Tamra Davis

Tamra Davis (born January 22, 1962) is an American film and music video director. ... more on Wikipedia

Tamra Davis Filmography

movie 2013 The Punk Singer
movie 2010 Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child
movie 2006 A Conversation with Basquiat
video movie 2004 Corporate Ghost
movie 2002 Crossroads
movie 2002 Keep Your Eyes Open
movie 2000 Skipped Parts
video movie 2000 Beastie Boys: Video Anthology
video movie 1999 Depeche Mode: The Videos 86>98
movie 1998 Half Baked
movie 1997 Best Men
movie 1995 Billy Madison
video movie 1994 No Alternative Girls
movie 1993 CB4
movie 1992 Guncrazy
video movie 1990 Bangles Greatest Hits

Tamra Davis on Youtube

Trailer of the new documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. Directed by Tamra Davis, the documentary features never-before seen footage of the ...

CB4 Trailer - Directed by Tamra Davis and starring Chris Rock, Chris Rock, Allen Payne, Allen Payne, Deezer D. A "rockumentary", covering the rise to fame of...

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Now Available on iTunes: http://www.newvideo.com/new-video-digital/jean-michel-basquiat-the-radiant-child-2/ and DVD: ...