Thomas R. Mills

Thomas R. Mills Filmography

movie 1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's as Board Member
movie 1939 We Are Not Alone as Judge's Chaplain
movie 1938 Gold Is Where You Find It as Man at Stock Exchange
movie 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood as Priest with Blacksmith
movie 1938 The Face Behind the Mask as Governor
movie 1937 It's Love I'm After as Second Butler
movie 1935 A Feather in Her Hat as Stage Manager
movie 1935 Les Misérables as L'Estrange
movie 1935 The Great Impersonation as Bartender
movie 1934 Great Expectations as Prison Doctor
movie 1926 Mona Lisa
movie 1926 The Gilded Highway as Adolphus Faring
movie 1925 The Arizona Romeo as Sam Barr
movie 1925 The Kiss Barrier as O'Hara
movie 1925 Tides of Passion as Michael
movie 1924 A Man's Mate as Father Pierre
movie 1924 Star Dust Trail as Horace Gibbs
movie 1924 The Guilty One as Sam Maynard
movie 1924 The Wolf Man as Caulkins
movie 1920 Duds
movie 1920 The Friendly Call
movie 1920 The Invisible Divorce
movie 1919 A Girl at Bay
movie 1919 The Girl-Woman
movie 1919 The Unknown Quantity
movie 1919 Thin Ice
movie 1918 A Mother's Sin
movie 1918 An American Live Wire
movie 1918 The Girl in His House
movie 1918 The Seal of Silence
movie 1917 Indiscretion as Reginald Rivers
movie 1917 Kitty MacKay as His Nephew
movie 1917 No Story
movie 1917 Sally in a Hurry as Bill
movie 1917 The Cop and the Anthem
movie 1917 A Night in New Arabia
movie 1917 Friends in San Rosario
movie 1917 Past One at Rooney's
movie 1917 Strictly Business
movie 1917 The Defeat of the City
movie 1917 The Duplicity of Hargraves
movie 1917 The Gold That Glittered
movie 1917 The Green Door
movie 1917 The Guilty Party
movie 1917 The Love Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein
movie 1917 The Marionettes
movie 1917 The Renaissance at Charleroi
movie 1917 The Third Ingredient
movie 1917 The Venturers
movie 1916 Cantrell's Madonna
movie 1916 Jane's Husband as Ben - the Tramp
movie 1916 Letitia as Wilkins
movie 1916 The Dawn of Freedom as Irving
movie 1916 The Dollar and the Law as Richard Denton
movie 1916 The Hero of Submarine D-2 as James Archer
movie 1916 The Man Who Went Sane
movie 1916 The Scarlet Runner as Tom Astley
movie 1916 The Shop Girl as Meigenson
movie 1916 Whom the Gods Destroy as The King of England
movie 1915 A Man's Sacrifice as Bob
movie 1915 Brown's Summer Boarders
movie 1915 Heredity as Dr. Burleson
movie 1915 His Phantom Sweetheart
movie 1915 Insuring Cutey
movie 1915 Old Good for Nuthin' as Cynthy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 On the Altar of Love
movie 1915 One Performance Only as Julius Heldmeyer - Broker
movie 1915 Sis as Bill
movie 1915 The Criminal as Detective Reeves
movie 1915 The Crown Prince's Double as Peter Hart
movie 1915 The Evil Men Do as Captain Clifford
movie 1915 The Heart of Jim Brice
movie 1915 The Making Over of Geoffrey Manning as Hogarty
movie 1915 The Man Who Couldn't Beat God as Lord Rexford
movie 1915 The Understudy; or, Behind the Scenes
movie 1914 A Sentimental Burglar as Bill Garson - the Burglar
movie 1914 Bella's Elopement
movie 1914 By the Governor's Order as Ethel's Father
movie 1914 Caught in the Web as Assistant to the Chief of Detectives
movie 1914 Doctor Smith's Baby
movie 1914 Lola the Rat as Carlo
movie 1914 Love the Clairvoyant
movie 1914 Red, the Mediator as Herbert Holworthy
movie 1914 Slim Hogan's Getaway as Slim Hogan
movie 1914 The Acid Test as Jack Hurston
movie 1914 The Blood Ruby as Hugh
movie 1914 The Coming of the Real Prince as St. John
movie 1914 The Girl in the Case as Haney - President of the Bank
movie 1914 The Hidden Clue as Perkins
movie 1914 The Idler as Sheldon Lewis
movie 1914 The Mill of Life
movie 1914 The Moonstone of Fez as The Hotel Manager
movie 1914 The Musician's Wife as Jan
movie 1914 The Mysterious Lodger
movie 1914 The Mystery of Brayton Court as The Lawyer
movie 1914 The Product as Slattery
movie 1914 The Woes of a Waitress
movie 1914 Through Life's Window as Arthur Chester
movie 1914 Too Much Burglar
movie 1913 A Rough Diamond as The Job Seeker
movie 1913 Annie Laurie as Ian MacDonald
movie 1913 Below the Deadline as Mike Grogan
movie 1913 Giovanni's Gratitude as Mario
movie 1913 Hearts as Bert Norville
movie 1913 Her Father's Daughter as John Deacon - Grace's Father
movie 1913 Rosita's Cross of Gold
movie 1913 Shep, the Hero
movie 1913 Targets of Fate as Hugh Mortimer
movie 1913 The Bawlerout as John Howard - the Philanthropic Investigator
movie 1913 The Clown's Daughter as Tony - the Clown
movie 1913 The Flirt
movie 1913 The Grafters
movie 1913 The Power of the Sea as Enoch Allen
movie 1913 Tony's Sacrifice as Tony - the Coal Dealer
movie 1913 Two Girls of the Hills as Gaylord - the Adventurer
movie 1913 Wallingford's Wallet