Tiffany Shepis

Tiffany Shepis (born September 11, 1979) is an American scream queen from New York City, who has been involved in film-making since the age of 12. ... more on Wikipedia

Tiffany Shepis Filmography

movie 2014 Crushed Velvet as Ruth Powers
movie 2014 Death Island
movie 2014 Intrusion: Disconnected as Laura Braden
movie 2014 M Is for Matchmaker as The Matchmaker
movie 2014 Model Hunger as Debbie Lombardo
movie 2014 Running on Empty as Miss Mackey
movie 2014 Stingy Jack as Vivian Stark - age 32
movie 2014 The Morningside Monster as Klara Austin
movie 2014 The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter as Adrienne
movie 2014 The Ultimate Throwdown as Samantha Mackie
movie 2013 Axeman at Cutter's Creek as Denise
movie 2013 Do Not Disturb as Ava Collins
movie 2013 Exit to Hell as Jenna
movie 2013 Hallows' Eve as Sarah
movie 2013 Milwood as Katherine Rizzo
movie 2013 The Maladjusted as Fiona
movie 2013 Wrath of the Crows as Princess
movie 2012 A Beer Tale as Football Goddess Jane
video movie 2012 Becky's the Boss as Dionysia
movie 2012 Dropping Evil as Dionysia
movie 2012 Mountain Mafia as Tara
movie 2012 Paranoia as Sherry
movie 2012 Season of Darkness as Hope, Dwight's Wife
movie 2011 Beg as Alice Monroe
movie 2011 Bleed 4 Me as Lady Black
movie 2011 Blocked as Julie Cruz
movie 2011 Dirty Little Trick as Kelly
movie 2011 Doctor Spine as Darla
movie 2011 Insignificant Celluloid as Tiffany Shepis
movie 2011 Monsterpiece Theatre Volume 1 as Jordan
movie 2011 Outtake Reel as Sarah Donovan
movie 2011 Psycho Street as Leyla Barker
movie 2011 She Wolf Rising as Gina Skylar
movie 2010 Cyrus as Jill Danser
movie 2010 Godkiller: Walk Among Us as Angelfuck
video movie 2010 Neowolf as Girl Groupie
video movie 2010 New Terminal Hotel as Ava Collins
movie 2010 The Prometheus Project as Elizabeth Barnes
movie 2010 The Violent Kind as Michelle
video movie 2009 Basement Jack as Officer Armando
movie 2009 Good Boy as Daisy
movie 2009 Happy in the Valley as Courtney
movie 2009 Into the Pit: The Shocking Story of as Herself
movie 2009 Live Evil as Spider
movie 2009 Night of the Demons as Diana
video movie 2009 The Making of Gnome Killer 2 as Cassie Blue
movie 2009 The Queen of Screams as Naomi Stewart
movie 2009 Thirsty as Slushy Goddess
movie 2009 Trade In as Crystal
movie 2009 Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman as Herself
movie 2009 Zombthology as Tiffany
movie 2008 12-24 as Kate Preston
movie 2008 Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula as Bonnie
movie 2008 Bryan Loves You as Cindy
movie 2008 Chainsaw Cheerleaders as Lucinda
movie 2008 Dark Reel as Cassie Blue
movie 2008 Dead on Site as Park Ranger
movie 2008 Promise as Bethany
movie 2008 Red Door as Charlotte Reverie
movie 2008 Rule of Three as Dana
video movie 2008 XPW: Cold Day in Hell as Herself
video movie 2008 Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! as Tiffany
video movie 2007 Blood Oath as Janet
movie 2007 Home Sick as Candice
movie 2007 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye as Bowler Girl
movie 2007 Nympha as Sarah
movie 2007 Pretty Cool Too as Tracy
video movie 2007 Shudder as Indian Woman
movie 2007 Sludge as Donna
video movie 2007 Visions of Horror as Host
movie 2006 Abominable as Tracy
video movie 2006 Dorm of the Dead as Amy
movie 2006 Hoodoo for Voodoo as Ayida
movie 2006 Man vs. Woman as The Woman
movie 2006 Nightmare Man as Mia
video movie 2006 Phone Sex as Caller
movie 2006 Revenge Live as Mrs. Repka
movie 2006 Speedbag
movie 2006 They Know as Cat
video movie 2005 Boobies as Bar Photo
video movie 2005 Make Your Own Damn Movie! as Herself
movie 2005 The Basement as Steph
video movie 2004 Corpses as Rhonda Winston
video movie 2004 Devils Moon as Zelda
movie 2004 The Deviants as Marina the Nudist
movie 2004 The Hazing as Marsha
movie 2004 UnConventional as Herself
video movie 2003 Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp as Angela
video movie 2003 Delta Delta Die! as Patrice
video movie 2003 Detour as Tiffany
video movie 2003 Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie as Biker Chick
video movie 2003 Parts of the Family as BDSM Freak in Bed
movie 2003 The Ghouls as Ghoul Victim
movie 2003 Ghosts of Genius
movie 2002 All the Love You Cannes! as Herself
video movie 2002 Death Factory as Alexa
video movie 2002 Embrace the Darkness 3 as Anna
video movie 2002 Scarecrow as Judy Patterson
video movie 2002 Smoke Pot Till You Fucking Die as Maya
movie 2002 Ted Bundy as Gabler
video movie 2002 Vinyl Dolls as Finola
movie 2000 Chickboxin' Underground as Xerxes
movie 2000 Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV as Beautiful Interpretative Dancer
video movie 2000 Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters as Janice
movie 2000 Everything for a Reason as Joanne
movie 1999 Some Fish Can Fly as Partier
movie 1999 Terror Firmer as Beautiful Headcrushing Witness
movie 1998 Shampoo Horns as Amy
tv movie 1997 Sgt. Kabukiman Public Service Announcement as Daddy's Little Girl
tv series 1997 The Tromaville Café as Bulimia
movie 1996 Tromeo and Juliet as Peter
movie Longwood as Dawn Anderson

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