T. Hayes Hunter

T. Hayes Hunter (1 December 1884 ? 14 April 1944) was an American film director of the silent era. He directed 34 films between 1912 and 1934. ... more on Wikipedia

T. Hayes Hunter Filmography

movie 1934 Josser on the Farm
movie 1934 The Green Pack
movie 1934 Warn London
movie 1933 The Ghoul
movie 1932 Sally Bishop
movie 1932 The Frightened Lady
movie 1932 White Face
movie 1931 The Man They Couldn't Arrest
movie 1931 The Calendar
movie 1929 The Silver King
movie 1928 A South Sea Bubble
movie 1928 The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
movie 1927 One of the Best
movie 1925 The Sky Raider
movie 1925 Wildfire
movie 1924 Damaged Hearts
movie 1924 The Recoil
movie 1924 Trouping with Ellen
movie 1921 The Light in the Clearing
movie 1920 Earthbound
movie 1920 The Cup of Fury
movie 1919 Desert Gold
movie 1918 Once to Every Man
movie 1918 The Border Legion
movie 1916 Father and Son
movie 1916 The Crimson Stain Mystery
movie 1915 Judy Forgot
movie 1915 The Tip-Off
movie 1914 The Vampire's Trail
movie 1914 Fire and Sword
movie 1914 The Seats of the Mighty
movie 1913 The Vampire
movie 1913 While Father Telephoned
movie 1912 Farmer Allen's Daughter
movie 1912 Getting Rich Quick
movie 1912 Papa's Double

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