Thomas G. Lingham

Thomas G. Lingham (7 April 1874 ? 19 February 1950), was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 100 films between 1914 and 1934. ... more on Wikipedia

Thomas G. Lingham Filmography

movie 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch as Bartender
movie 1935 Texas Terror as Stage Driver
movie 1934 The Star Packer as Sheriff Al Davis
movie 1932 Son of Oklahoma as Bartender Pete
movie 1932 The Man from Hell's Edges as Bartender Tom
movie 1931 A Son of the Plains as Bartender
movie 1930 Firebrand Jordan as Henchman
movie 1930 The Hunted Men as Jim Stockdale
movie 1930 The Oklahoma Sheriff
movie 1929 Pals of the Prairie as Don José Valencia
movie 1929 The Amazing Vagabond as George Hobbs
movie 1929 The Cowboy and the Outlaw as Tom Bullhead
movie 1929 The Fatal Warning as John Harman
movie 1929 The Freckled Rascal as Follansbee
movie 1929 The Invaders
movie 1929 Two Sisters as Jackson
movie 1928 Fangs of the Wild as Pap Willism
movie 1928 Into the Night as Howard K. Howard
movie 1928 Man in the Rough as Cale Winters
movie 1928 Orphan of the Sage as Jeff Perkins
movie 1928 The Bantam Cowboy as John Briggs
movie 1928 The Rawhide Kid as Deputy
movie 1928 The Son of the Golden West as Jim Calhoun
movie 1928 Trail of Courage as Jack Tobin
movie 1928 Young Whirlwind as Sheriff
movie 1927 Daring Deeds as William Gordon Sr
movie 1927 Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre as Parson Rogers
movie 1927 Splitting the Breeze as Tom Rand
movie 1927 The Bandit's Son as Dan McCall
movie 1927 The Desert Pirate as Shorty Gibbs
movie 1927 Tom's Gang as George Daggett
movie 1926 Daniel Boone Thru the Wilderness as Otis Bryan
movie 1926 Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo as 'Dandy Dick' Heston
movie 1926 Sky High Corral as Bill Hayden
movie 1926 The Border Sherriff as Henry Belden
movie 1926 The Set-Up as Seth Tolliver
movie 1926 Trooper 77 as Robert Kincaid
movie 1925 Across the Deadline as Martin Revelle
movie 1925 Don Dare Devil as Felipe Berengo
movie 1925 Heartless Husbands as Jackson Cain
movie 1925 Riders of Mystery as Joohn Arliss
movie 1925 Where Was I? as McPherson
movie 1924 The Lightning Rider as Sheriff Alvarez
movie 1924 Wanted by the Law as Sheriff Rufe Matlock
movie 1924 Western Luck as Lem Pearson
movie 1923 Desert Driven as Sheriff
movie 1923 Desert Rider as Dan Baird
movie 1923 Eyes of the Forest as Dr. Jerry MacGinnity
movie 1923 Itching Palms as Judge Barrett
movie 1923 The Forbidden Trail as John Anthony Todd
movie 1923 The Lone Star Ranger as Captain McNally
movie 1923 Wolf Tracks as Lemuel Blatherwick
movie 1922 Riders of the Law as Sheriff Layne
movie 1922 The Crow's Nest as Beaugard
movie 1922 The Desert's Crucible
movie 1921 My Lady Friends as Edward Early
movie 1921 The Fire Eater as Jacob Lemar
movie 1921 The Honor of Ramirez
movie 1921 The Spirit of the Lake
movie 1920 Ruth of the Rockies as Edward Dugan
movie 1920 The Vanishing Dagger as King Claypool
movie 1919 The Adventures of Ruth as LaFarge, the Hound
movie 1919 The Red Glove as Starr Wiley
movie 1918 The Lion's Claws as Capt. Johnson
movie 1917 The Further Adventures of Stingaree as Lucius Brady
movie 1917 The Lost Express as The Baron
movie 1917 The Railroad Raiders as Morton Webb
movie 1916 A Lass of the Lumberlands as Dollar Holmes
movie 1916 Judith of the Cumberlands as Uncle Jepthah Turrentine
movie 1916 Medicine Bend as Sheriff Ed Banks
movie 1916 The Corsican Sisters
movie 1916 The Diamond Runners as Sir Thomas Holstead
movie 1916 The Duel in the Desert as Inspector Cairns
movie 1916 The Honor of the Road as Hardcastle
movie 1916 The Manager of the B & A as Griffith Ryder
movie 1916 The Moth and the Star as Lucius Brady
movie 1916 The Purification of Mulfers as Carmichael
movie 1916 The Social Pirates as James Harrasford
movie 1916 Whispering Smith as Sheriff Ed Banks
movie 1915 A Bushranger at Bay as Guy Kentish
movie 1915 A Voice in the Wilderness
movie 1915 Following a Clue as Rat Hogan
movie 1915 Jared Fairfax's Millions as Doran - One of Molly's Pals
movie 1915 Mike Donegal's Escape as Jeffries - Mike's Pal
movie 1915 Mysteries of the Grand Hotel as Various Roles
movie 1915 Old Isaacson's Diamonds as Machson - a Fence
movie 1915 Stingaree as John Clarkson
movie 1915 The Accomplice as Ritchie - a Crook
movie 1915 The Apartment House Mystery as George Warren
movie 1915 The Black Hole of Glenrenald
movie 1915 The Clairvoyant Swindlers as Rillando - a Clairvoyant
movie 1915 The Closed Door as Dr. Keene
movie 1915 The Diamond Broker as Ripert Bladeau - Diamond Importer
movie 1915 The Disappearance of Harry Warrington as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Dream Seekers as Ling Foy - Owner of an Opium Den
movie 1915 The False Clue as Dorkins - Radnor's Valet
movie 1915 The Frame-Up as Lewis - 'The Frog'
movie 1915 The Girl Detective as Jarvis - Head of the F.O.B.A.
movie 1915 The Man in Irons as Stringer - King's Confederate
movie 1915 The Man on Watch as Pete - Randall's Accomplice
movie 1915 The Money Leeches as Fox - a Loan Shark
movie 1915 The Mystery of the Tea Dansant as Marmaduke - of the Tea Dansant
movie 1915 The Pitfall as Sidney Deering - a Gambler
movie 1915 The Riddle of the Rings as Vincenzo - a Chief
movie 1915 The Secret Code as Pasca - a Foreign Agent
movie 1915 The Secret Well as Queson - a Moonshiner
movie 1915 The Strangler's Cord as Valdez - a Cigar Maker
movie 1915 The Substituted Jewel as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Taking of Stingaree as Inspector Cairns
movie 1915 The Thumb Prints on the Safe as Breslow - a Crook
movie 1915 The Trap Door as Jones - Tommy's Pal
movie 1915 The Vivisectionist as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Voice from the Taxi as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Writing on the Wall as Jarvis - Head of the F.O.B.A.
movie 1915 Under Oath as Fabulo Orrin - a Foreign Agent
movie 1914 Captured by Mexicans as John Ford - American Consul
movie 1914 Shannon of the Sixth as Shah, King of Delhi
movie 1914 The Barrier of Ignorance as Dr. North
movie 1914 The Bond Eternal as A Gambler
movie 1914 The Potter and the Clay as Gates - a Gambler
movie 1914 The Shadow of Guilt as John Arnold - Henry's Secretary

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