Texas Guinan

Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan (January 12, 1884 ? November 5, 1933) was an American saloon keeper, actress, and entrepreneur. ... more on Wikipedia

Texas Guinan Filmography

movie 2007 Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema as Herself
tv series 1999 The 20th Century: A Moving Visual History as Herself
tv movie 1997 Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America as Herself - speakeasy operator
movie 1950 The Golden Twenties as Herself
movie 1933 Broadway Thru a Keyhole as Tex Kaley
movie 1932 Winner Take All as Herself
movie 1931 Stars of Yesterday as Herself
movie 1929 Glorifying the American Girl as Herself
movie 1929 Queen of the Night Clubs as Texas Malone
movie 1925 Night Life of New York
movie 1921 Code of Texas Storm as Texas Storm
movie 1921 Code of the West
movie 1921 I Am the Woman
movie 1921 Spitfire
movie 1921 Texas of the Mounted as Texas of the Mounted
movie 1921 The Claws of Texas
movie 1921 The Girl of the Border
movie 1921 The Soul of Texas
movie 1921 The Stampede as Tex Henderson
movie 1921 Vengeance of Texas Grey as Texas Grey
movie 1920 A Moonshine Feud
movie 1920 The Night Raider
movie 1920 The Night Rider
movie 1920 The White Squaw as Texas Caswell
movie 1920 The Wildcat
movie 1919 Fighting the Vigilantes
movie 1919 Just Bill
movie 1919 Letters of Fire
movie 1919 Little Miss Deputy
movie 1919 Malamute Meg as Malamute Meg
movie 1919 My Lady Robin Hood
movie 1919 Not Guilty
movie 1919 Outwitted
movie 1919 Some Gal
movie 1919 South of Santa Fe as Jessie Kennedy
movie 1919 The Boss of the Rancho
movie 1919 The Call of Bob White
movie 1919 The Dangerous Little Devil
movie 1919 The Dead Man's Hand
movie 1919 The Desert Vulture
movie 1919 The Girl of Hell's Agony as Tex
movie 1919 The Girl of the Rancho as Texas Carroll
movie 1919 The Heart of Texas
movie 1919 The Lady of the Law
movie 1919 The Love Defender
movie 1919 The Sacrifice
movie 1919 The She Wolf as The She Wolf
movie 1919 The Spirit of Cabin Mine
movie 1918 Getaway Kate
movie 1918 The Gun Girl
movie 1918 The Gun Woman as The Tigress
movie 1918 The Hell Cat as Undertermined Role
movie 1918 The Love Brokers as Olga Grey
movie 1918 Two-Gun Girl
movie 1917 The Fuel of Life as Violet Hilton
movie 1917 The Stainless Barrier

Texas Guinan on Youtube

1929 - Trailer - Queen Of The Nightclubs - Texas Guinan.

Compilation of trailers for late silent and early sound films, mostly from the years 1928, 1929 and 1930 featuring the following films: Lilac Time—Colleen Mo...

NIGHTCLUBS. TEXAS GUINAN / CELEBRATE FESTIVE, http://www.myfootage.com/details.php?gid=0&sgid=&pid=12514 This clip is available for licensing ...

TEXAS GUINAN 'QUEEN OF THE NIGHT CLUBS', http://www.myfootage.com/details.php?gid=0&sgid=&pid=12508 This clip is available for licensing from ...