Teddy Arundell

Teddy Arundell Filmography

movie 1923 Through Fire and Water as Bascomb
movie 1922 A Lost Leader as Henry Rochester
movie 1922 Black Peter as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 Charles Augustus Milverton as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 Cocaine
movie 1922 False Evidence as Hilton
movie 1922 Lamp in the Desert as Maj. Ralston
movie 1922 The Abbey Grange as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Bruce Partington Plans as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Golden Pince-Nez as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Norwood Builder as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Passionate Friends as Edward Stratton
movie 1922 The Pointing Finger as Danny O'Shea
movie 1922 The Red Circle as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Reigate Squires as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Second Stain as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1922 The Six Napoleons as Insp. Hopkins
movie 1921 A Gentleman of France as Fresnay
movie 1921 General John Regan as Police Const. Moriarty
movie 1921 Greatheart as Col. de Vigne
movie 1921 Kipps as Harry Chitterlow
movie 1921 The Amazing Partnership as Baron Feldemay
movie 1921 The Four Just Men as Insp. Falmouth
movie 1921 The Fruitful Vine as Francis Denzil
movie 1921 The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown as Guy Thirwell
movie 1921 The Red-Haired League as Jabez Wilson
movie 1921 The River of Stars as Augustus Lambaire
movie 1921 The Tragedy of a Comic Song as Pictou
movie 1921 The Woman of His Dream as Adm Rivers
movie 1920 A Question of Trust as Jouvain
movie 1920 At the Villa Rose as Insp. Hanaud
movie 1920 Bleak House as George
movie 1920 General Post as Jobson
movie 1920 London Pride as Bill Guppy
movie 1920 The Amateur Gentleman as Digby Smivvle
movie 1920 The Duchess of Seven Dials as Joe Murden
movie 1920 The Hundredth Chance as Giles Sheppard
movie 1920 The Tavern Knight as Capt. Hogan
movie 1919 Comradeship as Ginger Dickens
movie 1919 God's Good Man as Bainton
movie 1919 Mr. Wu as Mr. Gregory
movie 1919 The Elusive Pimpernel as Colet d'Herbois
movie 1919 The Lyons Mail
movie 1919 The Romance of Lady Hamilton as Prince of Wales
movie 1919 The Swindler as Insp. West
movie 1918 Nelson as Capt. Berry
movie 1918 The Greatest Wish in the World
movie 1918 The Splendid Coward as Jack Lorimer
movie 1917 Justice as Honeywell