Sven-Ole Thorsen

Sven-Ole Thorsen (born 24 September 1944) is a Danish actor, stuntman, bodybuilder and athlete. He won the Danish "Verdens Starkeste Mand" ("Strongest man in the world") competition.[citation needed] ... more on Wikipedia

Sven-Ole Thorsen Filmography

movie 2011 Ronal Barbaren as Generalen
movie 2008 A Viking Saga
tv movie 2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'I'll Be Back' as Himself
tv movie 2007 DR2 tema: BogForum 2007 as Himself
movie 2005 Hostage as Hooded Thug Guarding Hostages
movie 2004 In Enemy Hands as Hans
movie 2003 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as Machine Gun Mongol
movie 2003 The Rundown as Goon
video movie 2003 Timecop: The Berlin Decision as SS Body Guard
movie 2002 Collateral Damage as Bomb Victim
video movie 2002 Hollywood Next 8 Exits as The Landlord
movie 2002 The Sum of All Fears as Haft
video movie 2002 Ultimate Fights from the Movies as Tigris of Gaul
movie 2001 Bandits as Oregon State Prison Guard on Watchtower
movie 2001 Extreme Honor as Baker's Bodyguard
movie 2001 Route 666 as Russian Hitman
movie 2001 The Gristle as Butcher Boy
movie 2000 Gladiator as Tigris
movie 2000 The Alternate as Secret Service Agent
movie 1999 End of Days as Thug
movie 1999 Facade as General Schweinkopf
movie 1999 Foolish as Paris
movie 1999 The 13th Warrior as Would Be King
movie 1998 Best of the Best: Without Warning as Boris
tv movie 1998 Winchell as German Man
movie 1997 George of the Jungle as Mercenary
movie 1997 Kull the Conqueror as King Borna
movie 1997 The Bad Pack as Sven
tv movie 1997 The Guardian as Baiya
movie 1996 Bulletproof as Gunman at Motel
movie 1996 Eraser as Russian Gunman
movie 1996 Fox Hunt as Huge man
movie 1996 The Undercover Kid as Terrorist #1
movie 1995 Mallrats as La Fours
video movie 1995 No Exit as Darcona
movie 1995 The Dangerous as Sven
movie 1995 The Quick and the Dead as Gutzon
movie 1995 The Viking Sagas as Gunnar
movie 1994 A Little Tailor's Christmas Story as Schultz
movie 1994 A Low Down Dirty Shame as Thug
movie 1994 On Deadly Ground as Otto
video movie 1993 Cyborg 2 as Doorman
movie 1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story as The Demon
movie 1993 Hard Target as Stephan
movie 1993 Last Action Hero as Gunman
movie 1993 Nowhere to Run as Prisoner
video movie 1992 Dead On: Relentless II as Mechanic
movie 1992 Lethal Weapon 3 as Henchman #2
movie 1992 Nemesis as Cyborg Interrogating Old Woman
movie 1991 Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man as David
movie 1990 Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe as Secundus
movie 1990 The Hunt for Red October as Russian COB - Red October
movie 1990 Total Recall
tv movie 1989 Captain Power: The Beginning as Lieutenant Michael 'Tank' Ellis
movie 1989 Pink Cadillac as Birthright Thug
movie 1988 Red Heat as Nikolai
movie 1988 Twins as Sam Klane
movie 1987 Lethal Weapon as Mercenary
movie 1987 Overboard as Olaf, Stayton Flunky
movie 1987 Predator as Russian Officer
movie 1987 The Running Man as Sven
movie 1986 Raw Deal as Patrovita's Bearded Bodyguard
movie 1985 Red Sonja as Bodyguard of Lord Brytag
movie 1984 Conan the Destroyer as Togra
movie 1982 Conan the Barbarian as Thorgrim
movie 1977 Pas på ryggen, professor as (Russisk) Håndlanger
movie 1975 Det gode og det onde

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EDIT : Missed few deaths , will redo Chronological compilation of Thorsen's onscreen characters' deaths . Obvious spoilers for 13 feature films . Feel free t...

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