Steven Geray

Steven Geray Filmography

movie 1966 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter as Dr. Rudolph Frankenstein
movie 1966 Our Man Flint as Israeli Diplomat
movie 1966 The Swinger as Man with Fish
movie 1965 Ship of Fools as Steward aboard Vera
tv movie 1965 Who Has Seen the Wind?
movie 1964 The Evil of Frankenstein as Dr. Sergado
movie 1964 Wild and Wonderful as Bartender
movie 1963 Dime with a Halo as Priest
movie 1959 Count Your Blessings as Guide
movie 1959 Verboten! as Mayor of Rothbach
movie 1958 A Certain Smile as Denis
movie 1958 The Gift of Love as Toy Shop Owner
movie 1956 Attack as Otto, German NCO
movie 1956 Stagecoach to Fury as Nichols
movie 1956 The Birds and the Bees as Bartender
movie 1955 A Bullet for Joey as Raphael Garcia
movie 1955 Artists and Models as Kurt's Associate
movie 1955 Daddy Long Legs as Emile
movie 1955 Kiss of Fire as Ship Captain Bellon
movie 1955 New York Confidential as Morris Franklin
movie 1955 To Catch a Thief as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1954 Knock on Wood as Doctor Kreuger
movie 1954 Paris Playboys as Dr. Gaspard
movie 1954 The French Line as François, Ship Steward
movie 1954 The Great Diamond Robbery as Van Goosen
movie 1954 Tobor the Great as The Foreign Spy-Chief
movie 1953 Call Me Madam as Prime Minister Sebastian
movie 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as Hotel Manager
movie 1953 The Golden Blade as Barcus
movie 1953 The Royal African Rifles as Van Stede
movie 1953 The Story of Three Loves as Legay
movie 1953 Tonight We Sing as Prager
movie 1952 Affair in Trinidad as Wittol
movie 1952 Bal Tabarin as Inspector Manet
movie 1952 Full House as Boris Radolf
movie 1952 Lady Possessed as Dr. Stepanek
movie 1952 Night Without Sleep as George
movie 1952 The Big Sky as 'Frenchy' Jourdonnais
movie 1951 I Can Get It for You Wholesale as Bettini
movie 1951 Little Egypt as Pasha
movie 1951 My Favorite Spy as Croupier
movie 1951 Savage Drums as Borodoff
movie 1951 Target Unknown as Jean
movie 1951 The House on Telegraph Hill as Dr. Burkhardt
movie 1950 A Lady Without Passport as Frenchman, Palinov's Tout
movie 1950 All About Eve as Captain of Waiters
movie 1950 Beware of Blondie as Matre'd Coq D'or
movie 1950 Harbor of Missing Men as Captain Corcoris
movie 1950 In a Lonely Place as Paul, Headwaiter
movie 1950 Pygmy Island as Leon Marko
movie 1950 The Second Woman as Balthazar Jones
movie 1950 Under My Skin as Bartender
movie 1950 Woman on the Run as Dr. Arthur Hohler
movie 1949 El Paso as Mexican Joe
movie 1949 Holiday in Havana as Lopez
movie 1949 Once More, My Darling as Kalzac
movie 1949 Sky Liner as Bokejian
movie 1949 Tell It to the Judge as Francois, Headwaiter
movie 1949 The Lone Wolf and His Lady as Mynher Van Groot
movie 1948 I Love Trouble as Keller
movie 1948 Ladies of the Chorus as Salisbury
movie 1948 Port Said as Alexis Tacca
movie 1948 The Dark Past as Prof. Fred Linder
movie 1947 Blind Spot as Lloyd Harrison
movie 1947 Gunfighters as Jose aka Uncle Joe
movie 1947 Mr. District Attorney as Berotti
movie 1947 The Crime Doctor's Gamble as Jules Daudet
movie 1947 The Unfaithful as Martin Barrow
movie 1947 When a Girl's Beautiful as Stacy Dorn
movie 1946 Blondie Knows Best as Dr. Schmidt
movie 1946 Deadline at Dawn as Gloved Man
movie 1946 Gilda as Uncle Pio
