Thurston Hall

Thurston Hall (10 May 1882 ? 20 February 1958) was an American film actor. He appeared in 250 films between 1915 and 1957. ... more on Wikipedia

Thurston Hall Filmography

movie 1957 Affair in Reno as J.B. Del Monte
movie 1956 The Go-Getter as Mr. Higgins
movie 1954 Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake as James M. Townsend
movie 1953 Gobs in a Mess as Civilian Observer
movie 1953 The Band Wagon as Colonel Tripp
movie 1953 Wonder Valley
movie 1952 Carson City as Charles Crocker
movie 1952 It Grows on Trees as John Sleamish--Bank President
movie 1952 Night Stage to Galveston as Colonel James Bellamy
movie 1952 One Big Affair as Mr. 'G'
movie 1952 Skirts Ahoy! as Thatcher Kinston
movie 1952 The WAC from Walla Walla as Col. Mayfield
movie 1952 Woman of the North Country as Mayor Spencer
movie 1951 Belle Le Grand as Parkington
movie 1951 Knights of the Bath as The Master of the House
movie 1951 Texas Carnival as Mr. Gaytes
movie 1951 Whirlwind as Big Jim Lassiter
movie 1950 Belle of Old Mexico as Horatio Huntington
movie 1950 Bright Leaf as Phillips
movie 1950 Chain Gang as John McKelvey
movie 1950 Federal Agent at Large as 'Big Bill' Dixon
movie 1950 Girls' School as Col. Selby Matthews
movie 1950 One Too Many as Kenneth Simes
movie 1950 The Bandit Queen as Governor
movie 1949 Bride for Sale as Mr. Trisby
movie 1949 Manhattan Angel as Everett H. Burton
movie 1949 Rim of the Canyon as Big Tim Hanlon
movie 1949 Rusty Saves a Life as Counsellor Frank A. Gibson
movie 1949 Square Dance Jubilee as G.K.
movie 1949 Stagecoach Kid as Peter Arnold
movie 1949 Tell It to the Judge as Sen. Caswell
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Businessman at Party
movie 1948 Blondie's Secret as Mr. George Whiteside
movie 1948 King of the Gamblers as 'Pop' Morton
movie 1948 Miraculous Journey as Kendricks
movie 1948 Three Daring Daughters as Howie Howard, Louise's Assistant
movie 1948 Up in Central Park as Governor Motley
movie 1947 Black Gold as Colonel Caldwell
movie 1947 It Had to Be You as Mr. Ned Harrington
movie 1947 Mourning Becomes Electra as Dr. Blake
movie 1947 Swing the Western Way as Jasper Jim Bandy
movie 1947 The Farmer's Daughter as Wilbur Johnson
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Bruce Pierce
movie 1947 The Son of Rusty as Counselor Franklyn P. Gibson
movie 1947 The Unfinished Dance as Mr. Ronsell
movie 1947 Welcome Stranger as Congressman Beeker
movie 1946 Colonel Effingham's Raid as Ed, the Mayor
movie 1946 Dangerous Business as B.J. Calhoun
movie 1946 One More Tomorrow as Thomas Rufus Collier II
movie 1946 She Wrote the Book as Horace Van Cleve
movie 1946 Three Little Girls in Blue as Colonel Clay
movie 1946 Two Sisters from Boston as Mr. Lawrence Tyburt Patterson Sr.
movie 1946 Without Reservations as Baldwin
movie 1945 Brewster's Millions as Colonel Drew
movie 1945 Bring on the Girls as Rutledge
movie 1945 Don Juan Quilligan as Judge at murder trial
movie 1945 Frontier Days as edited from 'Dodge City'
movie 1945 Lady on a Train as Josiah Waring
movie 1945 Saratoga Trunk as Mr. Pound
movie 1945 Song of the Prairie as Jerome Wingate
movie 1945 The Blonde from Brooklyn as 'Colonel' Hubert Farnsworth
movie 1945 The Gay Senorita as J.J. Frentiss
movie 1945 Thrill of a Romance as J.P. Bancroft
movie 1945 West of the Pecos as Col. Lambeth
movie 1944 Cover Girl as Tony Pastor
movie 1944 Ever Since Venus as Edgar Pomeroy
movie 1944 Follow the Boys as Man
movie 1944 Goodnight, Sweetheart as Judge James Rutherford
movie 1944 In Society as Mr. Henry Van Cleve
movie 1944 Something for the Boys as Colonel Jefferson L. Calhoun
movie 1944 Song of Nevada as John Barrabee
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Politician
movie 1944 The Great Moment as Senator Borland
