Tom Mix

Thomas Edwin "Tom" Mix (born Thomas Hezikiah Mix; January 6, 1880 ? October 12, 1940) was an American film actor and the star of many early Western movies. He made a reported 336 films between 1910 and 1935, all but nine of which were silent features. He was Hollywood?s first Western megastar and is noted as having helped define the genre for all cowboy actors who followed. ... more on Wikipedia

Tom Mix Filmography

movie 2011 Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn
tv movie 2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs
tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Himself
video movie 1990 Babe Ruth: The Man, the Myth, the Legend as Himself
video movie 1983 Historia del cine: Epoca muda as Various roles
movie 1983 Zelig as Himself - At San Simeon
movie 1976 It's Showtime as Himself
movie 1965 Hollywood My Home Town as Himself
movie 1963 30 Years of Fun
movie 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up as Himself
movie 1961 I 10 del Texas
movie 1955 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Bronc Busters as Himself
movie 1955 Screen Snapshots: The Great Al Jolson as Himself
movie 1953 Screen Snapshots: Men of the West as Himself
movie 1953 Screen Snapshots: Out West in Hollywood as Himself
movie 1953 Yesterday and Today
movie 1950 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Famous Feet as Himself
movie 1947 Screen Snapshots Series 27, No. 1: Hollywood Cowboys as Himself
movie 1941 Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 2
movie 1940 Rodeo Dough as Tom Mix
movie 1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood as Himself - Rose Bowl Parade Participant
movie 1939 The Adventures of the Masked Phantom as Rider
movie 1935 The Miracle Rider as Tom Morgan, Texas Ranger
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Rider
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-7 as Himself
movie 1933 Rustlers' Roundup as Tom Lawson
movie 1933 Terror Trail as Tom Munroe
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself
movie 1932 Destry Rides Again as Tom Destry
movie 1932 Flaming Guns as Tom Malone
movie 1932 Hidden Gold as Tom Marley
movie 1932 Hollywood on Parade No. A-3 as Himself
movie 1932 My Pal, the King as Tom Reed
movie 1932 Screen Snapshots as Himself
movie 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood as Tom Mix
movie 1932 The Fourth Horseman as Tom Martin
movie 1932 The Rider of Death Valley as Tom Rigby
movie 1932 The Texas Bad Man as Tom Logan, posing as Dan Bishop
movie 1931 Voice of Hollywood as Himself
movie 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 2 as Himself
movie 1929 Outlawed as Tom Manning
movie 1929 The Big Diamond Robbery as Tom Markham
movie 1929 The Drifter as Tom McCall
movie 1928 A Horseman of the Plains as Tom Swift
movie 1928 Daredevil's Reward as Tom Hardy
movie 1928 Hello Cheyenne as Tom Remington
movie 1928 Hollywood Today No. 4
movie 1928 King Cowboy as Tex Rogers
movie 1928 Painted Post as Tom Blake
movie 1928 The Son of the Golden West as Tom Hardy
movie 1927 Life in Hollywood No. 4 as Himself
movie 1927 Outlaws of Red River as Tom Morley
movie 1927 Silver Valley as Tom Tracey
movie 1927 The Arizona Wildcat as Tom Phelan
movie 1927 The Broncho Twister as Tom Mason
movie 1927 The Circus Ace as Tom Terry
movie 1927 The Last Trail as Tom Dane
movie 1927 Tumbling River as Tom Gieer
movie 1926 Hard Boiled as Tom Bouden
movie 1926 My Own Pal as Tom O'Hara
movie 1926 No Man's Gold as Tom Stone
movie 1926 Screen Snapshots as Himself
movie 1926 Screen Snapshots, Series 6, No. 16 as Himself
movie 1926 The Canyon of Light as Tom Mills
movie 1926 The Great K & A Train Robbery as Tom Gordon
movie 1926 The Yankee SeƱor as Paul Wharton
movie 1926 Tony Runs Wild as Tom Trent
movie 1925 A Child of the Prairie as Square Deal Tom
movie 1925 Dick Turpin as Dick Turpin
movie 1925 Pals in Blue
movie 1925 Riders of the Purple Sage as Jim Carson aka Jim Lassiter
movie 1925 The Best Bad Man as Hugh Nichols
