Sydney Tafler

Sydney Tafler (31 July 1916 - 8 November 1979), was a British film and television actor. First appearing in London's West End in 1936 after two years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with Sir Seymour Hicks in The Man in Dress Clothes. ... more on Wikipedia

Sydney Tafler Filmography

movie 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me as Liparus Captain
movie 1971 Danger Point as Man
movie 1970 The Adventurers as Col. Gutierrez
movie 1968 The Birthday Party as Nat Goldberg
movie 1967 Berserk as Harrison Liston
movie 1966 Alfie as Frank
movie 1966 Runaway Railway as Mr. Jones
movie 1966 The Sandwich Man as First Fish Porter
movie 1965 Promise Her Anything as Panel Participant
movie 1964 The 7th Dawn as Tom, Chief Petty Officer
movie 1961 A Weekend with Lulu as Stationmaster
movie 1961 Carry on Regardless as Strip Club Manager
movie 1961 Five Golden Hours as Alfredo
movie 1961 No Kidding as Mr. Rockbottom
tv movie 1960 An Arabian Night as Samit
movie 1960 Bottoms Up as Sid Biggs
movie 1960 Let's Get Married as Pendle
movie 1960 Light Up the Sky! as Ted Green
movie 1960 Make Mine Mink as Lionel Spanager
movie 1960 Sink the Bismarck! as First Workman
movie 1960 The Bulldog Breed as Speedboat owner
movie 1959 Follow a Star as Pendlebury
movie 1959 The Crowning Touch as Joe
movie 1959 Tommy the Toreador as Ramon
movie 1959 Too Many Crooks as Solicitor
movie 1958 Carve Her Name with Pride as Potter
movie 1958 The Bank Raiders as Bernie Shelton
movie 1957 Booby Trap as Mr. Hunter
movie 1957 Interpol as Curtis
movie 1957 The Counterfeit Plan as Harry Flint
movie 1957 The Surgeon's Knife as Dr. Hearne
tv series 1957 The Gentle Killers as Dr. Julian Goldsworthy
movie 1956 Fire Maidens of Outer Space as Dr. Higgins
movie 1956 Je plaide non coupable as Camino
movie 1956 Reach for the Sky as Robert Desoutter
movie 1956 The Long Arm as Mr. Stone
movie 1955 A Kid for Two Farthings as Madam Rita
tv movie 1955 Curtains for Harry
movie 1955 Dial 999 as Alf Cressett
movie 1955 The Cockleshell Heroes as Policeman
movie 1955 The Glass Cage as Rorke
tv movie 1955 The Hole in the Wall as Viney
movie 1955 The Woman for Joe as Butch
movie 1954 The Crowded Day as Alex Fraser
movie 1954 The Sea Shall Not Have Them as Cpl. Robb
movie 1953 Johnny on the Run as 'Flash Harry' Fisher
movie 1953 Operation Diplomat as Wade
movie 1953 The Saint's Return as Max Lennar
movie 1953 The Square Ring as 1st Wiseacre
movie 1953 There Was a Young Lady as Johnny
movie 1952 Blind Man's Bluff as Ricky Martin
movie 1952 Emergency Call as Brett
movie 1952 Secret People as Syd Burnett
movie 1952 The Floating Dutchman as Victor Skinner
movie 1952 Time, Gentlemen, Please! as Joseph Spink
movie 1952 Venetian Bird as Boldesca
movie 1952 Wide Boy as Benny
movie 1951 Assassin for Hire as Antonio Riccardi
movie 1951 Chelsea Story as Fletcher Gilchrist
movie 1951 Hotel Sahara as Corporal Pullar
movie 1951 Mystery Junction as Larry Gordon
movie 1951 Scarlet Thread as Marcon
movie 1951 The Galloping Major as Mr. Leon
movie 1951 The Lavender Hill Mob as Clayton
tv movie 1951 What Happens to Love as Bill
tv movie 1950 Assassin for Hire as Tony Riccardi
movie 1950 Dance Hall as Jim Fairfax - Dance Hall Manager
movie 1950 Once a Sinner as Jimmy Smart
movie 1949 Passport to Pimlico as Fred Cowan
movie 1948 London Belongs to Me as Nighclub Receptionist
movie 1948 No Room at the Inn as Stranger
movie 1948 The Little Ballerina
movie 1948 The Monkey's Paw as The Dealer
movie 1948 Uneasy Terms as Maysin
tv movie 1947 Busman's Honeymoon as Mr. MacBride
movie 1947 It Always Rains on Sunday as Morry Hyams
tv movie 1947 Mr. Gladstone as Benjamin Disraeli
movie 1944 Information Please as Turner
movie 1941 Cottage to Let as RAF Officer

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