Theodore Wharton

Theodore Wharton Filmography

movie 1923 The Eagle's Talons
movie 1920 The Moon Riders
movie 1919 The Crooked Dagger
movie 1919 The Red Peril
movie 1918 April Fool
movie 1918 Kute Kids vs. Kupid
movie 1918 Marriage a la Mode
movie 1918 Mission of the War Chest
movie 1918 The Candidates
movie 1918 The Eagle's Eye
movie 1918 The Missionary
movie 1917 Below Zero
movie 1917 Patria
movie 1917 The Black Stork
movie 1917 The Crusher
movie 1917 The Great White Trail
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax
movie 1916 Hazel Kirke
movie 1916 Lord Southpaugh
movie 1916 The City
movie 1916 The Lottery Man
movie 1916 The Mysteries of Myra
movie 1915 A Bang Sun Engine
movie 1915 A Rheumatic Joint
movie 1915 A Stony Deal
movie 1915 A Transaction in Summer Boarders
movie 1915 A Trap for Trapp
movie 1915 Apples and Eggbeaters
movie 1915 Buying a Bank with Bunk
movie 1915 Detective Blackie
movie 1915 The Bungalow Bungle
movie 1915 The Lilac Splash
movie 1915 The Master Stroke
movie 1915 The Missing Heir
movie 1915 The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford
movie 1915 The New Exploits of Elaine
movie 1915 The Romance of Elaine
movie 1915 Three Rings and a Goat
movie 1914 A Change of Heart
movie 1914 A Prince of India
movie 1914 The Boundary Rider
movie 1914 The Exploits of Elaine
movie 1914 The Fireman & the Girl
movie 1914 The Pawn of Fortune
movie 1914 The Shanghai Man
movie 1914 The Stolen Birthright
movie 1914 The Uplift
movie 1914 The Warning
movie 1914 The Indian Wars
movie 1913 A Brother's Loyalty
movie 1913 Dear Old Girl
movie 1913 For Old Time's Sake
movie 1913 Into the North
movie 1913 Little Ned
movie 1913 Sunlight
movie 1913 The Love Lute of Romany
movie 1913 The Power of Conscience
movie 1913 The Swag of Destiny
movie 1913 The Toll of the Marshes
movie 1913 Tony, the Fiddler
movie 1913 Tapped Wires
movie 1913 The Hermit of Lonely Gulch
movie 1913 The Hero Coward
movie 1912 Football Days at Cornell
movie 1912 Napatia, the Greek Singer
movie 1912 The Eye That Never Sleeps
movie 1912 From the Submerged
movie 1912 The Voice of Conscience
movie 1912 Neptune's Daughter
movie 1912 Sunshine
movie 1912 The End of the Feud
movie 1912 The Magic Wand
movie 1912 The Snare
movie 1912 The Virtue of Rags
movie 1911 Lost Years
movie 1911 Two Men and a Girl
movie 1910 A Gambler's End
movie 1910 A Simple Mistake
movie 1910 A Summer Flirtation
movie 1910 Abraham Lincoln's Clemency
movie 1910 Advertising for a Wife
movie 1910 An Indian's Gratitude
movie 1910 Cowboy Justice
movie 1910 Her Photograph
movie 1910 How Rastus Gets His Turkey
movie 1910 The Appeal of the Prairie
movie 1910 The Cowboy's Sweetheart and the Bandit
movie 1910 The Girl from Arizona
movie 1910 The Great Train Hold Up
movie 1910 The Hoodoo
movie 1910 The Motor Fiend
movie 1910 The Other Way
movie 1910 Tommy Gets His Sister Married
movie 1910 Under Both Flags
movie 1910 An Arizona Romance
movie 1910 The Champion of the Race
movie 1910 The Gambler's Wife
movie 1910 The Maid of Niagara
movie 1910 The Mystery of Lonely Gulch

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"From The Submerged", written and directed byTheodore Wharton, was made in 1912 by Essanay Company and filmed in Chicago. Starring E.H. Calvert ... CHANGE BEFORE GOING PRODUCTIONS: ...

WHARTON INC. | Tompkins County In 1914, Theodore Wharton and his brother Leopold opened Wharton Inc., a silent film studio in Ithaca, NY. Between 1914 ...

"Cinderella" (aka Cendrillon), 1899, is a classic fairy-tale silent film, directed by Georges Melies, produced by Star Films, France. Of greater technical in...