Theodore Bikel

Theodore Bikel Filmography

movie 2014 Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age as Himself
movie 2014 Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem as Himself
movie 2013 Journey 4 Artists as Himself
movie 2010 Katz's: That's All as Himself
movie 2007 The Little Traitor as Interrogator
movie 2006 Lonely Man of Faith: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik as Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
movie 2004 Isn't This a Time! A Tribute Concert for Harold Leventhal as Himself
tv movie 2004 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts as Himself
tv movie 2003 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts as Himself
movie 2002 Crime and Punishment as Captain Koch
video movie 2000 Behind the Scenes with 'Goldfinger' as Himself
tv movie 2000 H.U.D. as Ambassador Bjorn Jorgensen
movie 2000 The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe as Narrator
tv movie 1998 Babylon 5: In the Beginning as Lenonn
movie 1998 Second Chances as Dutch John Hathaway
tv movie 1998 The American Film Institute Salute to Robert Wise as Himself
movie 1998 Trickle as Mr. Fix
movie 1997 Shadow Conspiracy as Prof. Yuri Pochenko
video movie 1995 The Making of 'My Fair Lady' as Himself
movie 1994 Humphrey Bogart: Behind the Legend as Himself
movie 1993 Benefit of the Doubt as Gideon Lee
movie 1993 My Family Treasure as Grandpa Danieloff
movie 1992 Crisis in the Kremlin as Leo
tv movie 1991 Memories of Midnight as Napoleon Chotas
movie 1991 Shattered as Dr. Berkus
movie 1989 Dark Tower as Max Gold
movie 1989 Lodz Ghetto
movie 1989 See You in the Morning as Bronie
tv movie 1989 The Final Days as Henry Kissinger
tv movie 1988 A Stoning in Fulham County as Abe Moser
video movie 1988 The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels as Himself
tv movie 1986 Covenant: People of the Living Law as Himself - Host
movie 1986 Very Close Quarters as Victor
movie 1985 Prince Jack as Georgi
tv movie 1985 Rodgers & Hammerstein: The Sound of American Music as Himself
tv movie 1983 Staus: Growing Old in America
tv movie 1982 Night of 100 Stars as Himself
tv movie 1980 The Return of the King as Aragorn
tv movie 1978 The Stingiest Man in Town as Marley's Ghost
tv series 1978 Loose Change as Tom Feiffer
tv series 1977 Testimony of Two Men as Peter Heger
tv movie 1976 Victory at Entebbe as Yakov Shlomo
tv movie 1975 Murder on Flight 502 as Otto Gruenwaldt
movie 1974 Out of Bondage as Narrator
tv movie 1972 Killer by Night as Sgt. Phl 'Sharkey' Gold
movie 1972 The Little Ark as The Captain
movie 1971 200 Motels as Rance Muhammitz
movie 1970 Darker Than Amber as Meyer
movie 1969 My Side of the Mountain as Bando
movie 1968 Sweet November as Alonzo
movie 1967 Festival as Himself
tv movie 1967 Saint Joan as Robert de Baudricourt
movie 1967 The Desperate Ones as Kisielev
tv movie 1967 The Diary of Anne Frank
movie 1966 The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming as The Russian captain
movie 1965 Sands of the Kalahari as Dr. Bondrachai
tv movie 1965 Who Has Seen the Wind? as Josef Radek
movie 1964 My Fair Lady as Zoltan Karpathy
tv series 1964 Another World as Henry Davenport
movie 1959 A Dog of Flanders as Piet van Gelder
tv movie 1959 The 31st Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
movie 1959 The Angry Hills as Dimitrios Tassos
movie 1959 The Blue Angel as Klepert
movie 1959 Woman Obsessed as Dr. R. W. Gibbs
movie 1958 Fräulein as Col. Dmitri Bucaron
movie 1958 I Bury the Living as Andy McKee
movie 1958 I Want to Live! as Carl G.G. Palmberg
movie 1958 Man on the Run
movie 1958 The Defiant Ones as Sheriff Max Muller
movie 1957 The Enemy Below as 'Heinie' Schwaffer
movie 1957 The Pride and the Passion as General Jouvet
movie 1957 The Vintage as Eduardo Uribari
tv movie 1957 There Shall Be No Night as Uncle Vlahos
movie 1956 Flight from Vienna as Col. Sandor Kosice
movie 1955 Above Us the Waves as German Officer
movie 1955 The Colditz Story as Vandy
movie 1954 Betrayed as German Sergeant
movie 1954 Forbidden Cargo as Max
movie 1954 The Divided Heart as Josip Slavko
movie 1954 The Love Lottery as Parsimonious
movie 1954 The Young Lovers as Joseph
movie 1953 A Day to Remember as Henri Dubot
movie 1953 Desperate Moment as Anton Meyer
movie 1953 Melba as Paul Brotha
movie 1953 Never Let Me Go as Lieutenant
movie 1953 The Kidnappers as Dr. Willem Bloem
movie 1952 Moulin Rouge as King Milo IV of Serbia
movie 1951 Appointment with Venus as Man at Newspaper Vendor
movie 1951 The African Queen as First Officer
movie 1949 Ein Breira as Narrator

Theodore Bikel on Youtube

The Defiant Ones Trailer - Directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel, Charles McGraw, Lon Chaney Jr.. The Defiant O.

Theodore Bikel sings My Side of the Mountain. I've always loved this song, and quite a few folks (including myself) have looked for a stand alone version of ...

The amazing Theodore Bikel joined by Fyvush Finkel and many talented artist in honor of his 90th Birthday.

Gloriously witty adaptation of the Broadway musical about Professor Henry Higgins, who takes a bet from Colonel Pickering that he can transform unrefined, di...