Tom Santschi

Tom Santschi (Paul William Santschi) (24 October 1880, Lucerne, Switzerland - 9 April 1931, Los Angeles, California) was an American leading man and character actor of the silent film era. ... more on Wikipedia

Tom Santschi Filmography

movie 1931 King of the Wild as Harris
movie 1931 Ten Nights in a Barroom as Simon Slade
movie 1931 The Last Ride as Big Boy
movie 1931 The Phantom of the West as Bud Landers
movie 1931 Trapped as Capt. William Baxter
movie 1931 White Renegade as Dr. Ezra Holt
movie 1930 Du Barry, Woman of Passion as Bit Role
movie 1930 Paradise Island as Dutch Mike Lutze
movie 1930 River's End as Shotwell
movie 1930 The Fourth Alarm as Benjamin Griffith
movie 1930 The Spoilers as Fight Spectator
movie 1930 The Utah Kid as Butch
movie 1929 The Shannons of Broadway as Bradford
movie 1929 The Wagon Master as Jake Lynch
movie 1929 The Yellowback as Jules Breton
movie 1928 Crashing Through as Bart Ramy
movie 1928 Honor Bound as Mr. Mortimer
movie 1928 In Old Arizona as Cowpuncher
movie 1928 Into No Man's Land as Thomas Blaisdell
movie 1928 Isle of Lost Men as Captain Jan Jodahl
movie 1928 Land of the Silver Fox as Butch Nelson
movie 1928 The Law and the Man as Dan Creedoon
movie 1928 Vultures of the Sea
movie 1927 Hills of Kentucky as Ben Harley
movie 1927 Land of the Lawless as Kelter
movie 1927 Old San Francisco as Captain Stoner - in Prologue
movie 1927 Shanghaied
movie 1927 The Adventurous Soul as Captain Svenson
movie 1927 The Cruise of the Hellion as Kilroy
movie 1927 The Eyes of the Totem as Philip La Rue
movie 1927 The Haunted Ship as Glenister
movie 1927 The Land Beyond the Law as Bob Crew
movie 1927 The Overland Stage as Hawk Lespard
movie 1927 Tracked by the Police as 'Sandy' Sturgeon
movie 1927 When a Man Loves as Captain of Convict Boat
movie 1926 3 Bad Men as 'Bull' Stanley
movie 1926 Forlorn River as Bill Hall
movie 1926 Hands Across the Border as Breen
movie 1926 Her Honor, the Governor as Richard Palmer
movie 1926 Jim, the Conqueror as Sam Black
movie 1926 My Own Pal as August Deering
movie 1926 Siberia as Alexis Vetkin
movie 1926 The Desert's Toll as Jasper
movie 1926 The Hidden Way as Bill
movie 1926 The Third Degree as Daredevil Daley
movie 1925 Barriers Burned Away as Hon. Bill Cronk
movie 1925 Beyond the Border as Nick Perdue
movie 1925 Flaming Love as Steve McGregor
movie 1925 My Neighbor's Wife as Inventor
movie 1925 Paths to Paradise as Chief of Detectives Callahan
movie 1925 The Night Ship as Captain Jed Hobbs
movie 1925 The Pride of the Force as Police Officer Moore
movie 1925 The Primrose Path as Big Joe Snead
movie 1924 Life's Greatest Game as Jack Donovan
movie 1924 Little Robinson Crusoe as Captain Dynes
movie 1924 The Plunderer as Bill Presbey
movie 1924 The Right of the Strongest as 'Babe' Davis
movie 1924 The Storm Daughter as 'Brute' Morgan
movie 1924 The Street of Tears as Jim Carlson
movie 1923 Are You a Failure? as Kildevil Brenon
movie 1923 Brass Commandments as Campan
movie 1923 Is Divorce a Failure? as Smith
movie 1923 Thundering Dawn as Gordon Van Brock
movie 1923 Tipped Off as 'The Fox,' Dan Grogan
movie 1923 The Spoilers
movie 1922 A Guilty Cause as Bud Kane
movie 1922 At Large as Dan
movie 1922 Daring Danger as Undetermined Role
movie 1922 Daring Dangers as Jim Mercedes
movie 1922 Found Guilty
movie 1922 It Is the Law
movie 1922 Seeing Red as Blazes Lowery
movie 1922 The Hour of Doom as Bill Rand
movie 1922 Two Kinds of Women as Bud Lee
movie 1922 Two Men as Jack Mason
movie 1921 Beyond the Trail as The Blacksmith
movie 1921 LaRue of Phantom Valley as LaRue
movie 1921 Lorraine of the Timberlands as The Wanderer
movie 1921 Mother o' Dreams as Tom
movie 1921 The Death Trap
movie 1921 The Desert Wolf as The Desert Wolf
movie 1921 The Heart of Dorean as Dorean
movie 1921 The Honor of Ramirez as Ramirez
movie 1921 The Impostor as Jerry Hogan
movie 1921 The Sage-Brush Musketeers
movie 1921 The Secret of Butte Ridge as Silent Joe Sutherland
movie 1921 The Sheriff of Mojave as The Sheriff of Mojave
movie 1921 The Spirit of the Lake
movie 1921 The Tempest
movie 1921 The Wolver as The Wolver
movie 1920 The Cradle of Courage as Tierney
movie 1920 The North Wind's Malice as Roger
movie 1919 Eve in Exile as John Sheen