movie 1925 The Everlasting Whisper as Mark King
movie 1925 The Lucky Horseshoe as Tom Foster
movie 1925 The Rainbow Trail as John Shefford
movie 1924 Ladies to Board as Tom Faxton
movie 1924 Oh, You Tony! as Tom Masters
movie 1924 Teeth as Dave Deering
movie 1924 The Deadwood Coach as Tom
movie 1924 The Heart Buster as Tod Walton
movie 1924 The Last of the Duanes as Buck Duane
movie 1924 The Trouble Shooter as Tom Steele
movie 1923 Eyes of the Forest as Bruce Thornton
movie 1923 Mile-a-Minute Romeo as Lucky Bill
movie 1923 North of Hudson Bay as Michael Dane
movie 1923 Romance Land as 'Pep' Hawkins
movie 1923 Soft Boiled as Tom Steele
movie 1923 Stepping Fast as Grant Malvern
movie 1923 The Lone Star Ranger as Duane
movie 1923 Three Jumps Ahead as Steve McLean
movie 1922 Catch My Smoke as Bob Stratton
movie 1922 Chasing the Moon as Dwight Locke
movie 1922 Do and Dare as Kit Carson Boone
movie 1922 For Big Stakes as 'Clean-up' Sudden
movie 1922 Just Tony as Jim Perris
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F as Himself
movie 1922 Sky High as Grant Newbury
movie 1922 The Fighting Streak as Andrew Lanning
movie 1922 Tom Mix in Arabia as Billy Evans
movie 1922 Up and Going as David Brandon
movie 1921 A Ridin' Romeo as Jim Rose
movie 1921 After Your Own Heart as Herbert Parker
movie 1921 Hands Off as Tex Roberts
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 17 as Himself
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 20 as Himself
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 22 as Himself
movie 1921 The Big Town Round-Up as Larry McBride
movie 1921 The Night Horsemen as Whistling Dan
movie 1921 The Road Demon
movie 1921 The Rough Diamond as Hank Sherman
movie 1921 Trailin' as Anthony Woodbury
movie 1921 The Queen of Sheba
movie 1920 Days of Daring
movie 1920 Desert Love as Buck Marston Jr.
movie 1920 Prairie Trails as Tex Benton
movie 1920 The Cyclone as Sergeant Tim Ryerson
movie 1920 The Daredevil as Timothy Atkinson
movie 1920 The Terror as Bat Carson
movie 1920 The Texan as Tex Benton
movie 1920 The Untamed as Whistling Dan
movie 1920 Three Gold Coins as Bob Fleming
movie 1919 Fighting for Gold as Jack Kilmeny
movie 1919 Hell-Roarin' Reform as Tim
movie 1919 Rough-Riding Romance as Phineas Dobbs
movie 1919 The Coming of the Law as Kent Hollis
movie 1919 The Feud as Jere Lynch
movie 1919 The Speed Maniac as Billy Porter
movie 1919 The Wilderness Trail as Donald MacTavish
movie 1919 Treat 'Em Rough as Ned Ferguson
movie 1918 Ace High as Jean Rivard
movie 1918 Cupid's Roundup as Larry Kelly
movie 1918 Fame and Fortune as Clay Burgess
movie 1918 Mr. Logan, U.S.A. as Jim Logan
movie 1918 Six Shooter Andy as Andy Crawford
movie 1918 Western Blood as Tex Wilson
movie 1918 Who's Your Father? as Tom Hartrigger
movie 1917 A Roman Cowboy as Bud Ballard
movie 1917 A Soft Tenderfoot as The Tenderfoot
movie 1917 Delayed in Transit
movie 1917 Durand of the Bad Lands as Clem Alison
movie 1917 Hearts and Saddles
movie 1917 Movie Stunts by Tom Mix as Himself
movie 1917 Six Cylinder Love as Buck Saunders
movie 1917 Starring in Western Stuff as Tom Sage
movie 1917 The Heart of Texas Ryan as Jack Parker
movie 1917 The Law North of 65
movie 1917 The Luck That Jealousy Brought as Joe Barr
movie 1917 The Saddle Girth as Tom, a Cowpuncher
movie 1917 Tom and Jerry as The Foreman
movie 1916 $5,000 Reward
movie 1916 A Bear of a Story
movie 1916 A Close Call as Dick Masters
movie 1916 A Corner in Water
movie 1916 A Mistake in Rustlers as Tom
movie 1916 A Mix-Up in Movies as Tom
movie 1916 A Western Masquerade
movie 1916 Along the Border as Tom Martin
movie 1916 An Angelic Attitude as Tom
movie 1916 An Eventful Evening as Jack Winton
movie 1916 Crooked Trails as Dick Taylor
movie 1916 Five Thousand-Dollar Elopement as Tom
movie 1916 Going West to Make Good as Tom Gilmore
movie 1916 In the Days of Daring
movie 1916 Legal Advice as Tom
movie 1916 Local Color on the A-1 Ranch as Tom
movie 1916 Making Good as Tom
movie 1916 Mistakes Will Happen
