Sydney Deane

Sydney Deane Filmography

movie 1924 America as Sir Ashley Montague
movie 1923 The Broken Violin as Dr. Mason
movie 1922 Find the Woman as Sofford
movie 1922 Her Own Story
movie 1922 Missing Millions as Donald Gordon
movie 1920 Once a Plumber as Fenelon
movie 1920 The Last of the Mohicans as Gen. Webb
movie 1920 The Midlanders as Judge Van Hart
movie 1920 The Strange Boarder as Dawson
movie 1920 Treasure Island as Squire Trelawney
movie 1919 A Man and His Money as John Sturgeon
movie 1919 Male and Female as Thomas
movie 1919 The Crimson Gardenia as Papa la Forge
movie 1918 Breakers Ahead as Hiram Hawley
movie 1918 No Man's Land as Bit Part
movie 1918 The Lure of the Circus as Reynolds
movie 1918 The Midnight Trail as Reverend Robert Moreland
movie 1918 The Wife He Bought as James Brierson
movie 1917 A Doll's House as Dr. Rank
movie 1917 Beloved Jim as Lawrence Darcy
movie 1917 Melting Millions as Uncle Peter
movie 1917 Sirens of the Sea as Wellington Stanhope
movie 1917 The Field of Honor as Poole
movie 1917 The Gray Ghost as Chief of Detective Bureau
movie 1917 The Grip of Love
movie 1917 The Reed Case as John Reed
movie 1916 Playthings of the Gods
movie 1916 The Evil Women Do as Malgat
movie 1916 The Scarlet Chastity
movie 1915 A Gentleman of Leisure as Sir Thomas Blunt
movie 1915 Stolen Goods as Mr. North
movie 1915 The Arab as Dr. Hilbert
movie 1915 The Girl of the Golden West as Sidney Duck
movie 1915 The Goose Girl as Prince Regent of Jugendheit
movie 1915 The Secret Orchard as Nanette's father
movie 1915 The Warrens of Virginia as General Harding
movie 1914 Brewster's Millions as Jonas Sedgwick
movie 1914 Ready Money as Owner of the Skyrocket
movie 1914 Rose of the Rancho as Espinoza - Ranch Owner
movie 1914 The Call of the North as McTavish
movie 1914 The Making of Bobby Burnit as Silas Trimmer
movie 1914 The Squaw Man as Dean of Trenton
movie 1914 The Virginian as Uncle Hughey
movie 1914 What's His Name as Uncle Peter

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