Tom Ricketts

Thomas "Tom" Ricketts (15 January 1853 ? 20 January 1939) was an English American silent film actor, director and screenwriter who was involved in almost 350 motion pictures. ... more on Wikipedia

Tom Ricketts Filmography

movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Butler in 'After the Thin Man'
movie 1939 Son of Frankenstein as Burgher
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Stationmaster
movie 1938 Gateway as Old Man
movie 1938 Little Miss Broadway as Club Waiter
movie 1938 Service de Luxe as Small Towner
movie 1938 The Baroness and the Butler as Old Man Sleeping
movie 1938 The Young in Heart as Andrew
movie 1938 Young Fugitives as Tom Riggins
movie 1938 Zaza as Elderly Gentleman
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as Ray
movie 1937 Born Reckless as Patient
movie 1937 Breakfast for Two as Stockholder - Receivership Hearing Member
movie 1937 Carnival in Paris as Egyptologist
movie 1937 Dead End as Old Man
movie 1937 History Is Made at Night as Old Man Getting in Lifeboat
movie 1937 Maid of Salem as Giles Cory
movie 1937 Nothing Sacred as Guest at Banquet
movie 1937 Parnell as Elderly Man
movie 1937 Personal Property as Elderly Man
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Winter
movie 1937 Stand-In as Fowler's Butler
movie 1937 The Lady Escapes as Uncle George
movie 1937 The Prince and the Pauper as Sexton Ringing Bell
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Henry the Butler
movie 1936 Daniel Boone as Attorney General's Associate
movie 1936 Gentle Julia as Old Man in Church
movie 1936 Gold Diggers of 1937 as Reginald
movie 1936 Human Cargo as Reporter
movie 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy as Party Guest
movie 1936 More Than a Secretary as Henry
movie 1936 One Rainy Afternoon as Bit Role
movie 1936 Show Boat as Minister
movie 1936 Sing Me a Love Song as Siegfried's Pool Opponent
movie 1936 Sing, Baby, Sing as Old Man in Hospital
movie 1936 Song and Dance Man as Old Theatrical Man
movie 1936 The Case Against Mrs. Ames as Juryman
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes as Faculty Doctor
movie 1936 The House of Secrets as Peters
movie 1936 To Mary - with Love as Waiter
movie 1936 Trouble for Two as Sir Frederick, Club Member
movie 1936 We Went to College as 'Pop'
movie 1935 A Tale of Two Cities as Tellson Jr.
movie 1935 Cardinal Richelieu as Agitator
movie 1935 Clive of India as Old Member
movie 1935 Escapade as Old Dandy
movie 1935 George White's 1935 Scandals as Old Man
movie 1935 Goin' to Town as Indian Seller
movie 1935 Hi, Gaucho! as Don Salvador de Aragon
movie 1935 Let's Live Tonight as Millionaire
movie 1935 Music Is Magic as Elderly Dancer in Music is Magic Number
movie 1935 Now or Never as Robert, the Butler
movie 1935 The Great Impersonation as Villager
movie 1935 The Public Menace as Old Man
movie 1935 The Three Musketeers as Pigeon Receiver
movie 1935 Top Hat as Thackeray Club Waiter
movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as Spear Department Head
movie 1934 Broadway Bill as Johnson
movie 1934 By Your Leave as Old Man in Club
movie 1934 Forsaking All Others as Wiff' Wiffens - Marys Butler
movie 1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney as Old Gentleman
movie 1934 In Love with Life as Book Store Proprietor
movie 1934 Little Man, What Now? as Mr. Sesam
movie 1934 Manhattan Love Song as Rich Man
movie 1934 Nana as Party Guest
movie 1934 No Greater Glory as Janitor
movie 1934 One More River as Barrister
movie 1934 Pursued as Tourist
movie 1934 Sons of Steel as Williams
movie 1934 Springtime for Henry as Bookstore Clerk
movie 1934 Stolen Sweets as Stoner, the Bennet Butler
movie 1934 The Count of Monte Cristo as Cockeye
movie 1934 The Curtain Falls as Hotel Manager
