Tex Avery

Frederick Bean "Fred/Tex" Avery (February 26, 1908 ? August 26, 1980) was an American animator, cartoonist, voice actor and director, famous for producing animated cartoons during The Golden Age of Hollywood animation. He did his most significant work for the Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, creating the characters of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and developing Porky Pig and Chilly Willy (this last one for the Walter Lantz Studio) into the personas for which th ... more on Wikipedia

Tex Avery Filmography

video movie 2008 Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices as Himself
video movie 2004 Behind the Tunes: A Conversation with Tex Avery as Himself
tv series 2004 Cartoon Alley
movie 2003 Hänsel und Gretel - Sie sind innen hässlich
tv movie 2000 Toonheads: The Lost Cartoons as Himself
tv movie 1999 Thanks a Latte
tv series 1996 The Bugs n' Daffy Show
tv movie 1995 George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular
tv movie 1995 George and Junior: Look Out Below
tv series 1995 That's Warner Bros.!
tv series 1993 Droopy: Master Detective
tv series 1990 Merrie Melodies: Starring Bugs Bunny and Friends
video movie 1989 Bugs Bunny Classics as Willoughby
movie 1989 Fifty Years of Bugs Bunny in 3 1/2 Minutes
tv movie 1988 Tex Avery, the King of Cartoons
tv movie 1986 Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary as Himself
tv series 1982 Jokebook
video movie 1982 Woody Woodpecker and His Friends
tv series 1981 The Kwicky Koala Show
tv series 1980 The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry
movie 1975 Bugs Bunny Superstar as Himself
tv series 1957 The Woody Woodpecker Show
movie 1957 Cat's Meow
movie 1956 Millionaire Droopy
movie 1955 Deputy Droopy as Droopy
movie 1955 Sh-h-h-h-h-h
movie 1955 Cellbound
movie 1955 Field and Scream
movie 1955 The First Bad Man
movie 1955 The Legend of Rockabye Point
movie 1954 Crazy Mixed Up Pup
movie 1954 Billy Boy
movie 1954 Dixieland Droopy
movie 1954 Drag-A-Long Droopy
movie 1954 Homesteader Droopy
movie 1954 I'm Cold
movie 1954 The Farm of Tomorrow
movie 1954 The Flea Circus
movie 1953 Barney's Hungry Cousin as Hungry Bear
movie 1953 Little Johnny Jet
movie 1953 T.V. of Tomorrow
movie 1953 The Three Little Pups
movie 1952 Magical Maestro
movie 1952 One Cab's Family
movie 1952 Rock-a-Bye Bear
movie 1951 Car of Tomorrow
movie 1951 Cock-a-Doodle Dog
movie 1951 Daredevil Droopy
movie 1951 Droopy's Double Trouble
movie 1951 Droopy's Good Deed
movie 1951 Symphony in Slang
movie 1950 Garden Gopher
movie 1950 The Chump Champ
movie 1950 The Cuckoo Clock
movie 1950 The Peachy Cobbler
movie 1950 Ventriloquist Cat
movie 1949 Bad Luck Blackie as Large Dog
movie 1949 Señor Droopy as Bull
movie 1949 Doggone Tired
movie 1949 Little Rural Riding Hood
movie 1949 Out-Foxed
movie 1949 The Counterfeit Cat
movie 1949 The House of Tomorrow
movie 1949 Wags to Riches
movie 1948 Half-Pint Pygmy as Junior
movie 1948 What Price Fleadom as Homer's Dog
movie 1948 Little 'Tinker
movie 1948 Lucky Ducky
movie 1948 The Cat That Hated People
movie 1947 Hound Hunters as Junior
movie 1947 Red Hot Rangers as Junior
movie 1947 King-Size Canary
movie 1947 Slap Happy Lion
movie 1947 Uncle Tom's Cabaña
movie 1946 Henpecked Hoboes as Junior
movie 1946 Lonesome Lenny as Lenny
movie 1946 Northwest Hounded Police
movie 1946 The Hick Chick
