Syd Crossley

Syd Crossley (18 November 1885 ? 1 November 1960), was an English film actor. He appeared in 114 films between 1925 and 1942. ... more on Wikipedia

Syd Crossley Filmography

movie 1942 Let the People Sing as Uncle Alfred
movie 1941 Old Mother Riley's Circus as The Bailiff
movie 1940 Meet Maxwell Archer as Perkins
movie 1939 Come on George! as Police Constable Cronley
movie 1939 His Lordship Goes to Press
movie 1939 Oh Dear Uncle! as Ginger Dick
movie 1938 Everything Happens to Me
movie 1938 Little Dolly Daydream
movie 1938 Penny Paradise as Uncle Lancelot
movie 1938 Peter's Pence
movie 1938 Save a Little Sunshine as Assistant
movie 1938 Sweet Devil as Police Constable
movie 1938 The Dark Stairway
movie 1938 The Gang Show
movie 1938 The Return of Carol Deane
movie 1938 We're Going to Be Rich as Jake
movie 1937 Cotton Queen as Shearman
movie 1937 Feather Your Nest as Police Constable
movie 1937 Lucky Jade as Rickets
movie 1937 Old Mother Riley as Butler
movie 1937 Pearls Bring Tears as Bankes
movie 1937 Rhythm Racketeer as Minor Role
movie 1937 Silver Blaze as Sam Silver
movie 1937 The Squeaker as Minor Role
movie 1937 There Was a Young Man as Slim
movie 1937 Victoria the Great
movie 1937 Young and Innocent as Policeman
movie 1936 Boys Will Be Girls as Nolan
movie 1936 Cheer Up as Waiter
movie 1936 Everything Is Rhythm as Waiter
movie 1936 Full Speed Ahead as Muggridge
movie 1936 Give Her a Ring as Gustav
movie 1936 Keep Your Seats, Please as Bus Conductor
movie 1936 One Good Turn
movie 1936 Pay Box Adventure as Tom Furlong
movie 1936 Public Nuisance No. 1 as Policeman
movie 1936 Queen of Hearts as Constable
movie 1936 Sensation
movie 1936 Sporting Love
movie 1936 The Limping Man as Sparrow
movie 1936 The Man Behind the Mask as Policeman
movie 1936 The Man in the Mirror as Minor Role
movie 1936 Two's Company as Ives
movie 1935 18 Minutes as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Another Spot of Bother
movie 1935 Dandy Dick as Wilkins
movie 1935 Honeymoon for Three as PC Smithers
movie 1935 It's a Bet as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Jimmy Boy
movie 1935 Me and Marlborough as Soldier
movie 1935 Music Hath Charms
movie 1935 Royal Cavalcade as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1935 The Deputy Drummer as Curtis
movie 1935 The Ghost Goes West as Minor Role
movie 1934 Bagged as Coffee-Stall Keeper
movie 1934 Master and Man as Coffee Stall Keeper
movie 1934 Over the Garden Wall as Podds
movie 1934 Radio Parade of 1935 as Policeman
movie 1934 The Night Club Queen as Jimmy
movie 1934 Those Were the Days as Wyke
movie 1933 Excess Baggage as Undetermined Role
movie 1933 Leave It to Me as Beach
movie 1933 Letting in the Sunshine as Jenkyns
movie 1933 Meet My Sister as Butler
movie 1933 Perfect Understanding as Butler
movie 1933 The Bermondsey Kid as Porky
movie 1933 The King's Cup as Crossley
movie 1933 The Medicine Man as Commissionaire
movie 1933 The Umbrella as Police Constable
movie 1933 You Made Me Love You as Bleak
movie 1932 For the Love of Mike as Sullivan
movie 1932 Here's George as Commissionaire
movie 1932 High Society as Simeon
movie 1932 Lucky Ladies as Hector Ramsbottom
movie 1932 Men Like These
movie 1932 On the Air
movie 1932 The Last Coupon
movie 1932 The Mayor's Nest as Milkman
movie 1932 Tonight's the Night: Pass It On as Warder Jackson
movie 1931 Never Trouble Trouble as Bit Part
movie 1931 The Flying Fool as Hicks
movie 1931 The Professional Guest as Crump
movie 1930 All of a Tremble
movie 1930 Just for a Song as Stage Manager
movie 1930 Suspense as Cpl. Brown
movie 1930 The Man from Chicago
movie 1930 The Middle Watch as Sentry
movie 1930 The Musical Beauty Shop as Customer
movie 1929 Atlantic as Telegraphist
movie 1929 Atlantik as Marconi-Telegraphist
movie 1929 Loud Soup
movie 1929 The Fatal Warning as Dawson
movie 1929 The Hate Ship as Rigby - Valet
movie 1929 The Pride of Donegal as Mike O'Flanagan
movie 1929 The Younger Generation as Goldfish's Butler
movie 1928 A Perfect Gentleman as The Valet
movie 1928 Fangs of the Wild as Rufe Anderson
movie 1928 Into No Man's Land as Happy
movie 1928 That Certain Thing as Valet
movie 1928 The Circus Kid as Skelly's Runner
movie 1928 The Cowboy Kid as Sheriff
movie 1927 Ain't Love Funny? as Spike Murphy
movie 1927 Jewels of Desire as Taxi Driver
movie 1927 One Hour Married
movie 1927 Play Safe
movie 1927 Romantic Rogue as Uncle Reg Lawson
movie 1927 The Blood Ship as Cockney Bouncer
movie 1927 The Gorilla as Butler
movie 1926 Mama Behave as The Chase Butler
movie 1926 The Golden Web as Butler
movie 1926 The Unknown Soldier as Peaceful Perkins
movie 1925 Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde as Townsman
movie 1925 Fools in the Desert
movie 1925 Keep Smiling as Ryan's Butler
movie 1925 North Star as Tramp
movie 1925 Starvation Blues as A street musician

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