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Old Man 'Tarzan' at Party
movie 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head as Citizen
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Judge
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as Don Pablo - Grandee
movie 1934 Whom the Gods Destroy as Charlie
movie 1933 Blind Adventure
movie 1933 Cavalcade as Waiter
movie 1933 Forgotten as Mr. Johnson
movie 1933 Goodbye Love as Alimony Inmate
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Amos Gray
movie 1933 He Learned About Women as Augus
movie 1933 I Am Suzanne! as Puppeteer
movie 1933 Laughter in Hell as Judge
movie 1933 Mama Loves Papa as Mr. Pierrepont
movie 1933 Pleasure Cruise as The Man from Manchester
movie 1933 Reunion in Vienna as Nobleman
movie 1933 Secret Sinners
movie 1933 Stage Mother as Fred's Father
movie 1933 The Eleventh Commandment as Henry
movie 1933 The Invisible Man as Old Farmer with Barn
movie 1933 The Man Who Dared as Train Conductor
movie 1933 The Power and the Glory as Board of Directors
movie 1933 The Way to Love
movie 1933 Zoo in Budapest as Gus - Lamplighter
movie 1932 Bachelor's Affairs as Egbert
movie 1932 If I Had a Million as Mrs. Walker's Dancing Partner at Idylwood
movie 1932 Love Bound as The Baron
movie 1932 Meet the Senator as Minor Role
movie 1932 Merrily We Go to Hell as Wedding Spectator
movie 1932 Stepping Sisters as Stock Market
movie 1932 The Expert as Dietenhofer
movie 1932 The Phantom President as Old Man
movie 1932 The Sign of the Cross as Sleeping Spectator
movie 1932 Thrill of Youth as Grandpa Zachary Thayer
movie 1932 Vanity Fair as Sir Pitt's Butler Parker
movie 1932 Women Won't Tell as Williams
movie 1931 Ambassador Bill as Littleton
movie 1931 Big Business Girl as Old Man at Graduation Dance
movie 1931 Danger Island as Professor Gerald Adams
movie 1931 East Lynne as Rev. Hartley
movie 1931 Man of the World as Mr. Bradkin
movie 1931 Side Show as Tom Allison
movie 1931 Sit Tight as Mr. Burke
movie 1931 Surrender as Gottlieb
movie 1931 The Common Law as Elderly Party Guest
movie 1931 The Ruling Voice as Reformer
movie 1930 Du Barry, Woman of Passion as King's Aide
movie 1930 Prince of Diamonds as Williams
movie 1930 Scarlet Pages as Old Man with Cane in Courtroom
movie 1930 Sea Legs as Commander
movie 1930 Sweet Kitty Bellairs as Rheumatic Old Man
movie 1930 The Life of the Party as Elderly Fashion Show Spectator
movie 1930 The Vagabond King as The Astrologer
movie 1929 Bulldog Drummond as Colonel
movie 1929 Glad Rag Doll as Admiral
movie 1929 Light Fingers as Edward Madison
movie 1929 Red Hot Speed as Colonel Long
movie 1929 Skirt Shy as Edgar, the old beau
movie 1928 Doomsday as Percival's Butler
movie 1928 Dry Martini as Joseph
movie 1928 Five and Ten Cent Annie as Adam Peck
movie 1928 Freedom of the Press as Wicks
movie 1928 Interference as Charles Smith
movie 1928 Just Married as Makepeace Witter
movie 1928 The Law and the Man as Quintus Newtoon
movie 1927 A Sailor's Sweetheart as Professor Meekham
movie 1927 Broadway Madness as Lawrence Compton
movie 1927 Children of Divorce as The Secretary
movie 1927 Get Your Man as Old Man in Wax Museum
movie 1927 In a Moment of Temptation as Timothy Gage
movie 1927 My Friend from India as Judge Elmer Elderberry Egbert Belmore
movie 1927 Too Many Crooks as Butler
movie 1927 Venus of Venice as Bride's Father
movie 1926 Dancing Days as Stubbins
movie 1926 Going the Limit as Mortimer Harden
movie 1926 Ladies at Play as Deacon Ezra Boody
movie 1926 Ladies of Leisure as Wadleigh
movie 1926 Love's Blindness as Marquis of Hurlshire
movie 1926 Marriage License? as Attorney
movie 1926 Poker Faces
movie 1926 Stranded in Paris as Herr Rederson
movie 1926 The Belle of Broadway
movie 1926 The Cat's Pajamas as Mr. Briggs
