Tim Colceri

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Tim Colceri Filmography

movie 2013 Cry of the Butterfly as Pollice Officer
movie 2013 Garbage as Associate Producer
movie 2012 Devils Inside as Priest
movie 2012 Retreat! as Coleman
movie 2012 The Fireball Run: Southern Excursion as Himself
movie 2011 Kimchi Warrior 2D Feast of Fury as Evil Lord Disease
tv movie 2010 Kimchi Warrior as Master
movie 2009 Space Girls in Beverly Hills as Baron Von Benson
movie 2008 Evilution as Sgt. Gabriel Collins
video movie 2008 Store Front as Store Owner
movie 2007 Alibi as Costello
movie 2007 Devils
video movie 2007 Razortooth as Lott Dryer
movie 2006 BoxinBuddies: Knockout Juvenile Diabetes as D' Punk
movie 2005 The Last Eve as Priest
tv movie 2004 Korean Report: Young Man Kang Goes to Hollywood as Himself
movie 2004 Raspberry & Lavender as Frank Whitworth
movie 2004 Wounded Love as Rebecca's father
movie 2003 The Gun (From 6 to 7:30 p.m.) as AJ - Strip Club Owner
movie 2002 Hitters as Torillo
movie 2002 Reflections of Evil as Vietnam War Hero
video movie 2002 Secret of the Five Fingers as Italian Mafia Boss
movie 2002 Soap Girl as Married Man
movie 2001 Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 as Adm. Hansen
movie 2000 Bad Guys as Special Agent Todd
movie 2000 Ides of March as Bob
video movie 1999 Storm as Detective #1 - Nielsen
tv movie 1998 Babylon 5: In the Beginning as Captain Jankowski
movie 1998 Charades as Rich man
movie 1998 Fallen Arches as Officer Harding
movie 1997 Against the Law as Officer I.Q.
movie 1997 The Underground as Palcone
movie 1996 Eraser as Lobby Guard
video movie 1996 Leprechaun 4: In Space as Metal Head
movie 1996 Riot as Garrison
video movie 1996 The Sweeper as Mathews
movie 1995 Rage as Parrish
movie 1994 Potion d'amour
movie 1993 CIA II: Target Alexa as CIA Guard
video movie 1993 Private Wars as Sergeant Fuller
movie 1993 Slaughter of the Innocents as Warden Bates
movie 1992 To Protect and Serve as Franklin
movie 1991 Talent for the Game as Baseball manager
movie 1987 Emanon as Construction Worker
movie 1987 Full Metal Jacket as Doorgunner
movie 1986 Never Too Young to Die as Grady
movie 1983 Inside the Love House as Joe

Tim Colceri on Youtube

Tim Colceri playing as Door Gunner in 1987 Stanley Kubrick classic 'Full Metal Jacket.' Tim Colceri's Advanced Acting Workshop is available in the Las Vegas ...

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interview with Tim Colceri at the Sport Center of Las Vegas. This interview was taking during the Las Vegas Gun Show.