Sydney Seaward

Sydney Seaward Filmography

movie 1933 The Flaw as Sergeant
movie 1932 Men Like These
movie 1931 Contraband Love as Sampson
movie 1928 A South Sea Bubble as William Carpenter
movie 1928 Victory
movie 1927 The King's Highway as Augustus
movie 1925 How It Happened as The Motorist
movie 1925 Trainer and Temptress as Major Snazle
movie 1923 Bonnie Prince Charlie as Neal McEachinn
movie 1923 The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots as Lord Douglas
movie 1922 A Debt of Honour as Major Bearing
movie 1921 A Gentleman of France as de Bruhl
movie 1921 The Night Hawk as Sam Brokenshire
movie 1921 The Woman of His Dream as Jeffrey Coningby
movie 1920 The Amateur Gentleman as Sir Mortimer Carnaby
movie 1920 The Hundredth Chance as Jack Bolton
movie 1920 The Tidal Wave as Matt Brewster
movie 1920 The Yellow Claw as Inspector Dunbar
movie 1914 Doc as Doc
movie 1914 Officer 666 as Al Wilson
movie 1914 Pierre of the Plains as Sergeant Tom Redding