movie 1926 The Lily as Jean
movie 1926 The Nutcracker as Isaac Totten
movie 1926 The Old Soak as Roue
movie 1926 When the Wife's Away as Uncle Hiram
movie 1925 A Fight to the Finish as Cyrus J. Davis
movie 1925 Bobbed Hair as Mr. Brewster
movie 1925 Her Market Value as Old Gander
movie 1925 My Wife and I as Valet
movie 1925 Never the Twain Shall Meet as Andrew J. Casson
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor! as Mr. Peck
movie 1925 Paint and Powder as Jeremiah Brewster - Old Man at Party
movie 1925 Sealed Lips as Joseph Howard
movie 1925 Steppin' Out as Henry Brodman
movie 1925 The Business of Love
movie 1925 The Fate of a Flirt as Uncle John Burgess
movie 1925 The Girl Who Wouldn't Work as The Rounder
movie 1925 Wages for Wives as Judge McLean
movie 1925 Was It Bigamy? as Judge Gaynor
movie 1925 When Husbands Flirt as Wilbur Belcher
movie 1924 Cheap Kisses as The Old Man
movie 1924 Circe, the Enchantress as Archibald Crumm
movie 1924 Secrets of the Night as Jerry Hammond
movie 1924 The Gaiety Girl as His Grace, the Duke
movie 1924 Three Women as The Butler
movie 1923 Alice Adams as J.A. Lamb
movie 1923 Black Oxen as Charles Dinwiddie
movie 1923 Strangers of the Night as Lush
movie 1923 The Dangerous Maid as John Standish Lane
movie 1923 Within the Law as General Hastings
movie 1922 A Tailor-Made Man as Anton Huber
movie 1922 Fools of Fortune as Milton DePuyster
movie 1922 Putting It Over as Arnold Nortonn
movie 1922 Shattered Idols as Rev. Dr. Romney
movie 1922 The Eternal Flame as Vidame de Pameir
movie 1922 The Lavender Bath Lady as Simon Gregory
movie 1921 Beating the Game as Jules Fanchette
movie 1921 Puppets of Fate as Father Francesco
movie 1921 Sham as Uncle James
movie 1921 The Killer as Tim westmore
movie 1921 The Spenders as Mr. Milbrey
movie 1920 All of a Sudden Peggy as Major Archie Phipps
movie 1920 The Desperate Hero as Butler
movie 1920 The Great Lover as Potter
movie 1920 The Paliser Case as Major Archie Phipps
movie 1920 The Parish Priest as Dr. Thomas Cassidy
movie 1920 The Willow Tree as Priest
movie 1919 Dangerous Nan McGrew
movie 1919 Girls as Mr. Dennett
movie 1919 His Official Fiancée as Major Montressor
movie 1919 Please Get Married as Doctor Jenkins
movie 1919 Broth for Supper
movie 1919 Secret Marriage
movie 1918 The Crime of the Hour
movie 1917 The Single Code
movie 1916 Life's Blind Alley
movie 1916 Lillo of the Sulu Seas
movie 1916 The Broken Cross
movie 1916 The Gamble
movie 1916 The Man in the Sombrero
movie 1916 The Secret Wire
movie 1916 A Broken Genius
movie 1916 Bonds of Deception
movie 1916 His Masterpiece
movie 1916 In the Shuffle
movie 1916 Out of the Rainbow
movie 1916 Pendulum of Chance
movie 1916 Pierre Brissac, the Brazen
movie 1916 Realization
movie 1916 Repaid
movie 1916 The Fate of the Dolphin
movie 1916 The Happy Masquerader
movie 1916 The Other Side of the Door
movie 1916 The Power of Mind
movie 1916 The Pretender
movie 1916 The Profligate
movie 1916 The Suppressed Order
movie 1916 The Trail of the Thief
movie 1915 Pardoned
movie 1915 The Buzzard's Shadow
movie 1915 The Great Question
movie 1915 The House of a Thousand Scandals
movie 1915 The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs
movie 1915 The Tragic Circle
movie 1915 A Golden Rainbow
movie 1915 A Heart of Gold
movie 1915 A Touch of Love
movie 1915 Coals of Fire
movie 1915 Competition
movie 1915 Heart of Flame
movie 1915 In the Heart of the Woods
movie 1915 In the Sunlight
movie 1915 In the Twilight
movie 1915 Refining Fires
movie 1915 She Never Knew
movie 1915 The Black Ghost Bandit
movie 1915 The Echo
movie 1915 The End of the Road
movie 1915 The Law of the Wilds
movie 1915 The Legend Beautiful
movie 1915 The Lure of the Mask
movie 1915 The Right to Happiness
