Thom Dillon

Thom Dillon Filmography

movie 2000 Cowboys and Angels as Candice's Father
movie 1999 Blue Ridge Fall as Sid Cotswold
tv movie 1998 Murder at 75 Birch as Doctor
tv movie 1997 Not in This Town as Mayor Forester
movie 1996 Clubhouse Detectives as Policeman
tv movie 1996 In the Blink of an Eye as Reporter #3
movie 1996 Invasion of Privacy as Reporter
tv movie 1995 Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare as Mayor
tv movie 1993 Beyond Suspicion as The Cop
movie 1993 Slaughter of the Innocents as Mark Denton
tv movie 1992 Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View
tv movie 1992 Double Jeopardy as Reporter 2
movie 1992 Split Infinity as Umpire
tv movie 1992 The President's Child as Len Broyles
tv movie 1989 Incident at Dark River as 5th Townsperson
tv movie 1989 It Nearly Wasn't Christmas as Desk Sergeant

Thom Dillon on Youtube

The original - A behind the scenes look at our video for the Quiksilver comp. It was a spirit of the momment type .

Staring - Ollie Wright, Craig Thomas & Chris Hannah Filmed By - Thom Dillon & Elliot Clowes Thanks to all those involved