Stewart Rome

Stewart Rome was a British actor who appeared in more than 150 films between 1913 and 1950. He was born in Newbury, Berkshire in 1886 as Wernham Ryott Gifford but took the stage name of Stewart Rome which was later unsuccessfully contested by Cecil Hepworth who also used the name. He became a major star in the silent era. ... more on Wikipedia

Stewart Rome Filmography

movie 1950 Let's Have a Murder as Colonel Gordon
movie 1948 My Sister and I as Colonel Thursby
movie 1948 Woman Hater as Colonel Weston
movie 1947 Jassy as Judge
movie 1947 The Root of All Evil as Sir George
movie 1947 The White Unicorn as Charles Madden
movie 1945 The World Owes Me a Living as Air Vice-Marshal
movie 1944 Tom's Ride
movie 1943 The New Lot as Officer
movie 1942 Banana Ridge as Sir Ramsey Flight
movie 1942 One of Our Aircraft Is Missing as Cmdr. Reynold
movie 1942 Salute John Citizen as Colonel Saunders
movie 1940 Confidential Lady as Alfred Trevar
movie 1940 Shadowed Eyes as Sir John Barnes
movie 1938 The Dance of Death as Armand Chabrier
movie 1937 Dinner at the Ritz as Racine
movie 1937 The Squeaker as Police Superintendent Marshall
movie 1937 Wings of the Morning as Sir Valentine
movie 1936 Debt of Honour as Major Purvis
movie 1936 Men of Yesterday as Major Radford
movie 1934 Designing Women as Travers
movie 1934 Important People as Tony Westcott
movie 1934 Lest We Forget as Captain Rayner
movie 1934 Temptation as Paul Palmay
movie 1934 The Girl in the Flat as Sir John Waterton
movie 1933 Song of the Plough as Farmer Freeland
movie 1932 Betrayal as John Armytage
movie 1932 Reunion as Major Tancred
movie 1932 Rynox as Boswell Marsh
movie 1932 The Marriage Bond as Sir Paul Swaythling
movie 1931 Deadlock as James Whitelaw
movie 1931 Other People's Sins as Anthony Vernon Barrister
movie 1931 The Great Gay Road as Hilary Kite
movie 1930 Dark Red Roses as David
movie 1930 Kissing Cup's Race as Lord Rattlington
movie 1930 The Last Hour as Prince Nicola
movie 1930 The Price of Things as Dick Hammond
movie 1929 Der rote Kreis as Derrick Yale
movie 1929 Hingabe as Der Augenarzt
movie 1928 The Man Who Changed His Name as Selby Clive
movie 1928 The Passing of Mr. Quin as Dr. Alec Portal
movie 1928 The Ware Case as Sir Hubert Ware
movie 1928 Zero as John Garth
movie 1927 Die Frau ohne Namen - 1. Teil as Bareira
movie 1927 Die Frau ohne Namen - 2. Teil as Bareira
movie 1927 Die Jagd nach der Braut as Jeremias Ronald
movie 1927 Liebe im Rausch as Jack Kent
movie 1927 Somehow Good as Jerry Harrison
movie 1926 The Silver Treasure as Charles Gould
movie 1926 Thou Fool as Robert Barker
movie 1925 Vater Voss as William Voß
movie 1924 Nets of Destiny as Lawrence Averil
movie 1924 Réveille as Nutty
movie 1924 The Colleen Bawn as Myles na Coppaleen
movie 1924 The Desert Sheik as Rev. Roden
movie 1924 The Eleventh Commandment as John Lynton
movie 1924 The Stirrup Cup Sensation as Honorable Jack Bellenden
movie 1923 Ferragus as Desmarets
movie 1923 Fires of Fate as Rev. Samuel Rodin
movie 1923 Im Schatten der Moschee
movie 1923 The Prodigal Son as Magnus Stephenson
movie 1923 The Uninvited Guest as Philip Orme
movie 1923 The Woman Who Obeyed as Dorchester
movie 1922 Dicky Monteith as Dicky Monteith
movie 1922 Son of Kissing Cup
movie 1922 The White Hope as Jack Delane
movie 1922 When Greek Meets Greek as Cyrus Warner
movie 1921 Christie Johnstone as Viscount Ipsden
movie 1921 Her Penalty as James Fenwick
movie 1921 In Full Cry
movie 1921 The Imperfect Lover as Robert Lawne
movie 1921 The Penniless Millionaire as Bernard Jarrold
movie 1920 Her Son as Dick Gascoyne
movie 1920 The Case of Lady Camber as Dr. Harley Napier
movie 1920 The Great Gay Road as Hilary Kite
movie 1920 The Romance of a Movie Star as Garry Slade
movie 1919 A Daughter of Eve as Sidney Strangeways
movie 1919 A Great Coup as Squire Hampton
movie 1919 Snow in the Desert as William B. Jackson
movie 1919 The Gentleman Rider as Frank Cunningham
movie 1918 My Son, My Son
movie 1918 The Touch of a Child as Captain James Fullard