movie 1944 Wilson as Senator Edward H. 'Big Ed' Jones
movie 1943 Crash Dive as Senator from Texas
movie 1943 Footlight Glamour as Randolph Wheeler
movie 1943 He Hired the Boss as Mr. Bates
movie 1943 Here Comes Elmer as P. J. Ellis
movie 1943 Hoosier Holiday as Henry P. Fairchild
movie 1943 I Dood It as Kenneth 'Ken' Cawlor
movie 1943 One Dangerous Night as Inspector Crane
movie 1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington as Senator Henry Babcock
movie 1943 The Hard Way as Harry - Motion Picture Executive
movie 1943 The Youngest Profession as Mr. Drew
movie 1943 This Land Is Mine as Mayor Henry Manville
movie 1942 Call of the Canyon as Grantley B. Johnson
movie 1942 Counter-Espionage as Insp. Crane
movie 1942 Hello, Annapolis as Capt. Wendall
movie 1942 Her Cardboard Lover as Mr. Garthwaite - Barling's Lawyer
movie 1942 Rings on Her Fingers as Mr. Harvey Beasley
movie 1942 Shepherd of the Ozarks as James Maloney
movie 1942 Sleepytime Gal as Mr. Adams
movie 1942 The Great Gildersleeve as Governor John Stafford
movie 1942 The Great Man's Lady as Mr. Sempler
movie 1942 The Night Before the Divorce as Bert 'Mousey' Harriman
movie 1942 Twin Beds as Horace Touchstone
movie 1942 We Were Dancing as Senator Quimby
movie 1941 Accent on Love as T.J. Triton
movie 1941 Design for Scandal as Northcott
movie 1941 Flight from Destiny as Dean A.K. Somers
movie 1941 Four Mothers as Mr. Davis
movie 1941 Hold That Ghost as Alderman Birch
movie 1941 In the Navy as Lead Senator
movie 1941 Life with Henry as Mr. Woodring
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as H.S.Huntley
movie 1941 Pacific Blackout as Williams
movie 1941 Remember the Day as Gov. Teller
movie 1941 Repent at Leisure as Jay Buckingham
movie 1941 Secrets of the Lone Wolf as Inspector Crane
movie 1941 She Knew All the Answers as J.D. Sutton
movie 1941 Swing It Soldier as Oscar Simms, Wheezies Sponsor
movie 1941 The Great Lie as Worthington James
movie 1941 The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance as Inspector Crane
movie 1941 Tuxedo Junction as Doug Gordon
movie 1941 Unexpected Uncle as Jerry Carter
movie 1941 Washington Melodrama as Sen. Morton
movie 1941 Where Did You Get That Girl? as Stuyvesant, Four Star Record Co. President
movie 1940 Alias the Deacon as Jim Cunningham
movie 1940 Blondie on a Budget as Brice
movie 1940 City for Conquest as Max Leonard
movie 1940 Friendly Neighbors as The Governor
movie 1940 In Old Missouri as John Pittman Sr.
movie 1940 Kiddie Kure as Bill 'Old Man' Morton
movie 1940 Millionaires in Prison as Harold Kellogg
movie 1940 Rancho Grande as John Dodge
movie 1940 The Blue Bird as Father Time
movie 1940 The Golden Fleecing as Charles Engel
movie 1940 The Great McGinty as Mr. Maxwell
movie 1940 The Invisible Woman as Hudson
movie 1940 The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date as Inspector Crane
movie 1940 The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady as Inspector Crane
movie 1940 Virginia City as Gen. George Meade
movie 1939 Dancing Co-Ed as H.W. Workman
movie 1939 Dodge City as Twitchell
movie 1939 Each Dawn I Die as Hanley
movie 1939 Ex-Champ as Mr. Courtney
movie 1939 First Love as Anthony Drake
movie 1939 Hawaiian Nights as T.C. Hartley
movie 1939 Jeepers Creepers as M.K. Durant
movie 1939 Million Dollar Legs as Gregory Melton Sr.
movie 1939 Money to Burn as Ellis
movie 1939 Mutiny on the Blackhawk as Sam Bailey
movie 1939 Our Neighbors - The Carters as Mr. Guilfoyle
movie 1939 Sued for Libel as David Hastings
movie 1939 The Day the Bookies Wept as Colonel March
movie 1939 The Star Maker as Mr. Proctor
movie 1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up as Senator
movie 1939 You Can't Cheat an Honest Man as Mr. Bel-Goodie
movie 1938 Campus Confessions as Wayne Atterbury, Sr.
