Terence Morgan

Terence Morgan Filmography

movie 1975 The Lifetaker as James
movie 1972 Hide and Seek as Ted Lawson
movie 1967 The Penthouse as Bruce Victor
movie 1966 Il grande colpo di Surcouf as Lord Blackwood
movie 1966 Surcouf, l'eroe dei sette mari as Lord Blackwood
movie 1964 The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb as Adam Beauchamp
movie 1960 Piccadilly Third Stop as Dominic Colpoys-Owen
movie 1960 The Shakedown as Augie Cortona
movie 1958 The Flaming Sword as Captain
movie 1958 Tread Softly Stranger as Dave Mansell
tv movie 1958 Women in Love as Henry in 'After So Long'
movie 1957 The Scamp as Mike Dawson
movie 1956 It's a Wonderful World as Ray Thompson
movie 1956 The March Hare as Sir Charles Hare
movie 1955 They Can't Hang Me as Inspector Ralph Brown
movie 1954 Dance Little Lady as Mark Gordon
movie 1954 Forbidden Cargo as Roger Compton
movie 1954 I cavalieri dell'illusione
movie 1954 L'amante di Paride as Golo
movie 1954 Svengali as Billy Bagot
movie 1953 Always a Bride as Terence Winch
movie 1953 Street Corner as Ray
movie 1953 The Steel Key as Johnny O'Flynn
movie 1953 Turn the Key Softly as David
movie 1952 It Started in Paradise as Edouard
movie 1952 Mandy as Harry Garland
movie 1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. as 2nd Lt. Gerard
movie 1951 Encore as Syd Cotman
movie 1950 Shadow of the Past as John Harding
movie 1948 Hamlet as Laertes - His Son
movie 1943 It's Just the Way It Is as Sergeant

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Hugely disappointing rendition of Svengali. Last-minute replacement Donald Wolfit doesn't have nearly enough to do in this version that short-changes his cha...

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