Stuart Stone

Stuart Stone is a Canadian film, television, and voice-over actor as well as a music producer and rapper. In March 2009, Stone was named one of the "10 most innovative on the web" for his work on The Sunday Nite Stu and his TSM Radio Show. ... more on Wikipedia

Stuart Stone Filmography

movie 2014 Kantemir as Brad
movie 2014 Little Savages as Fink
movie 2013 A Resurrection as Nick
movie 2013 Gearheads as Travis
tv movie 2012 KDOC First Night 2013 as Himself - Co-Host
movie 2011 Hard Love as Snap
tv series 2011 This Is How Rumors Start as 4.5
movie 2010 Endure as Jordan Seacrest
movie 2009 2 Dudes and a Dream as Barry Swift
video movie 2008 Bitten as Twitch
movie 2007 Kickin It Old Skool as DJ Tanner
movie 2006 Pope Dreams as Fox
video movie 2006 Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed
tv series 2006 Blowin' Up
video movie 2005 #1 Fan: A Darkomentary as Himself
video movie 2004 'Donnie Darko': Production Diary as Himself
movie 2004 Serial Killing 4 Dummys as Amil
movie 2002 Sorority Boys as Valet
movie 2001 Donnie Darko as Ronald Fisher
movie 2001 Joy Ride as Danny, Lewis' Roommate
tv series 2001 Da Mob as JT
tv movie 2000 Damaged Goods as Felix
movie 2000 The Independent as Jack Barth
tv movie 1999 Vendetta as Tony Provenzano
movie 1998 Fait Accompli as Nick
tv movie 1997 Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women as Aaron Weinstock
movie 1997 The Boys Club as Brad
tv movie 1996 Journey to the Center of the Earth
video movie 1996 Jungle Boy
movie 1996 What Kind of Mother Are You? as Steven Hyler
tv movie 1992 The Teddy Bears' Christmas as Wally Bear
movie 1992 Used People as Cousin Stevie
movie 1989 Babar: The Movie as Arthur
tv movie 1989 The Teddy Bears' Picnic as Wally Bear
video movie 1988 Clifford's Fun with Letters
tv series 1988 ALF Tales as Additional Voices
movie 1987 Blue Monkey as Joey
tv series 1987 My Pet Monster as Chuckie
movie 1986 Lost!
movie 1984 Heavenly Bodies as Joel Blair

Stuart Stone on Youtube

The Boys Club Year: 1997 Genre: Drama/Thriller Runtime: 91 min Country: Canada Directed by: John Fawcett Cast: Chris Penn (as Luke Cooper) Devon Sawa ...

Serial Killing 4 Dummys (DVD title: Serial Killing 101) Year:1999 Genre: Horror/Comedy/Mystery/Thriller Runtime: 88 mins Directed by:Trace Slobotkin Cast: Ju...

Fait Accompli (Video title: Voodoo Dawn) Year: 1998 Genre: Thriller Country: USA Director: Andrzej Sekula Cast: Michael Madsen (as Frank Barlow) Rosanna ...

In October 2010 Bruce Morton and Stuart stone is seen harassing and stalking at the front of our house on our property with Beverly and our two daughters aft...