Tom Lodewyck

Tom Lodewyck Filmography

video movie 2014 Disciples as The Priest
movie 2013 Carsleepers as Darren Van Pelt
movie 2012 Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance as Adult Carl Panzram
movie 2012 Gretel as Rescue Leader
movie 2012 I.D.S. Rising as Aaron Burg
video movie 2012 Rose White as Little Man
movie 2012 Spades as Larson
movie 2012 Spirit Lake as Charlie Reed
movie 2012 Transcendence as News Anchor
movie 2011 Afraid of Sunrise as Senator Oldman
movie 2011 Cut as Tony
movie 2011 Francesca as Osmunsen
movie 2011 Mediatrix as Father Foster
movie 2010 Incest Death Squad 2 as Aaron Burg
movie 2010 Petty Cash as Lars
movie 2010 Pickman's Muse as Goodie Hines
movie 2010 The Penny as Jack Carter
movie 2009 A Rabbit's Trails as Sheriff
movie 2009 Incest Death Squad as Aaron Burg
movie 2009 Public Enemies as Committee Member
movie 2009 Satanic Panic as Greg
movie 2009 Ward Three as Eric's Nurse
movie 2008 Blue Lines as Officer Tommie Maloteck
movie 2007 Assassins' Reunion as Charley
movie 2007 Carnivorous as Vincent
movie 2006 The Legend Trip as Smith
movie 2006 The Sisterhood of Night as Tom Dunn
video movie 2006 Welcome to Dreadville: Addict as Mr. Walker
video movie 2006 Welcome to Dreadville: Distraught as Mr. Walker
movie 2005 Side Effects as Dr. Smith
movie Drifted as Detective Feldman
movie Ed Gein: D.D.S. as Mike
movie House of Purgatory as Amber's Dad
movie Sister of the Wolf as Daniels

Tom Lodewyck on Youtube

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