Susan Fuda

Susan Fuda Filmography

movie 2014 Say Goodbye
movie 2014 Life of Wyatt
movie 2013 Did You Hear What They Said About Wyatt?
movie 2013 A Step Further Into Bullying
movie 2013 Bullying Revealed
movie 2013 A Bully Named Tiffany
movie 2013 Bullying Is Too Hard
movie 2013 Don't Mess with Me
movie 2013 Them and Her
movie 2013 Try and Fail
movie 2013 Why Me?
movie 2012 Underneath
tv series 2009 Come What Mae
movie 2006 L'homme qui attendait
movie 2003 Here Comes a Miracle
movie 2003 Hurry Up and Wait
movie 2002 Evergon
movie 2002 Jack & Ella
movie 2001 The Master Plan
video movie 1996 Baby Grins

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Pretty Little Girls Reggie, a typical teenager, was part of the in crowd at school. Then the in crowd turned against her. Now Reggie's dead and four of her s...