Templar Saxe

Templar Saxe Filmography

movie 1928 Beyond London Lights as Stephen Carstairs
movie 1928 The Man Who Laughs
movie 1927 For Ladies Only
movie 1927 The Girl from Gay Paree as Wayne
movie 1927 When a Man Loves as Baron Chevral
movie 1926 The White Black Sheep as Stanley Fielding
movie 1925 The Dancers as Fothering
movie 1925 The Primrose Path as Dude Talbot
movie 1925 Time, the Comedian as Prince Strotoff
movie 1925 What Price Beauty?
movie 1924 Beau Brummel as Desmond Wertham
movie 1924 Captain Blood as Gov. Steed
movie 1924 Gerald Cranston's Lady as Lord Rawley
movie 1924 Her Night of Romance as Dr. Wellington
movie 1924 Stolen Goods
movie 1923 In Search of a Thrill as Sir George Dumphy
movie 1923 Sidewalks of New York
movie 1922 How Women Love as Casanova
movie 1922 What Fools Men Are as Bayard Thomas
movie 1921 Bucking the Tiger as William Hillyer
movie 1921 Millionaire for a Day as Gamble Mason
movie 1920 Slaves of Pride as Captain Apple
movie 1920 The Dangerous Paradise as Horatio Worthington
movie 1920 The Sleep of Cyma Roget as The Hindoo Hypnotist
movie 1920 Two Weeks as Billy Crane
movie 1920 Whispers
movie 1919 Fighting Destiny as Chick Green
movie 1919 Human Desire as Paul Stapleton
movie 1919 The Lion and the Mouse as Fitzroy Bagley
movie 1919 The Mind-the-Paint Girl as Lal Roper
movie 1919 The Teeth of the Tiger as Antoine Jabot
movie 1918 Miss Ambition as Dudley Kelland
movie 1918 One Thousand Dollars as Old Bryson
movie 1918 The Business of Life as Waudle
movie 1918 The Song and the Sergeant
movie 1918 The Triumph of the Weak as Robert Jordan
movie 1918 The Wooing of Princess Pat as The Duke's Son
movie 1917 Babette as Pivot
movie 1917 Gall and Golf
movie 1917 In the Balance as Graillot
movie 1917 Intrigue as Prince Toursville
movie 1917 Mary Jane's Pa as Joel Skinner
movie 1917 The Fettered Woman as Adolph Bink
movie 1917 The Sixteenth Wife as Hackel
movie 1917 Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation as Baron Reyva
movie 1916 A Caliph of the New Bagdad
movie 1916 A Race for Life
movie 1916 Conductor Kate
movie 1916 Hesper of the Mountains as Mackay
movie 1916 More Money Than Manners as The Duke de Luxe
movie 1916 Myrtle the Manicurist
movie 1916 Stung!
movie 1916 The Dawn of Freedom as Count
movie 1916 The Devil's Prize as Mark Stratton
movie 1916 The Footlights of Fate as George Tankerville
movie 1916 The Man Behind the Curtain as Perkins
movie 1916 The Ordeal of Elizabeth as D'Hauteville
movie 1916 The Scarlet Runner
movie 1916 The Secret Seven as Stefgano Fiori
movie 1916 The Shop Girl as Mr. Van Brunt
movie 1916 The Supreme Temptation as Paris Lawyer
movie 1916 The Tarantula as Fernandez
movie 1915 A Disciple of Plato as The Starving Poet
movie 1915 A Lily in Bohemia
movie 1915 A Mistake in Typesetting as Mr. Jamieson
movie 1915 A Study in Tramps
movie 1915 Benjamin Bunter: Book Agent as Daniel White
movie 1915 Bertie's Stratagem as Letty's Father
movie 1915 Billy's Wager as Count de Meaux
movie 1915 Cutey Becomes a Landlord
movie 1915 Cutey's Awakening as 2nd Father
movie 1915 Cutey, Fortune Hunting
movie 1915 From Headquarters as Edward Temple
movie 1915 Heredity as Mr. Van Dorn
movie 1915 One Performance Only as Valdo - Make-up Artist
movie 1915 Pat Hogan, Deceased
movie 1915 Sam's Sweetheart as Lord Merton
movie 1915 The Breath of Araby as Ahmed Hassan
movie 1915 The Chief's Goat as Horse's Groom
movie 1915 The Missing Clue as Gyvus A. Rest
movie 1915 The Starring of Flora Finchurch
movie 1915 The Still, Small Voice
movie 1915 A Case of Eugenics
movie 1915 Romantic Reggie
movie 1915 The Evolution of Cutey
movie 1914 How Burke and Burke Made Good as Burke #2
movie 1914 Kill or Cure
movie 1914 Scotland Forever as Willie
movie 1914 The Fates and Flora Fourflush as The Rajah
movie 1914 The Product
movie 1914 The Speeder's Revenge
movie 1913 Beauty Unadorned as Viscount de Gagaine