movie 1938 Extortion as Professor Tisdelle
movie 1938 Fast Company as Dist. Atty. MacMillen
movie 1938 Going Places as Col. Withering
movie 1938 Hard to Get as Atwater
movie 1938 Little Miss Roughneck as Joe Crowley
movie 1938 No Time to Marry as Pettensall
movie 1938 Out West with the Hardys as H.R. Bruxton
movie 1938 Penitentiary as Judge
movie 1938 Professor Beware as Mr. Van Buren
movie 1938 Spring Madness as Charles Platt
movie 1938 Squadron of Honor as Bob Metcalf
movie 1938 The Affairs of Annabel as Major
movie 1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse as Grant
movie 1938 The Main Event as Captain Phillips
movie 1938 There's Always a Woman as District Attorney
movie 1938 Women Are Like That as Claudius King
movie 1938 Women in Prison as Chairman of the Board
movie 1937 All-American Sweetheart as R.O. Davis
movie 1937 Counsel for Crime as Sen. Maddox
movie 1937 Don't Tell the Wife as Major Manning
movie 1937 I Promise to Pay as Police Captain Hall
movie 1937 It Can't Last Forever as Fulton
movie 1937 Murder in Greenwich Village as Charles Cabot
movie 1937 Oh, Doctor as 'Doc' Erasmus Thurston
movie 1937 Paid to Dance as Governor
movie 1937 Parole Racket as Jameson
movie 1937 Venus Makes Trouble as Harlan Darrow
movie 1937 We Have Our Moments as Frank Rutherford
movie 1937 Women of Glamour as Mr. Stark
movie 1936 Devil's Squadron as Major Metcalf
movie 1936 Don't Gamble with Love as Martin Gage
movie 1936 Killer at Large as Inspector O'Hara
movie 1936 Lady from Nowhere as James Gordon Barnes
movie 1936 Pride of the Marines as Col. Gage
movie 1936 Roaming Lady as E. J. Reid
movie 1936 Shakedown as T. Gregory Stuart
movie 1936 The King Steps Out as Major
movie 1936 The Man Who Lived Twice as Dr. Clifford L. Schuyler
movie 1936 The Three Wise Guys as Hatcher
movie 1936 Theodora Goes Wild as Arthur Stevenson
movie 1936 Trapped by Television as John Curtis
movie 1936 Two-Fisted Gentleman as Pop
movie 1936 You May Be Next as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 A Feather in Her Hat as Sir Elroyd Joyce
movie 1935 After the Dance as District Attorney
movie 1935 Atlantic Adventure as City Editor Rutherford
movie 1935 Case of the Missing Man as Boyle
movie 1935 Crime and Punishment as Editor
movie 1935 Guard That Girl as Dr. Silas Hudson
movie 1935 Hooray for Love as Commodore Jason Thatcher
movie 1935 Love Me Forever as Maurizio
movie 1935 Metropolitan as T. Simon Hunter
movie 1935 One-Way Ticket as Mr. Ritchie
movie 1935 She Couldn't Take It as Party Guest
movie 1935 Super-Speed as Investor
movie 1935 The Black Room as Col. Hassel
movie 1935 The Girl Friend as George S. Harmon
movie 1935 The Lone Wolf Returns as Inspector Crane
movie 1935 The Public Menace as Captain of Ocean Liner
movie 1935 Too Tough to Kill as Whitney
movie 1931 A Burgular to the Rescue as The Banker, Steve Corley
movie 1930 Absent Minded
movie 1924 The Great Well as Peter Starling
movie 1923 The Royal Oak as Colonel Ancketell
movie 1922 Fair Lady as Italian banker
movie 1922 Wildness of Youth as Edward Grayton
movie 1921 Idle Hands as Henry Livingston
movie 1921 Mother Eternal as Edward Stevens Sr
movie 1921 The Iron Trail as Curtis Gordon
movie 1920 Empty Arms as Bruce Gordon
movie 1920 The Valley of Doubt as Jules
movie 1919 The Exquisite Thief as Algernon P. Smythe
movie 1919 The Spitfire of Seville as Kent Staunton
movie 1919 The Unpainted Woman as Martin O'Neill
movie 1919 The Weaker Vessel as J. Booth Hunter
movie 1919 Who Will Marry Me? as Jerome Van Tyne
movie 1918 An Alien Enemy as David J. Hale
movie 1918 Flare-Up Sal as The Red Rider
movie 1918 The Brazen Beauty as Kenneth Hyde
movie 1918 The Kaiser's Shadow as Hugo Wagner
movie 1918 The Mating of Marcella as Robert Underwood
movie 1918 The Midnight Patrol as Officer Terrence Shannon
movie 1918 The Squaw Man as Henry, Jim's Cousin
movie 1918 Tyrant Fear as Harley Dane
movie 1918 We Can't Have Everything as Peter Cheever
movie 1917 Cleopatra as Antony
movie 1917 Love Letters as John Harland
movie 1917 The Price Mark as Dr. Daniel Melfi
movie 1915 A Day of Havoc as Brant Hudson
movie 1915 In Spite of Him as Nathan Biddle
movie 1915 Sweeter Than Revenge as Joe Best
movie 1915 The Deception as Henry Wharton
movie 1915 The Earl's Adventure as The Earl of Carnavon
movie 1915 The Mirror as The Rival
movie 1915 Think Mothers as Lansing

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