movie 1916 Roping a Sweetheart as Tom Walker, a Cowpuncher
movie 1916 Shooting Up the Movies as Tom Travis
movie 1916 Some Duel as Tom
movie 1916 Taking a Chance as Tom Manton
movie 1916 The Canby Hill Outlaws as Tom Gordon
movie 1916 The Cowpuncher's Peril as Tom Meyers
movie 1916 The Girl of Gold Gulch
movie 1916 The Golden Thought as Tom Daton
movie 1916 The Man Within as Tom Melford
movie 1916 The Passing of Pete as Pete
movie 1916 The Pony Express Rider as Tom Orbig
movie 1916 The Raiders as Tom Gardner
movie 1916 The Sheriff's Blunder
movie 1916 The Taming of Grouchy Bill as Tom
movie 1916 The Way of the Redman
movie 1916 Tom's Sacrifice as Tom Miller
movie 1916 Tom's Strategy
movie 1916 Too Many Chefs as Tom Forde
movie 1916 Twisted Trails as Tom Snow
movie 1916 The Sheriff's Duty
movie 1916 Trilby's Love Disaster
movie 1916 The Desert Calls Its Own
movie 1915 A Child of the Prairie as Tom Martin
movie 1915 A Matrimonial Boomerang as Tom Champion
movie 1915 An Arizona Wooing as Tom Warner
movie 1915 Athletic Ambitions as Tom - the Wild Man
movie 1915 Bill Haywood, Producer as Bill Haywood
movie 1915 Cactus Jim's Shop Girl as Cactus Jim
movie 1915 Foreman of Bar Z Ranch as Tom Wallace
movie 1915 Forked Trails as Bob Davis
movie 1915 Getting a Start in Life as Tom
movie 1915 Harold's Bad Man
movie 1915 Her Slight Mistake as Bill
movie 1915 How Weary Went Wooing as Weary
movie 1915 Ma's Girls as The Gambler
movie 1915 Mrs. Murphy's Cooks as Buck Martin
movie 1915 Never Again as Tom
movie 1915 On the Eagle Trail as Tom Merry
movie 1915 Pals in Blue as Tom
movie 1915 Roping a Bride as Tom
movie 1915 Sage Brush Tom as Sage Brush Tom
movie 1915 Saved by Her Horse as Tom Golden
movie 1915 Slim Higgins as Slim Higgins
movie 1915 The Auction Sale of Run-Down Ranch as Tom Hickey
movie 1915 The Brave Deserve the Fair as Tom Martin
movie 1915 The Chef at Circle G as Tom - the Ranch Cook
movie 1915 The Conversion of Smiling Tom as Smilin Tom
movie 1915 The Foreman's Choice as Tom Hickson
movie 1915 The Girl and the Mail Bag as Tom Chester
movie 1915 The Grizzly Gulch Chariot Race as 1st Cowboy Suitor
movie 1915 The Heart of the Sheriff as Sheriff Martin
movie 1915 The Impersonation of Tom as Tom Graves
movie 1915 The Legal Light as Pete
movie 1915 The Lone Cowboy
movie 1915 The Man from Texas as Texas
movie 1915 The Man Hunt! as Lionel
movie 1915 The Outlaw's Bride as Richard Sharpe
movie 1915 The Race for a Gold Mine as Tom Cummins
movie 1915 The Range Girl and the Cowboy as Tom
movie 1915 The Stagecoach Driver and the Girl as Tom, the Stagecoach Driver
movie 1915 The Stagecoach Guard as Tom - the Stagecoach Guard
movie 1915 The Tenderfoot's Triumph as Tommy - the Tenderfoot
movie 1915 With the Aid of the Law as Lee Russell
movie 1915 A Lucky Deal
movie 1915 A Militant School Ma'am
movie 1915 Bad Man Bobbs
movie 1915 The Child, the Dog and the Villain
movie 1915 The Gold Dust and the Squaw
movie 1915 The Taking of Mustang Pete
movie 1914 A Friend in Need as The Ranch Foreman
movie 1914 By Unseen Hand as Chief Jackson
movie 1914 Cactus Jake, Heart-Breaker as Bill
movie 1914 Chip of the Flying U as Chip
movie 1914 Etienne of the Glad Heart as Peter
movie 1914 Finish
movie 1914 In Defiance of the Law as Cpl. Nome
movie 1914 In the Days of the Thundering Herd as Tom Mingle
movie 1914 Jimmy Hayes and Muriel as Jimmy Hayes
movie 1914 Saved by a Watch as Tom
movie 1914 The Little Sister as Second Prospector
movie 1914 The Man from the East as Tom Bates
movie 1914 The Mexican as The Mexican
movie 1914 The Moving Picture Cowboy as Luke Barns
movie 1914 The Ranger's Romance as The Ranger
movie 1914 The Real Thing in Cowboys as Wallace Carey
movie 1914 The Rival Stage Lines as Harding Martin
movie 1914 The Scapegoat as Tom Jackson, the Scapegoat
movie 1914 The Sheep Runners
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Reward as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Telltale Knife as Tom Mason
movie 1914 The Way of the Redman as The Redman
