Susan Ray

Susan Ray Filmography

video movie 2013 Bare Naked Beauties in Tight Rope as Susan
video movie 2013 Bound, Gagged and Menaced as Black-Booted Kinkster
video movie 2013 I Got Myself a Bondage Virgin as Housemate
video movie 2013 Submit to My Feet as Bound Brunette
video movie 2013 Susan and Charlotte: Best Friends in Bondage
video movie 2013 Tickled Silly as Tickle Victim in Blue Lingerie
video movie 2013 Tied, Topless and Tape Gagged as Burglar
video movie 2013 We All Scream for Tickling as Susan
video movie 2011 No Way Out
video movie 2011 Soft Kissable Feet
video movie 2011 Tickled Beyond Belief as Susan
video movie 2010 Invitation Into Domination as Susan
video movie 2008 Cunning Chloro Crooks!
video movie 2008 Giggling, Wriggling Tickle Victims
video movie 2008 Innocent Girls Bound and Gagged by Mysterious Villains
video movie 2008 Masks and Capes, Ropes and Gags! as Sorceress
video movie 2008 Tickle Torture for the Fun of It
video movie 2007 Captive Girls' Tickling Ordeal
video movie 2007 Naked Beauties Held in Bondage
video movie 2007 Naked, Gagged, Hogtied, Helpless!
video movie 2007 Nice Girls Are Easy... to Tie and Gag!
video movie 2007 Outrageous Tickle Attacks

Susan Ray on Youtube

An interview with Susan Ray Schmidt, former Mormon Fundamentalist polygamist wife and author of the book, "His Favorite Wife".

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