movie 1915 The Two Sentences
movie 1915 The Wily Chaperon
movie 1914 False Gods
movie 1914 In the Moonlight
movie 1914 Sheltering an Ingrate
movie 1914 A Decree of Justice
movie 1914 A Modern Free-Lance
movie 1914 A Slice of Life
movie 1914 All on Account of a Jug
movie 1914 At the End of a Perfect Day
movie 1914 Blue Knot, King of Polo
movie 1914 Business Versus Love
movie 1914 Calamity Anne in Society
movie 1914 Calamity Anne's Love Affair
movie 1914 Damaged Goods
movie 1914 Daylight
movie 1914 Down by the Sea
movie 1914 Her Fighting Chance
movie 1914 In the Candlelight
movie 1914 In the Footprints of Mozart
movie 1914 Jim
movie 1914 Like Father, Like Son
movie 1914 Lodging for the Night
movie 1914 Mein Lieber Katrina Catches a Convict
movie 1914 Old Enough to Be Her Grandpa
movie 1914 Out of the Darkness
movie 1914 The Broken Barrier
movie 1914 The Butterfly
movie 1914 The Carbon Copy
movie 1914 The Dream Child
movie 1914 The Final Impulse
movie 1914 The Girl in Question
movie 1914 The Hermit
movie 1914 The Independence of Susan
movie 1914 The Ingrate
movie 1914 The Little House in the Valley
movie 1914 The Lost Treasure
movie 1914 The Lure of the Sawdust
movie 1914 The Miser's Policy
movie 1914 The Pursuer Pursued
movie 1914 The Return of Helen Redmond
movie 1914 The Ruin of Manley
movie 1914 The Second Clue
movie 1914 The Sower Reaps
movie 1914 The Stolen Masterpiece
movie 1914 The Strength o' Ten
movie 1914 The Unseen Vengeance
movie 1914 The Widow
movie 1914 Unto the Weak
movie 1914 Youth and Art
movie 1913 A Divorce Scandal
movie 1913 A Spartan Girl of the West
movie 1913 Armed Intervention
movie 1913 Convicted for Murder
movie 1913 Fate's Round-Up
movie 1913 In the Firelight
movie 1913 In Three Hours
movie 1913 Martha's Decision
movie 1913 Mrs. Carter's Campaign
movie 1913 Red Sweeney's Defeat
movie 1913 The Flirt and the Bandit
movie 1913 The Ghost of the Hacienda
movie 1913 The Making of a Woman
movie 1913 The Poisoned Chop
movie 1913 The Shriner's Daughter
movie 1913 The Step Brothers
movie 1913 The Trail of the Lost Chord
movie 1913 When Chemistry Counted
movie 1913 Where the Road Forks
movie 1912 A Brave Little Woman
movie 1912 Over a Cracked Bowl
movie 1912 The Bachelor and the Baby
movie 1912 The Feudal Debt
movie 1912 A Pair of Baby Shoes
movie 1912 Desperate Desmond Fails
movie 1912 Desperate Desmond on the Trail Again
movie 1912 Maud Muller
movie 1912 The Belle of Bar-Z Ranch
movie 1912 The Cub Reporter's Big Scoop
movie 1912 The Dawn of Netta
movie 1912 The Foreign Spy
movie 1912 The Indian Raiders
movie 1912 The Revelation
movie 1912 The Story of a Wallet
movie 1912 The Ten of Diamonds
movie 1912 The Torn Letter
movie 1912 The Unknown Model
movie 1911 The Best Man Wins
movie 1911 Desperate Desmond Almost Succeeds
movie 1911 Hands Across the Cradle
movie 1911 His Vacation
movie 1911 His Wife
movie 1911 In the Commissioned Ranks
movie 1911 Just Two Little Girls
movie 1911 Let Us Smooth the Way
movie 1911 The Little Burglar
movie 1911 The Professor's Romance
movie 1911 The Stolen Necklace
movie 1911 The Transgressor
movie 1911 The Truth
movie 1911 The Young Doctor
movie 1910 A Darling Confusion
movie 1910 A Fair Exchange
movie 1910 A Quiet Boarding House
movie 1910 An Advertisement Answered
movie 1910 Baby's First Tooth
movie 1910 His Only Child
movie 1910 Romantic Redskins
movie 1910 Starlight's Devotion
movie 1910 The Adventuress
movie 1910 The Hand of Uncle Sam
movie 1910 The Lure of the City
movie 1910 The Regeneration
movie 1910 The Stolen Fortune
movie 1910 The Thief
movie 1910 Vera, the Gypsy Girl
movie 1910 Whist!
movie 1909 A Woman's Wit
movie 1909 Gratitude
movie 1909 Justified
movie 1909 Maud Muller
movie 1909 The Game
movie 1908 A Christmas Carol

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