movie 1914 The White Mouse as Sergeant Brokaw
movie 1914 The Wilderness Mail as The Outlaw
movie 1914 When the Cook Fell Ill as Chip
movie 1914 When the West Was Young as Indian Chief
movie 1914 Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Willie
movie 1913 A Muddle in Horse Thieves as The Horse Thief
movie 1913 An Apache's Gratitude as Tonto
movie 1913 Buster's Little Game as Pete
movie 1913 Cupid in the Cow Camp as Bud Reynolds
movie 1913 Dishwash Dick's Counterfeit as The Rustler
movie 1913 His Father's Deputy as Ed Hanley
movie 1913 How Betty Made Good as The Foreman
movie 1913 Howlin' Jones as Robledo
movie 1913 Juggling with Fate as Andrews the Marshal
movie 1913 Made a Coward as Pete
movie 1913 Mother Love vs Gold as Pete Jackson
movie 1913 Physical Culture on the Quarter Circle V Bar as Williams
movie 1913 Religion and Gun Practice as Kill Kullen
movie 1913 Sallie's Sure Shot as Injun Sam
movie 1913 Saved from the Vigilantes as Squire Beasley
movie 1913 Taming a Tenderfoot as Bud Morris
movie 1913 That Mail Order Suit as Slim
movie 1913 The Cattle Thief's Escape as Pete Becker, a Half Breed
movie 1913 The Child of the Prairies as Fred Watson
movie 1913 The Escape of Jim Dolan as Jim Dolan
movie 1913 The Good Indian as The Indian
movie 1913 The Law and the Outlaw as Dakota Joe Wilson
movie 1913 The Life Timer as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Marshal's Capture as The Halfbreed
movie 1913 The Only Chance as Engineer
movie 1913 The Range Law as Cowpuncher
movie 1913 The Rejected Lover's Luck as The Indian
movie 1913 The Schoolmarm's Shooting Match as Gray
movie 1913 The Sheriff and the Rustler as Joe Wood - the Rustler
movie 1913 The Sheriff of Yavapai County as Apache Frank
movie 1913 The Shotgun Man and the Stage Driver as The Stage Driver
movie 1913 The Silver Grindstone as Saloon Keeper
movie 1913 The Stolen Moccasins as Swift Foot
movie 1913 The Taming of Texas Pete as The Half-Breed
movie 1912 A Cowboy's Best Girl as Bull Stokes, a Rough Cowboy
movie 1912 Outlaw Reward
movie 1912 The 'Diamond S' Ranch
movie 1912 The Scapegoat as Tom Mason, the Scapegoat
movie 1911 A Romance of the Rio Grande as Tom Wilson, a Texas Ranger
movie 1911 Back to the Primitive
movie 1911 Captain Kate as Loyal Native
movie 1911 Dad's Girls as Tom Ralston, the Gambler
movie 1911 In Old California When the Gringos Came
movie 1911 Life on the Border as Indian Chief
movie 1911 Lost in the Jungle as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 Saved by the Pony Express as The Pony Express Rider
movie 1911 The Bully of Bingo Gulch as Pop Lynd, Owner of Bingo Gulch Ranch
movie 1911 The Cowboy and the Shrew
movie 1911 The Man from the East
movie 1911 The Rose of Old St. Augustine as Black Hawk, a Seminole Indian
movie 1911 The Telltale Knife as Tom Mason, a Rustler
movie 1911 Told in Colorado as Bill Higgins, a Miner
movie 1911 Western Hearts as Sheriff Strong
movie 1911 Wheels of Justice
movie 1911 Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor as Joe Davis, the Sheriff
movie 1910 Go West, Young Woman, Go West
movie 1910 Lost in the Soudan
movie 1910 Mr. Mix at the Mardi Gras
movie 1910 Pride of the Range
movie 1910 Ranch Life in the Great Southwest as Bronco Buster
movie 1910 Taming Wild Animals
movie 1910 The Range Riders
movie 1910 The Way of the Red Man
movie 1910 Trimming of Paradise Gulch as One of the Paradise Gulch cowboys
movie 1910 Two Boys in Blue
movie 1909 Briton and Boer
movie 1909 The Cowboy Millionaire

Tom Mix on Youtube

The original theatrical trailer for the 1935 Mascot serial THE MIRACLE RIDER. This was Tom Mix's last film.

Thomas Edwin "Tom" Mix (born Thomas Hezikiah Mix; January 6, 1880 -- October 12, 1940) was an American film actor and the star of many early Western ...

Detailed Description of the death and death site of cowboy movie actor Tom Mix near Florence, AZ. Tom Mix was killed on October 12th, 1940: All newspaper ...

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