Sylvain b Boulanger

Sylvain b Boulanger Filmography

movie 2015 Amityville Homicide
movie 2014 Adventure Island 3: The Return of Florida
movie 2014 Slendr! 2 as George McClay
movie 2013 Slendr! as Ryan's Father
movie 2012 Adventure Island 2: A Trip to Florida
movie 2012 Poltergeist II
movie 2012 True Storys of the Ghost House 3 the Demon Phenomenon as Yannick's Father & The Creeper
movie 2011 Amityville V the Dollhouse as Sylvain - Real Estate Agent
movie 2011 The Amityville Horror (Final Fan Film) as Sylvain
movie 2010 Amityville III a New Beginning as Ronald DeFeo Sr.
movie 2010 Amityville IV the Evil Generation as Ghost Of Ronald DeFeo Sr.
movie 2010 Halloween 2: The Final Chapter as John's Father
movie 2010 Poltergeist
movie 2010 The Amityville Horror (Fan Film) as House Owner
movie 2009 Adventure Island the Legend of the Perce as Guest