Theo Frenkel

Theo Frenkel (14 July 1871 ? 20 September 1956) was a Dutch film director, actor and screenwriter of the silent era. He directed 214 films between 1908 and 1928. He also appeared in 21 films between 1911 and 1948. His son Theo Frenkel Jr. (1893-1955) was also a film actor, writer, and director. ... more on Wikipedia

Theo Frenkel Filmography

movie 1948 Vijftig jaren
movie 1947 Dik Trom en zijn dorpsgenoten
movie 1928 Bet naar de Olympiade
movie 1925 De cabaret-prinses
movie 1924 Frauen im Sumpf. Aus dem Leben einer Hochstaplerin
movie 1924 Amsterdam bij nacht
movie 1924 Cirque hollandais
movie 1924 Dries de brandwacht
movie 1923 Frauenmoral
movie 1923 Judith
movie 1922 Alexandra as Vriend van Edward Buchanan
movie 1922 De bruut
movie 1921 Menschenwee
movie 1920 Aan boord van de 'Sabina'
movie 1920 Geeft ons kracht
movie 1920 Helleveeg
movie 1920 De dood van Pierrot
movie 1919 De duivel in Amsterdam
movie 1919 Zonnestraal
movie 1919 Op stap door Amsterdam
movie 1919 Schoonheidswedstrijd
movie 1918 De duivel
movie 1918 Het proces Begeer
movie 1918 Pro domo
movie 1916 Genie tegen geweld
movie 1916 Levensschaduwen
movie 1915 Het wrak van de Noorzee
movie 1915 Fatum
movie 1914 De verwisseling onder het bed
movie 1914 Luchtkastelen
movie 1914 Zijn viool
movie 1914 The Fight for the Great Black Diamond
movie 1913 A Whiff of Onion as Dick
movie 1913 Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort
movie 1913 An Actor's Romance
movie 1913 Frauenleid
movie 1913 Hasard
movie 1913 The Boatswain's Daughter
movie 1913 The Orphan
movie 1912 A True Briton as The Soldier
movie 1912 Don Caesar de Bazan as Don Jose - the Prime Minister
movie 1912 Ofia, the Woman Spy
movie 1912 Only a Woman as Dennis
movie 1912 Romani, the Brigand
movie 1912 The Lust for Gold as King Midas
movie 1912 A Gambler's Villainy
movie 1912 A Seaside Comedy
movie 1912 An Elizabethan Romance
movie 1912 Carmen
movie 1912 Charles IV
movie 1912 De industrieel van Pont Avesnes
movie 1912 Gerald's Butterfly
movie 1912 Herod
movie 1912 Judith
movie 1912 Le bagnard
movie 1912 Light After Darkness
movie 1912 Marocco en het Vreemdelingenlegioen
movie 1912 Talma
movie 1912 The Cap of Invisibility
movie 1912 The Little Wooden Soldier
movie 1912 The Mighty Dollar
movie 1912 The Minstrel King
movie 1912 The Old Guitar
movie 1912 The Prodigal Daughter
movie 1912 The Prodigal Son
movie 1912 The Tide of Fortune
movie 1912 The Two Rivals
movie 1912 The Vandal Outlaws
movie 1912 The Vicissitudes of a Top Hat
movie 1912 The Way of the Transgressor
movie 1911 Caesar's Prisoners as Julius Caesar
movie 1911 Checkmated as Napoleon
movie 1911 Oedipus Rex as Oedipus
movie 1911 Samson and Delilah as Samson
movie 1911 Telemachus as Telemachus
movie 1911 The Fall of Babylon as Belshazzar
movie 1911 Trilby and Svengali as Svengali
movie 1911 A Balkan Episode
movie 1911 A Citizeness of Paris
movie 1911 A Devoted Friend
movie 1911 A French Duel
movie 1911 A Lucky Escape
movie 1911 A Modern Hero
movie 1911 A Noble Heart
movie 1911 A Tragedy of the Olden Times
movie 1911 Boys Will Be Boys
movie 1911 Brown's German Liver Cure
movie 1911 Buffalo Bill on the Brain
movie 1911 Dandy Dick of Bishopsgate
movie 1911 Detective Henry and the Paris Apaches
movie 1911 Ester: A Biblical Episode
movie 1911 Fate
movie 1911 Following Mother's Footsteps
movie 1911 For the Crown
movie 1911 From Factory Girl to Prima Donna
movie 1911 Galileo
movie 1911 His Conscience
movie 1911 His Last Burglary
movie 1911 In the Reign of Terror
movie 1911 Johnson at the Wedding
movie 1911 Julius Caesar's Sandals
movie 1911 Kinemacolor Songs
movie 1911 Kitty the Dressmaker
movie 1911 La Tosca
movie 1911 Lady Beaulay's Necklace
movie 1911 Little Lady Lafayette
movie 1911 Love Conquers
movie 1911 Love in a Cottage
movie 1911 Love or Riches
