Tom Powers

Tom Powers (July 7, 1890 - November 7, 1955) was an American stage and film actor. He was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA and died in Hollywood, California, of heart disease. ... more on Wikipedia

Tom Powers Filmography

movie 1956 The Go-Getter as Miller's Business Partner
movie 1955 Double Jeopardy as Harry Sheldon
movie 1955 New York Confidential as District Attorney Rossi
movie 1955 Ten Wanted Men as Henry Green
movie 1955 The Americano as Jim Rogers
movie 1955 The Eternal Sea as General
movie 1954 Lucky Me as Thayer Crony
movie 1954 The Mad Magician as Inspector
movie 1953 Devil's Canyon as Joe Holbert
movie 1953 Donovan's Brain as Donovan's Washington Advisor
movie 1953 Hannah Lee: An American Primitive as Sheriff
movie 1953 I, the Jury as Milt Miller
movie 1953 Julius Caesar as Metellus Cimber
movie 1953 Scared Stiff as Police Lieutenant
movie 1953 Sea of Lost Ships as Rear Admiral
movie 1953 The Last Posse as Frank White
movie 1953 The Marksman as Lt. Governor Watson
movie 1952 Bal Tabarin as Eddie Mendies
movie 1952 Deadline - U.S.A. as Andrew Wharton
movie 1952 Denver and Rio Grande as Sloan
movie 1952 Diplomatic Courier as Cherney
movie 1952 Flesh and Fury as Andy Randolph
movie 1952 Horizons West as Frank Tarleton
movie 1952 Jet Job as Oscar Collins
movie 1952 Phone Call from a Stranger as Dr. Fernwood
movie 1952 The Fabulous Senorita as Delaney
movie 1952 The Steel Trap as Valcourt, Travel Agent
movie 1952 The WAC from Walla Walla as General
movie 1952 We're Not Married! as Atty. Gen. Frank Bush
movie 1951 Fighting Coast Guard as Adm. Ryan
movie 1951 The Strip as Detective Lt. Bonnabel
movie 1951 The Tall Target as Simon G. Stroud
movie 1951 The Well as Jim, Mayor
movie 1950 Again... Pioneers as Ken Keeler
movie 1950 Destination Moon as General Thayer
movie 1950 Right Cross as Tom Balford
movie 1950 The Nevadan as Bill Martin
movie 1949 Chicago Deadline as Glenn Howard
movie 1949 Chinatown at Midnight as Captain Howard Brown
movie 1949 East Side, West Side as Owen Lee
movie 1949 Scene of the Crime as Umpire Menafoe
movie 1949 Special Agent as Chief Special Agent Wilcox
movie 1948 Angel in Exile as Warden
movie 1948 I Love Trouble as Ralph Johnston
movie 1948 Mexican Hayride as Plainclothesman Ed Mason
movie 1948 Station West as Captain Iles
movie 1948 The Time of Your Life as Freddy Blick
movie 1948 The Velvet Touch as Detective
movie 1948 Up in Central Park as Rogan
movie 1947 Angel and the Badman as Dr. Mangram
movie 1947 For the Love of Rusty as Hugh Mitchell
movie 1947 The Farmer's Daughter as Hy Nordick
movie 1947 The Son of Rusty as Hugh Mitchell
movie 1947 They Won't Believe Me as Trenton
movie 1946 Her Adventurous Night as Dan Carter
movie 1946 The Blue Dahlia as Capt. Hendrickson
movie 1946 The Last Crooked Mile as Floyd Sorelson
movie 1946 Two Years Before the Mast as Bellamer
movie 1945 The Chicago Kid as Mike Thurber
movie 1945 The Phantom Speaks as Harvey Bogardus
movie 1944 Double Indemnity as Mr. Dietrichson
movie 1944 Practically Yours as Commander Harry Harpe
movie 1922 Starland Review No. 2 as Himself
movie 1917 The Auction Block as Bob Wharton
movie 1916 Love in a Mist as The Fiancee
movie 1915 A Lancashire Lass as Howard
movie 1915 As Ye Repent as Jim Somers
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Barnaby Rudge
movie 1915 Be Sure Your Sins as Leo Garth
movie 1915 The Painted Lady Betty as Jack
movie 1915 The Passing of a Soul as The Son
movie 1915 The Traitor as Lieutenant Shaw
movie 1914 Aladdin: or, a Lad Out as The Lad
movie 1914 Cinder-Elfred as Elfred
movie 1914 Creatures of Habit as Tom
movie 1914 Daisy Doodad's Dial
movie 1914 Dr. Fenton's Ordeal as Rupert Harding
movie 1914 Flotilla the Flirt as Tompasso
movie 1914 Gertie the Dinosaur
movie 1914 His Great Opportunity as Understudy
movie 1914 In the Shadow of Big Ben as Harry Forrest
movie 1914 Judged by Appearances as Ralph Bellamy
movie 1914 Life's Dark Road as The Lover
movie 1914 Lucky Jim as Jim Brown
movie 1914 Memory as Paolo
movie 1914 Morphia the Death Drug as The Boy
movie 1914 Oh My Aunt! as Suitor
movie 1914 Over the Garden Wall as Billy Birch
movie 1914 The Basilisk as Eric Larne, the fiancé
movie 1914 The Hills Are Calling as Donald
movie 1914 The Hunchback as Tom
movie 1914 The Pet of the Regiment as Tommy Atkins
movie 1914 The Schemers: or, The Jewels of Hate as James Mortimer
movie 1914 The Terror of the Air as Roger Doubleday
movie 1914 The Unseen Witness as Brian Foster
movie 1914 Time the Great Healer as Dick
movie 1914 Unfit; or, The Strength of the Weak as Ned Osborne
movie 1913 A Window on Washington Park as Alan Dale, the Old Man's Nephew
movie 1913 Checkmated as Cecil Wray
movie 1913 Counsellor Bobby as Dr. Randall - Jenny's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Cutey Plays Detective as The Pal
movie 1913 Let 'Em Quarrel as Powell - the Husband
movie 1913 Sisters All
movie 1913 The House in Suburbia as John Doane
movie 1913 Under the Make-Up as Pierrot
movie 1912 A Cure for Pokeritis
movie 1912 A Girl of the West as Jones - the Ranch Owner
movie 1912 A Story of the Circus as Kenneth'sThe Boy's Father
movie 1912 An Eventful Elopement as Charley Fortune - Mabel's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Love in the Ghetto as Sammy Bertram - Rebecca's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Saving an Audience as John
movie 1912 Susie to Susanne as John - Susie's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Cylinder's Secret as Richard Johns, Howard's Son
movie 1912 The Face or the Voice as Robert's Friend
movie 1912 The Great Diamond Robbery as D'Ahseen - First Detective
movie 1912 The Haunted Rocker as Jack Farnum - Madge's Suitor
movie 1912 The Heart of a Man as Tom Hunter
movie 1912 The Hieroglyphic as Tom Swayne
movie 1912 The Illumination as Giuseppe
movie 1912 The Signal of Distress as George Gordon
movie 1912 While She Powdered Her Nose as Abner Waite
movie 1911 A Western Heroine
movie 1911 The Black Chasm
movie 1911 The Girl and the Sheriff as The Mountain Boy
movie 1911 The Half-Breed's Daughter as Luke Lansing - a Gold Miner
movie 1911 The Sheriff's Friend as Sheriff Joe Cooper

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Double Indemnity Trailer - Directed by Billy Wilder and starring Fred MacMurray, Edward G. Robinson, Porter Hall, Tom Powers, Byron Barr. In 1938, Walter Nef.

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