movie 1946 So Dark the Night as Henri Cassin
movie 1946 The Return of Monte Cristo as Bombelles
movie 1945 Cornered as Señor Tomas Camargo
movie 1945 Hotel Berlin as Kleibert
movie 1945 Mexicana as Laredo
movie 1945 Spellbound as Dr. Graff
movie 1945 Tarzan and the Amazons as Brenner
movie 1945 The Crimson Canary as Vic Miller
movie 1944 Easy Life as Batt
movie 1944 In Society as Count Alexis
movie 1944 Meet the People as Uncle Felix
movie 1944 Resisting Enemy Interrogation as Dr. Victor Münz - Camp Doctor
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Dr. Schmitt
movie 1944 The Mask of Dimitrios as Karel Bulic
movie 1944 The Seventh Cross as Dr. Loewenstein
movie 1943 Above Suspicion as Anton - Woodcarver
movie 1943 Appointment in Berlin as Henri Rader
movie 1943 Assignment in Brittany as Priest
movie 1943 Background to Danger as Ludwig Rader
movie 1943 Heavenly Music as Ludwig van Beethoven
movie 1943 Henry Aldrich Swings It as Crook Stealing Violin
movie 1943 Hostages as Mueller
movie 1943 Night Plane from Chungking as Rev. Dr. Ven Der Lieden
movie 1943 Phantom of the Opera as Vercheres
movie 1943 Pilot #5 as Major Eichel
movie 1943 To My Unborn Son as Peter Ravitch
movie 1943 Whistling in Brooklyn as Whitey
movie 1942 A Gentleman at Heart as Don Fernando
movie 1942 Blue, White and Perfect as Vanderhoefen
movie 1942 Castle in the Desert as Dr. Retling
movie 1942 Eyes in the Night as Mr. Anderson
movie 1942 For the Common Defense! as Heinrich Ort
movie 1942 Once Upon a Honeymoon as Café Waiter
movie 1942 Secret Agent of Japan as Alecsandri
movie 1942 The Mad Martindales as Jan Van Der Venne
movie 1942 The Moon and Sixpence as Dirk Stroeve
movie 1942 The Wife Takes a Flyer as Gestapo Agent
movie 1941 Man at Large as Karl Botany, alias C.B. Haldane
movie 1941 The Shanghai Gesture as Man in Casino Helping Boris
movie 1940 Dark Streets of Cairo as Bellboy
movie 1939 Inspector Hornleigh as Michael Kavanos
movie 1938 Let's Make a Night of It as Luigi
movie 1938 Lightning Conductor as Morley
movie 1938 Premiere as Frolich
movie 1938 The High Command as Martin Cloam
movie 1937 Családi pótlék as Kovács Péter
movie 1937 Mai lányok as Székely Feri
movie 1936 A Star Fell from Heaven as Willi Wass
movie 1935 Dance Band as Steve Sarel
movie 1935 The Student's Romance as Mickey
movie 1933 Az ellopott szerda as Tamás István,rádióriporter
movie 1933 Marie, légende hongroise as L'intendant
movie 1933 Pardon, tévedtem
movie 1933 Tokajerglut as Stephan Tamas, Radioreporter
movie 1932 Csókolj meg, édes! as Pali,medikus
movie 1932 Repülö arany as Bálint György,az Esti Hírek újságírója
movie 1932 Tavaszi zápor as Urasági intézõ
movie 1929 Mária növér

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Deutscher Titel Das siebte Kreuz Originaltitel The Seventh Cross Produktionsland USA Originalsprache Englisch Erscheinungsjahr 1944 Länge 110 Minuten ...

In an ancient castle overlooking a small village in Mexico lives Maria Frankenstein (Narda Onyx) and her brother, Rudolph (Steven Geray),the grandchildren of...

Título original: The Moon and Sixpence Año: 1942 Duración: 89 min. País: Estados Unidos Director: Albert Lewin Reparto: George Sanders, Herbert Marshall, ...

Título original: The Moon and Sixpence Año: 1942 Duración: 89 min. País: Estados Unidos Director: Albert Lewin Reparto: George Sanders, Herbert Marshall, ...