Ting Li

Ting Li Filmography

movie 1967 Dai lu nian hua as Lo Man-ying
movie 1967 Jing jing as Chang Szu-hsi
movie 1967 Qi xia wu yi as Consort
movie 1967 San geng yuan
movie 1967 Zuan shi da jie an
movie 1966 Kuai lo qing chun
movie 1966 Mei gui wo ai ni
movie 1965 E yu he
movie 1965 Wan gu liu fang as Po-Feng
movie 1964 Shan ge lian as Hsiao Tsui
movie 1964 Xin ti xiao yin yuan
movie 1963 Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai
movie 1962 Hei hu li

Ting Li on Youtube

This is the complete video for the Verna Fields Award at the 2014 Golden Reel Awards in LA. Ting's speech starts at 4.40, At the start there is an intro and ...

On the edge of a vast city, two sisters spend their lives trying to protect a dangerous secret. Nina has a strange neurological condition that causes chaos w...

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