security
movie 1941 You're in the Army Now as Officer
movie 1940 American Spoken Here as Young Marksman
movie 1940 Enemy Agent as Mickey
movie 1940 Flight Command as North Island Tower Operator
movie 1940 I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now as Chuck
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Player #12
movie 1940 Manhattan Heartbeat as Tony
movie 1940 One Crowded Night as Mat Denlen, Gunman chasing Jim Andrews
movie 1940 Road to Singapore as Gordon Wycott
movie 1940 Sailor's Lady as Information
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Gas Station Attendant #2 in Needles
movie 1940 Those Were the Days! as Connie Mathews
movie 1940 Triple Justice as Tommy Dale
movie 1940 Young Buffalo Bill as Jerry Calhoun
movie 1939 Career as Boy
movie 1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy as Naval Courier
movie 1939 Disputed Passage as Lawrence Carpenter
movie 1939 Geronimo as Pvt. Young
movie 1939 Reno as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1939 The Marshal of Mesa City as Jim Tanner
movie 1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle as Adjutant
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Busboy
movie 1939 While America Sleeps as George
movie 1939 Wings of the Navy as Cadet Ormsby
movie 1938 Having Wonderful Time as Camp Waiter
movie 1938 I Am the Law as Law Student
movie 1938 Next Time I Marry as Reporter
movie 1938 Pie à la Maid
movie 1938 Ride a Crooked Mile as Bilks
movie 1938 Sinners in Paradise as Second Pilot
movie 1938 Sky Giant as Cadet Trainee
movie 1938 Swing That Cheer as Editor
movie 1938 The Duke of West Point as Cadet Rains
movie 1937 Behind the Headlines as Martin Gang Member
movie 1937 Exclusive as Elliott
movie 1937 Internes Can't Take Money as Interne Jones
movie 1937 Saturday's Heroes as Student Gate Official
movie 1937 The Holy Terror as Yeoman
movie 1937 The Road Back as Sailor
movie 1937 They Gave Him a Gun as Soldier
movie 1936 The Plough and the Stars
movie 1935 Hail, Brother
movie 1935 The Circle of Death as Jerry Carr
movie 1935 The Informer as Dennis Daly
movie 1935 The Judgement Book as Tim Osborne
movie 1935 The Whole Town's Talking as Convict
movie 1935 Trails End as Kid Malloy
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Upper Classman
movie 1934 Bright Eyes as Aviator and Mechanic
movie 1934 Fighting to Live as John Z. Blake
movie 1934 I Believed in You as Jay, . a Writer
movie 1934 Love Past Thirty as Sam Adair
movie 1934 Twentieth Century as Brother in Play
movie 1933 Life in the Raw as Tom Halloway
movie 1933 Luxury Liner as Ship's Elevator Operator
movie 1933 The Fighting Code as Surveyor
movie 1933 The Woman Accused as 3rd Boy
movie 1933 Unknown Valley as Joshua Townsman
movie 1932 The Death Kiss as Bystander
movie 1931 Daddy Long Legs as Sally's Beau
movie 1931 Seas Beneath as Ens. Richard 'Dick' Cabot
movie 1931 The Last Parade as Larry Pearson
movie 1931 Young Sinners as Reggie
movie 1930 Manslaughter as Bobby
movie 1930 The Bluffer as Jack
movie 1930 Up the River as Morris
movie 1923 Success as Joe

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Starring Peter Graves, Barbara Bestar, James Seay, Steve Pendleton, and Frank Gerstle. Directed by W. Lee Wilder.

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