Steve Powers

Steve Powers (born February 25, 1934 in New York City) is a musician, journalist and teacher who has had a 45 year career in New York City radio and television, as well as academia. ... more on Wikipedia

Steve Powers Filmography

video movie 2003 Come Hither, Cum Ginger as Himself
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video as Oil Guy with Tattoo
video movie 1991 Fantasy World
video movie 1990 Desktop Dolls
video movie 1989 Backdoor Bonanza 13
video movie 1989 Backdoor Bonanza 9
video movie 1989 Cumshot Revue 5
video movie 1989 Ginger Lynn & Co. as Himself
movie 1989 Orgies
movie 1989 Ubangis on Uranus
video movie 1989 XTV 1
video movie 1988 Backdoor Bonanza 8
movie 1988 Mammary Lane
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 1
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
video movie 1988 Soul Kiss This
video movie 1988 X-rated Bloopers and Outtakes
movie 1987 Afro Erotica 15
video movie 1987 Backdoor Bonanza 5
video movie 1987 Best of Caught from Behind
video movie 1987 Dirty Blondes 1
video movie 1987 Holiday for Angels as Orgy Participant
movie 1987 Loose Morals
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
video movie 1987 The Beat Goes On
video movie 1987 The Best of the Dark Bros.
video movie 1987 The Best of the Dark Bros., Vol. 2 as Steve
video movie 1987 Wide World of Sex
movie 1986 A Star Is Porn
movie 1986 Amber Pays the Rent
video movie 1986 Aroused as Robert
movie 1986 Bachelor's Paradise
video movie 1986 Beyond Thunderbone
movie 1986 Black Holes in Space
video movie 1986 Blue Lace
video movie 1986 Born to Run: The Careena Collins Story
movie 1986 C Hunt
movie 1986 Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio
video movie 1986 Double Penetration
video movie 1986 Farmer's Daughters: The Movie
video movie 1986 Funky Brewster as Allen
video movie 1986 Ginger's Sex Asylum as Potsie
movie 1986 Heidi
movie 1986 Hot & Nasty
video movie 1986 Hot Shorts: Christy Canyon
movie 1986 House of the Rising Moon
video movie 1986 Hung Like a Horse as Steve
video movie 1986 Kiss of the Married Woman
video movie 1986 Like a Virgin 2
video movie 1986 Nymphette
video movie 1986 Oral Majority
video movie 1986 Porn in the U.S.A. as Guy with Sunbathers
video movie 1986 Return to Sex Fifth Avenue
movie 1986 Sacrificed to Love
video movie 1986 Sex Beat
video movie 1986 Sweet Cheeks
movie 1986 Taste of Genie
movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 3: A New Beginning as Equus
movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage
video movie 1986 The House of Blue Dreams
movie 1986 The Layout
video movie 1986 The Lust Detector
movie 1986 This Butt's for You
movie 1986 Tunnel of Love
movie 1985 Backdoor Babes
movie 1985 Between the Cheeks
video movie 1985 Black Throat as Oil Guy with Tattoo
movie 1985 Blondie as Kitchen Man
movie 1985 Blue Dream Lover
movie 1985 Caught from Behind 4
movie 1985 Confessions of a Candy Striper as Patient
movie 1985 Confessions of Candy as Man in Blue 2
video movie 1985 Gang Bang as Stud
video movie 1985 Hollywood Pink
video movie 1985 Hot Sweet Honey
movie 1985 Indecent Wives
video movie 1985 Joy Toys as Jimmy
movie 1985 Lady Casanova
movie 1985 Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Black Chicks
movie 1985 Midslumber's Night Dream as Tom
movie 1985 Naughty Nanette as Party guy in orange pants
movie 1985 New Wave Hookers as The Dog
movie 1985 Rambone the Destroyer as Dead Eye
movie 1985 Rump Humpers
video movie 1985 Sex Fifth Avenue as Daniel
video movie 1985 Sex Shoot as Alan Kundt
video movie 1985 Spermbusters
video movie 1985 Surfside Sex
movie 1985 Taija: Sizzling Hot
movie 1985 Tailenders
video movie 1985 Tailgunners
video movie 1985 Tailhouse Rock as Bob
movie 1985 Tasty as Dr. Fermento
movie 1985 The Loves of Lolita as Electrician I
video movie 1985 The Night of the Headhunter
video movie 1985 Triplets
video movie 1985 Wet, Wild & Wicked
video movie 1985 White Bunbusters
movie 1984 Babylon Nights as Spenser
movie 1984 Before She Says 'I Do' as Best Man
video movie 1984 Cagney & Stacey
video movie 1984 Camp Beaver Lake: The Movie as Uncle Steve
movie 1984 For Your Thighs Only
video movie 1984 Girls Just Want to... Have Fun!
movie 1984 Head Waitress
movie 1984 Home Free All as Reporter
movie 1984 Hot Flashes as Spenser
video movie 1984 Hot Tails
movie 1984 Inside China Lee as Dirty Old Man
video movie 1984 Intimate Couples
movie 1984 Little Often Annie as Daddy
video movie 1984 Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 2
video movie 1984 Miss Passion as Blonde Guy with Clitty
video movie 1984 Modeling Studio as Gary
movie 1984 One Night at a Time as Marshall
video movie 1984 Pleasure Productions 10
video movie 1984 Pleasure Productions 9
movie 1984 Shave Tail
video movie 1984 Shaved
movie 1984 Sunny Side Up as James
movie 1984 Taking Off as Andy Schiller
movie 1984 The Adventures of Rick Quick, Private Dick
video movie 1984 The Seduction of Lana Shore
movie 1984 Tongue 'n Cheek
movie 1984 Up Desiree Lane as Bartender
movie 1984 Up in the Air
video movie 1984 What Gets Me Hot! as Ted
movie 1984 Young Nurses in Love as Spenser
movie 1983 Back Door Girls
video movie 1983 Personal Touch III

Steve Powers on Youtube

Known in his early days as graffiti icon ESPO, Steve Powers has been a charismatic figure in both New York's art and graffiti world throughout the past 20 ye... Meet Candidate Steve Powers who is seeking the office of Circuit Court Judge Division III.

STEVE POWERS -SEMAPHORES OF THE SOUL- Exhibition Dates: 29.01 2009 - 07.03.2009 VERNISSAGE: Thursday 29.01 2009 - 18:00 to 22:00 A.L.I.C.E. ...

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