movie 1911 Love Story of Charles II
movie 1911 Love's Strategy
movie 1911 Major the Red Cross Dog
movie 1911 Mischievous Puck
movie 1911 Music Hath Charms
movie 1911 Mystic Manipulations
movie 1911 Nell Gwynn the Orange Girl
movie 1911 Oliver Cromwell
movie 1911 Simpkin's Dream of a Holiday
movie 1911 Swank and the Remedy
movie 1911 The Adopted Child
movie 1911 The Amorous Doctor
movie 1911 The Blackmailer
movie 1911 The Burglar as Father Christmas
movie 1911 The Clown's Sacrifice
movie 1911 The Crusader
movie 1911 The Fisherman's Daughter
movie 1911 The Flower Girl of Florence
movie 1911 The General's Only Son
movie 1911 The Highlander
movie 1911 The Hypnotist and the Convict
movie 1911 The Inventor's Son
movie 1911 The King of Indigo
movie 1911 The Last Farewell
movie 1911 The Little Daughter's Letter
movie 1911 The Lost Ring
movie 1911 The Magic Ring
movie 1911 The Millionaire's Nephew
movie 1911 The Modern Pygmalion and Galatea
movie 1911 The Passions of an Egyptian Princess
movie 1911 The Peasants and the Fairy
movie 1911 The Priest's Burden
movie 1911 The Rebel's Daughter
movie 1911 The Silken Thread
movie 1911 The Two Chorus Girls
movie 1911 The Wizard and the Brigands
movie 1911 The Woodcutter's Romance
movie 1911 Through Fire to Fortune
movie 1911 Two Can Play at the Same Game
movie 1911 Two Christmas Hampers
movie 1911 Uncle's Picnic
movie 1910 A Mad Infatuation
movie 1910 A Moving Picture Rehearsal
movie 1910 A Record Hustle Through Foggy London
movie 1910 A Sailor's Sacrifice
movie 1910 A Woman's Folly
movie 1910 A Woman's Treachery
movie 1910 A Worker's Wife
movie 1910 Almost
movie 1910 By Order of Napoleon
movie 1910 From Storm to Sunshine
movie 1910 Great Fight at All-Sereno
movie 1910 His Brother's Wife
movie 1910 His Mother's Necklace
movie 1910 His Only Daughter
movie 1910 His Wife's Brother
movie 1910 Impersonating the Policeman Lodger
movie 1910 In the Hands of the Enemy
movie 1910 Jailbird in Borrowed Feathers
movie 1910 Jake's Daughter
movie 1910 Juggling on the Brain
movie 1910 Lord Blend's Love Story
movie 1910 Our Darling
movie 1910 Seeing London in One Day
movie 1910 The Bewitched Boxing Gloves
movie 1910 The Brothers
movie 1910 The Bully
movie 1910 The Child and the Fiddler
movie 1910 The Coster's Wedding
movie 1910 The Electrical Vitalizer
movie 1910 The Freezing Mixture
movie 1910 The Little Orphan
movie 1910 The Old Hat
movie 1910 The Old Soldier
movie 1910 The Picture Thieves
movie 1910 The Plans of the Fortress
movie 1910 The Stricken Home
movie 1910 The Suffragettes and the Hobble Skirt
movie 1910 The Two Fathers
movie 1910 The Wedding That Didn't Come Off
movie 1910 True to His Duty
movie 1909 A Coward's Courage
movie 1909 A Father's Mistake
movie 1909 A Narrow Escape from Lynching
movie 1909 A Sinner's Repentance
movie 1909 A Woman's Vanity
movie 1909 An Attempt to Smash a Bank
movie 1909 Bailiff Makes a Seizure
movie 1909 Farmer Giles' Visit to London
movie 1909 Fellow Clerks
movie 1909 Mistaken Identity
movie 1909 One Good Turn Deserves Another
movie 1909 Only a Tramp
movie 1909 Robbing the Widowed and Fatherless
movie 1909 Salome Mad
movie 1909 Smith's Knockabout Theatre
movie 1909 Teaching a Husband a Lesson
movie 1909 The Bailiff and the Dressmakers
movie 1909 The Blind Man
movie 1909 The Burglar and the Child
movie 1909 The Curse of Money
movie 1909 The Idiot of the Mountains
movie 1909 The Luck of the Cards
movie 1909 The New Servant
movie 1909 The Sleepwalker
movie 1909 The Special Licence
movie 1909 The Treacherous Policeman
movie 1909 The Wrong Coat
movie 1909 Two of the Boys
movie 1909 When Thieves Fall Out
movie 1909 Within an Ace
movie 1908 Poverty and Compassion
movie 1908 The Anarchist's Sweetheart
movie 1908 To the Custody of the Father

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