Sugith Varughese

Sugith Varughese (born 1958) is an Indian-born Canadian writer, director and actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Sugith Varughese Filmography

movie 2013 Finding Talib as Asaad
tv series 2013 The Delta
tv movie 2012 The Phantoms as Dr. Wahla
movie 2009 Orphan as ICU Doctor
tv series 2007 The Gathering as Male internist
tv movie 2006 Solar Strike as Patel
movie 2006 The Girl Who Hated Books
tv movie 2005 Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story as Raj
movie 2005 Mind Me Good Now
movie 2004 A Question
movie 2004 Peep as Louis
tv series 2004 Metropia as Palash
movie 2004 Tongue Tied
movie 2003 Roses Sing on New Snow
tv series 2003 The Blobheads
tv movie 2002 Get a Clue as Homeless Man
tv movie 2002 Jinnah - On Crime: Pizza 911
movie 2002 Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room!
movie 2002 The Friends of Kwan Ming
tv movie 2001 A Colder Kind of Death as Paul Gupta
tv movie 2001 Snap Decision as Dr. Nayyar
movie 2001 Lights for Gita
movie 2001 Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance
movie 2001 Talespinners Collection I
movie 2001 The Magic of Anansi
tv movie 2000 Deliberate Intent as Forensic Detective
movie 2000 Mission to Mars as 2nd Capcom
movie 2000 The Spreading Ground as Coroner
movie 2000 Tribulation as Doctor
movie 2000 From Far Away
tv movie 1999 Freak City as Dr. Rashdi
tv movie 1999 Lethal Vows as Dr. Singh
tv movie 1999 Penny's Odyssey as Mr. Tagore
tv movie 1998 A Father for Brittany as Doctor
tv movie 1998 Naked City: Justice with a Bullet as Prabath
tv movie 1998 The Defenders: Taking the First as Dr. Carter
movie 1998 Strike!
tv movie 1997 Major Crime as Jimmy Chaddha
tv movie 1997 Too Close to Home as Henry Singh
tv series 1997 Groundling Marsh
tv movie 1996 Toe Tags as Dr. Kilami, the Coroner
movie 1995 On My Mind
movie 1993 Without Fear
tv movie 1992 Quiet Killer as Sara's Doorman
movie 1992 Mela's Lunch
movie 1991 Kumar and Mr. Jones
tv movie 1990 Inside Stories: Home on the Range
tv series 1988 Mount Royal
movie 1987 Blindside as Two Tone
tv movie 1985 Best of Both Worlds as Anil

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Trailer for low budget feature film seeking financing. Made as an ACTRA co-op.

Trailer for Dany Boy starring Karan Oberoi, Kate Todd, Sarena Parmar, Saad Siddiqui, Bren Eastcott and Sugith Varughese. Find us at: ...

ANISH, (Sam Khalilieh) an out of work screenwriter teaching a college writing course, discusses a disruptive student, Dylan and his student rep, Sarah, with ...

Orphan is a 2009 American psychological thriller horror film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. It stars Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard and Isabelle Fuhrman. The...