movie 1917 A Grain of Sand as Dennis Grayle
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Godfrey
movie 1917 The American Heiress as Parker
movie 1917 The Cobweb as Merton Forsdyke
movie 1917 The Eternal Triangle as Frank Waring
movie 1917 The Man Behind 'The Times' as Aaron Moss
movie 1916 Annie Laurie as Sir John McDougal
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye as Paul Vasher
movie 1916 Face to Face as Geoffrey Cunliffe
movie 1916 Iris as Lawrence Trenwith
movie 1916 Love in a Mist as The Woodsman
movie 1916 Molly Bawn as Tedcastle Luttrell
movie 1916 Partners as Jack Brent
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind as Ned Annersley
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel as Prince Aribert
movie 1916 The House of Fortescue as Fortescue
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe as Geoffrey Cliffe
movie 1916 The White Boys
movie 1916 Trelawny of the Wells as Tom Wrench
movie 1915 A Lancashire Lass as Joe
movie 1915 A Moment of Darkness as The Woman's Brother
movie 1915 As the Sun Went Down as David Grant
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Maypole Hugh
movie 1915 Be Sure Your Sins as Dr. Wynne
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain as Reginald Bruce
movie 1915 Coward! as Jack Harsdon
movie 1915 Her Boy as Hugh Vane
movie 1915 Jill and the Old Fiddle as The Man
movie 1915 One Good Turn as John Kenyon
movie 1915 Schoolgirl Rebels as Inspector
movie 1915 Spies as The Suitor
movie 1915 Sweet Lavender as Geoffrey Wedderburn
movie 1915 The Baby on the Barge as Bob Jennis
movie 1915 The Bottle as Barman
movie 1915 The Confession as Edward Clavering
movie 1915 The Golden Pavement as Dennis
movie 1915 The Incorruptible Crown as Philip
movie 1915 The Man with the Scar as Dr. Hugh Mansfield
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Recalling of John Grey as Rev. John Grey
movie 1915 The Second String as Alec Dale
movie 1915 The Shepherd of Souls as Rev. David Grant
movie 1915 The Sweater as Septimus Storke
movie 1915 The Traitor as Major Carruthers
movie 1915 The White Hope as Jack Delane
movie 1915 Things We Want to Know as Derek Vane
movie 1915 Who Stole Pa's Purse? as Lover
movie 1914 By Whose Hand? as The Detective
movie 1914 Creatures of Clay as Stuart Finlay
movie 1914 Despised and Rejected as Artist
movie 1914 Dr. Fenton's Ordeal as Guy Fenton
movie 1914 His Country's Bidding as The Squire
movie 1914 John Linworth's Atonement as John Linworth
movie 1914 Justice as Paul Meredith
movie 1914 Life's Dark Road as George Winston
movie 1914 Only a Flower Girl as Victor Elmore
movie 1914 So Much Good in the Worst of Us as Doctor
movie 1914 The Awakening of Nora as Her husband
movie 1914 The Breaking Point as Howard Esmond
movie 1914 The Bronze Idol as The Secretary
movie 1914 The Brothers
movie 1914 The Chimes as Richard
movie 1914 The Cry of the Captive as Thornley Vibart
movie 1914 The Double Event as Suitor
movie 1914 The Girl Who Lived in Straight Street as Hilary Farles
movie 1914 The Girl Who Played the Game as Paul Warrener
movie 1914 The Great Poison Mystery as Basil Grieve
movie 1914 The Grip of Ambition as Rev. Basil Hunt
movie 1914 The Guest of the Evening as Harry Vane
movie 1914 The Heart of Midlothian as The Outlaw
movie 1914 The Lie as Dr Hume
movie 1914 The Man from India as The Rajah
movie 1914 The Price of Fame as Julian
movie 1914 The Quarry Mystery
movie 1914 The Schemers: or, The Jewels of Hate as George Kinsley
movie 1914 The Stress of Circumstance as Ralph Densmore
movie 1914 The Terror of the Air as Philip Townsend
movie 1914 The Whirr of the Spinning Wheel as Jasper
movie 1914 They Say - Let Them Say as Edward
movie 1914 Time the Great Healer as Peter
movie 1914 Tommy's Money Scheme as Father
movie 1914 Unfit; or, The Strength of the Weak as Jack Osborne
movie 1914 What the Firelight Showed as The Man
movie 1914 Oh My Aunt!
movie 1913 A Throw of the Dice as John Henderson
movie 1913 Thou Shalt Not Steal as Frank Armstrong

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