Terence Alexander

Terence Joseph Alexander (11 March 1923 - 28 May 2009) was an English film and television actor, best known for his role as Charlie Hungerford in the British TV drama Bergerac. ... more on Wikipedia

Terence Alexander Filmography

video movie 2006 Lords and Luddites: Making 'The Mark of the Rani' as Lord Ravensworth
movie 1990 That Englishwoman: An Account of the Life of Emily Hobhouse as Rev. Reginald Hobhouse
tv movie 1987 The Laughing Prisoner as Head of Channel 4
tv movie 1984 Frankenstein as Alphonse Frankenstein
movie 1982 Head for Business
tv movie 1981 Churchill and the Generals as General Sir Harold Alexander
tv movie 1981 Our Family Business as Neils
tv movie 1981 Seven Dials Mystery as George Lomax
tv series 1981 Behind the Screen as Tony, the Director
tv movie 1980 The Allan Stewart Show as On-screen Participant
tv movie 1980 The Boy Who Never Was as Major
movie 1979 Look at the Law: Contracts of Employment
tv series 1979 Ike as Gen. Arthur Tedder
tv series 1976 The Dick Emery Show as Himself - Special guest
movie 1974 Claudine as Teddy
video movie 1974 Man Hunt
movie 1974 Mission: Monte Carlo as Crane
movie 1974 The Internecine Project as Business tycoon
movie 1973 The Day of the Jackal as Lloyd
movie 1973 The Vault of Horror as Breedley
tv movie 1971 Do Me a Favour! as Mr. Roger Hadleigh
tv movie 1970 A Room in Town as Frank
movie 1970 All the Way Up as Bob Chickman
tv movie 1970 She Follows Me About as Charlie
movie 1970 Waterloo as Lord Uxbridge
tv movie 1969 Run a Crooked Mile as Peter Martin
movie 1969 The Magic Christian as Mad Major
movie 1969 What's Good for the Goose as Frisby
movie 1968 Only When I Larf as Gee Gee Gray
movie 1967 The Long Duel as Major
movie 1967 The Spare Tyres as Dennis Colville
movie 1966 Judith as Carstairs
tv movie 1965 Poison Island as Jack Rogers
movie 1965 The Intelligence Men as Reed
movie 1964 All in Good Time as Elton
movie 1964 The One That Didn't Get Away as Selling Teacher
movie 1963 Bitter Harvest as Andy
movie 1963 The Mind Benders as Rowing Coach
movie 1963 The V.I.P.s as Captain
movie 1962 On the Beat as Chief Supt. Bert Belcher
movie 1962 She Always Gets Their Man as Bob Conley
movie 1962 The Fast Lady as Policeman on Motorcycle
movie 1961 Carry on Regardless as Trevor Trelawney
movie 1961 The Gentle Terror as David
movie 1961 The Man at the Carlton Tower as Johnny Time
movie 1960 The Bulldog Breed as Defending counsel
movie 1960 The League of Gentlemen as Maj. Rupert Rutland-Smith
movie 1959 Breakout as Farrow
movie 1959 Danger Within as Lt. Gibbs
movie 1959 Don't Panic Chaps as Lieutenant Babbington
movie 1959 The Price of Silence as John Braine
movie 1958 Death Was a Passenger
movie 1958 The Doctor's Dilemma as Mr. Lanchester
movie 1958 The Square Peg as Captain Wharton
movie 1957 The One That Got Away as R.A.F. Intelligence Officer
tv movie 1957 Wideawake as Oliver Male
movie 1956 The Eternal Question
movie 1956 The Green Man as Man in Radio Studio
movie 1956 Who Done It? as Radio Show Official
movie 1955 Out of the Clouds as Bob Robins - Duty Room Radio Operater
movie 1955 Portrait of Alison as Fenby
movie 1954 Dangerous Cargo as Harry
movie 1954 Hands of Destiny as Randal's Office Manager
movie 1954 The Green Scarf as Wireless Operator
movie 1954 The Runaway Bus as Pilot Peter Jones
movie 1953 Glad Tidings as First Lieutenant Spud Cusack
movie 1953 Park Plaza 605 as Hotel Manager
movie 1952 Just a Drop as Commentator
movie 1952 The First Elizabeth as Narrator
movie 1952 The Gentle Gunman as Ship's Officer
movie 1952 The Stately Homes of Kent as Narrator
movie 1952 Top Secret as 2nc M.V.D.
movie 1951 A Tale of Five Cities
movie 1951 Death Is a Number as Alan Robert
tv movie 1951 Treasure on Pelican as Naval Officer
movie 1950 The Elusive Pimpernel as Duke of Dorset
movie 1950 The Woman with No Name as 2nd Sapper officer
movie 1947 Comin' Thro the Rye as Robert Burns
movie 1937 Symphonies in Stone: Westminster Abbey as Narrator

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