Ted Huckabee

Ted Huckabee Filmography

movie 2014 Blackhats as Tillman
movie 2014 Kill the Messenger as Bob
movie 2014 Let's Be Cops as Father
tv movie 2013 Christmas in Conway as Bob
movie 2013 Devil's Knot as Steve Jones
movie 2013 You Are Here as Husband
movie 2012 A Zombie Invasion as Tucker
movie 2012 Flight as Prison Guard
movie 2012 Pepper as Grant Jacobs
movie 2012 The Watch as Orgy Man #1
movie 2011 Battle as Judge
movie 2011 Detour as Frank
movie 2011 The Retirement Party as Bird
movie 2010 Kerberos as Harris
video movie 2010 Step Off as Judge
movie 2008 Leatherheads as Speakeasy Soldier
movie 2007 Blood Ties as John Edward Davis
video movie 2006 My Christmas Soldier as Frank
movie 2006 The Last Adam as Young Coach Adams
movie 2005 Trust Beam as Dr. Ron Edelstein
movie 2004 Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius as Rathskeller Drunk
movie 2004 Delivery Boy Chronicles as Bodyguard
movie 2004 Last Goodbye as Officer Dudley
movie 2004 Vineyard
movie 2003 Alibi as City Detective
movie 2003 Behind the Nine as Pigman
movie 2003 The Rockstar Inside as Bully Jones
video movie 2003 Vicious as Hal
movie 2002 Statesmanship as City Detective
tv movie 2001 Boycott as Racist Fireman

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The 'in-production' trailer for the new Kely McClung film KERBEROS. Rob Pralgo, Stan Harrington, Whitney Sullins, Ted Huckabee, Mark Harris, Courtney ...

When Justin (played by Desmond Phillips "Vampire Diaries") gives up on dating, word travels fast. Soon the whole town knows about his "retirement" when his f.