Steven Williams

Steven Williams (born January 7, 1949) is an award-winning American actor who has starred in many films and television shows. ... more on Wikipedia

Steven Williams Filmography

movie 2014 My Favorite Five as Robert Colburn
movie 2014 The Other Side of Hollywood: Do or Die as Himself
movie 2013 Jack the Giant Slayer as Master of Secrets
movie 2013 Last Curtain Call as George
movie 2013 The Call as Terrence
tv movie 2012 Christmas Twister as Terry
movie 2012 UnderGround
movie 2012 Who Killed Soul Glow? as Police Captain
video movie 2011 3 Musketeers as Planchet
movie 2011 Breathe as Mr. Burgin
movie 2009 The Fear Chamber as Captain Bradley
movie 2008 Adventures of Power as Carlos
movie 2008 Kings of the Evening as Mr. Gamba
movie 2008 Richard III as Lord Stanley
movie 2007 Forfeit
movie 2006 Special Ops: Delta Force as Smithers
tv series 2006 The 100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases as Himself
tv movie 2005 Crimson Force as Williams
movie 2005 Graves End as Paul Rickman
movie 2005 Halfway Decent as Cervondo
movie 2005 Sexual Life as Jerry's Father
tv movie 2005 Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire as Detective Mike Burton
movie 2004 Guarding Eddy as Jack
video movie 2004 TV in Black: The First Fifty Years as Himself
video movie 2003 Dark Wolf as Hartigan
video movie 2002 Banged Out
tv movie 2002 L.A. Law: The Movie as Albert Hutchinson
movie 2001 Firetrap as Firefighter Chief Sheehan
movie 2001 Night Class as Sheehan
movie 2001 Route 666 as Rabbit aka Fred
movie 2001 The Elite as McKay
movie 2001 Van Hook as Colonel Jeffries
video movie 2000 Crash and Byrnes as Shannon
tv movie 1998 Inside the X Files as Himself
movie 1998 The Sender as Lockwood
video movie 1997 Area 51: The Alien Interview as Host
tv movie 1996 Secrets of the X Files, Part 2 as Mr. X
video movie 1995 Bloodfist VII: Manhunt as Captain Doyle
tv movie 1995 Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story as Det. Sexton
tv movie 1995 Secrets of the X Files, Part 1 as Mr. X
movie 1994 Corrina, Corrina as Anthony T. Williams
tv movie 1994 Deep Red as Det. Sgt. Eldon James
movie 1993 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday as Creighton Duke
tv movie 1992 Revolver as Ken Seymour
tv movie 1991 The Heroes of Desert Storm as Sp4 Jonathan Alston
tv movie 1991 The Whereabouts of Jenny as Mick
tv movie 1990 The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson as Satchel Paige
movie 1990 The Forbidden Dance as Weed
movie 1988 Under the Gun as Gallagher
tv movie 1986 Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story as Mo
movie 1986 House as Cop #4
tv movie 1986 Northstar as National Security Agent #2
tv movie 1986 Triplecross as Kyle Banks
movie 1985 Better Off Dead... as Tree Trimmer
tv movie 1985 International Airport as Frazier
movie 1985 Missing in Action 2: The Beginning as Captain David Nester
tv movie 1985 Silent Witness as Ted Gunning
tv movie 1984 The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck as Les Averback
movie 1983 Doctor Detroit as Junior Sweet
movie 1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie as Bar Patron
tv movie 1981 The Marva Collins Story as McCloud
movie 1980 The Blues Brothers as Trooper Mount
tv movie 1979 Dummy as Julius Lang
movie 1978 Big Apple Birthday as More Fairy Tale Folk
movie 1976 The Monkey Hu$tle as The Manager
movie 1975 Cooley High as Jimmy Lee

Steven Williams on Youtube

A mad man is on the loose and killing young beautiful girls. He is cutting up the bodies and disposing of them in ways so the police can not identify them. D...

Shot And Directed By: Elijah A. Williams - For #2036MEDIA Music Provided By: Justin Timberlake (20/20 Experience) -- Steven Williams (Drums) Professional ...

This was a stop frame movie trailer I made for a D&AD competition in 2014. It was to give the impression of a cinema atmosphere through personifying popcorn.