movie 1945 Jerky Turkey
movie 1945 Swing Shift Cinderella
movie 1945 The Screwy Truant
movie 1945 The Shooting of Dan McGoo
movie 1945 Wild and Woolfy
movie 1944 Batty Baseball
movie 1944 Big Heel-Watha
movie 1944 Happy-Go-Nutty
movie 1944 Screwball Squirrel
movie 1943 Who Killed Who? as Santa Claus
movie 1943 Dumb-Hounded
movie 1943 One Ham's Family
movie 1943 Red Hot Riding Hood
movie 1943 What's Buzzin' Buzzard?
movie 1942 Hold the Lion, Please as Hippo
movie 1942 Aloha Hooey
movie 1942 Blitz Wolf
movie 1942 Crazy Cruise
movie 1942 The Early Bird Dood It!
movie 1941 The Crackpot Quail as Willoughby
movie 1941 The Heckling Hare as Willoughby
movie 1941 All This and Rabbit Stew
movie 1941 Aviation Vacation
movie 1941 Hollywood Steps Out
movie 1941 Porky's Preview
movie 1941 Speaking of Animals Down on the Farm
movie 1941 Speaking of Animals in the Zoo
movie 1941 The Bug Parade
movie 1941 The Cagey Canary
movie 1941 The Haunted Mouse
movie 1941 Tortoise Beats Hare
movie 1940 Circus Today as Circus Bandmaster
movie 1940 Ghost Wanted as Laughing Ghost
movie 1940 Holiday Highlights as College Professor
movie 1940 Of Fox and Hounds as Willoughby
movie 1940 The Bear's Tale as Poppa Bear
movie 1940 A Gander at Mother Goose
movie 1940 A Wild Hare
movie 1940 Ceiling Hero
movie 1940 Cross Country Detours
movie 1940 The Early Worm Gets the Bird
movie 1940 Wacky Wildlife
movie 1939 A Day at the Zoo as Other Elk Named Bill
movie 1939 Believe It or Else as Old Man in Jail
movie 1939 Dangerous Dan McFoo as Fight Commentator
movie 1939 Fresh Fish as School Teacher Fish
movie 1939 Hamateur Night as Hippo
movie 1939 Land of the Midnight Fun as Alaskan Timber Wolf
movie 1939 Thugs with Dirty Mugs as Ed. G. Robemsome as Killer Diller
movie 1939 Detouring America
movie 1939 Screwball Football
movie 1938 Count Me Out as Fight Referee
movie 1938 Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas as The Chief
movie 1938 Porky's Phoney Express as Porky's Boss' Laugh
movie 1938 The Isle of Pingo Pongo as Native Calling Football Signals
movie 1938 The Penguin Parade as Walrus
movie 1938 The Sneezing Weasel as Weasel
movie 1938 A Feud There Was
movie 1938 Cinderella Meets Fella
movie 1938 Daffy Duck & Egghead
movie 1938 Daffy Duck in Hollywood
movie 1938 The Mice Will Play
movie 1937 Egghead Rides Again as Red
movie 1937 Uncle Tom's Bungalow as Uncle Tom
movie 1937 A Sunbonnet Blue
movie 1937 Ain't We Got Fun
movie 1937 I Only Have Eyes for You
movie 1937 I Wanna Be a Sailor
movie 1937 Little Red Walking Hood
movie 1937 Picador Porky
movie 1937 Porky the Wrestler
movie 1937 Porky's Duck Hunt
movie 1937 Porky's Garden
movie 1936 Don't Look Now as Egbert
movie 1936 The Village Smithy as Blacksmith
movie 1936 I Love to Singa
movie 1936 I'd Love to Take Orders from You
movie 1936 Milk and Money
movie 1936 Page Miss Glory
movie 1936 Plane Dippy
movie 1936 Porky the Rain-Maker
movie 1936 The Blow Out
movie 1935 Three Lazy Mice as Mouse King
movie 1935 The Quail Hunt
movie 1935 Gold Diggers of '49
movie 1935 Towne Hall Follies
movie 1934 Toyland Premiere as Santa Claus
movie 1934 Wolf! Wolf!
movie 1934 The Ginger Bread Boy
movie 1933 The Zoo

Tex Avery on Youtube

Zany, public domain color cartoon, JERKY TURKEY, directed by Tex Avery and originally released on April 7, 1945. Jerky Turkey is an animated theatrical short.


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