Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman (born December 5, 1980) is an American actress from Cherokee and Mexican origins. She is best known for her roles as Mary Beth in Hatchet and in the WB (now CW) television series Smallville and Supernatural. ... more on Wikipedia

Tamara Feldman Filmography

movie 2013 A Woman Called Job as Job
movie 2013 Resurrection Slope
movie 2013 Walk the Light as Julia
movie 2011 Alyce as Carroll
movie 2009 Echelon Conspiracy as Kamila
movie 2008 Rez Bomb as Harmony
movie 2008 Something's Wrong in Kansas as Sabrina
movie 2008 The Nature of Space & Time as Angela Davies
video movie 2007 Guts & Gore: The FX of 'Hatchet' as Herself
tv movie 2007 Lucky Shops as Herself
video movie 2007 Meeting Victor Crowley as Herself
movie 2007 Perfect Stranger as Bethany
video movie 2007 The Making of 'Hatchet' as Herself
movie 2006 Hatchet as Marybeth
tv movie 2005 Romy and Michele: In the Beginning as Snotty Girl #2
movie 2004 Geldersma as Norah Sobel

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