movie 1919 Her Kingdom of Dreams as Tom Langley
movie 1919 In Search of Arcady as Lascho
movie 1919 Rose of the West as Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Knight
movie 1919 Shadows as Jack McGoff
movie 1919 The Broken Commandments as John Radd
movie 1919 The Love That Dares as Perry Risdon
movie 1919 The Railroader as Clive Standish
movie 1919 The Stronger Vow as Pedro Toral
movie 1918 Code of the Yukon as Dan Cregan
movie 1918 Little Orphant Annie as Dave Johnson
movie 1918 The Bonds That Tie
movie 1918 The City of Purple Dreams as Daniel Fitzhugh
movie 1918 The Hell Cat as Jim Dyke
movie 1918 The Still Alarm as Jack Manley
movie 1917 A Man, a Girl, and a Lion
movie 1917 Beware of Strangers as John Mentor
movie 1917 Her Perilous Ride
movie 1917 The Smoldering Spark
movie 1917 Who Shall Take My Life? as Big Bill O'Shaughnessy
movie 1916 An Elephant's Gratitude
movie 1916 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Bruce
movie 1916 The Country That God Forgot as Steve Brant
movie 1916 The Crisis as Stephen Brice
movie 1916 The Garden of Allah as Boris Androvsky
movie 1916 The Regeneration of Jim Halsey as Captain Jim Halsey
movie 1916 The Smouldering Flame
movie 1916 The Three Wise Men
movie 1916 The Private Banker
movie 1916 Toll of the Jungle
movie 1915 A Sultana of the Desert as Christoph
movie 1915 Aunt Mary as The Traveling Drug Salesman
movie 1915 Further Adventures of Sammy Orpheus as Sammy Orpheus
movie 1915 His Fighting Blood as Sam Buck
movie 1915 How Callahan Cleaned Up Little Hell as John Callahan
movie 1915 In the King's Service as Rupert
movie 1915 Just Like a Woman as Louis Dutton
movie 1915 Lassoing a Lion
movie 1915 Love Finds a Way as Ned Warner
movie 1915 Orders as Tom Daly
movie 1915 The Blood Seedling as Allan Golyer
movie 1915 The Girl and the Reporter as Ned Pelton - Reporter
movie 1915 The Great Experiment as John Morning
movie 1915 The Heart of Paro
movie 1915 The Jaguar Trap as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Lion's Mate as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Missing Ruby as Thomas Sterling
movie 1915 The Octopus as Thatcher Thole
movie 1915 The Primitive Way as Billy Vaughan
movie 1915 The Red Blood of Courage as Roscoe Harding
movie 1915 The Two Natures Within Him as Reverend William Morris
movie 1915 The Tyrant of the Veldt as Robertson
movie 1915 A Jungle Revenge
movie 1915 In Leopard Land
movie 1915 The Baby and the Leopard
movie 1915 The Fork in the Road
movie 1915 The Guardian's Dilemma
movie 1915 The Jungle Stockade
movie 1915 The Vengeance of Rannah
movie 1915 Young Love
movie 1914 A Colonel in Chains as John Bruce
movie 1914 At Cross Purposes as Richard Holden
movie 1914 At the Risk of His Life
movie 1914 Bringing Up Baby
movie 1914 Bringing Up Hubby as John - the Bridegroom
movie 1914 Caryl of the Mountains
movie 1914 King Baby's Birthday as The Father
movie 1914 Life's Crucible as Paul Benton
movie 1914 Nan's Victory
movie 1914 Playing with Fire as John Ransom
movie 1914 Rose o' My Heart as John Marston
movie 1914 The Abyss as Guy Gordon
movie 1914 The Butterfly's Wings as Karl
movie 1914 The Court of Death as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Cruel Crown as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Dream Girl as Steward - the Artist
movie 1914 The Empty Sleeve as John Ellis Sr. - John's Father
movie 1914 The Fifth Man
movie 1914 The Forged Parchment as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Garden of Brides as John Bruce
movie 1914 The King's Will as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Leopard's Foundling as Peter Herman
movie 1914 The Old Letter
movie 1914 The Royal Slave as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Sealed Package as Leading Role
movie 1914 The Spellbound Multitude as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Spoilers as Alex McNamara
movie 1914 The Temple of the Lion as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Test as Jim Lucas
movie 1914 The Two Ordeals as John Bruce
movie 1914 The Warrior Maid as John Bruce
movie 1914 Three Bags of Silver as John Bruce
movie 1914 Unrest as Tom Dean
movie 1914 When His Ship Came In as Josh Rawlins
movie 1914 The Eugenic Girl
movie 1914 The Ordeal
movie 1913 A Little Hero as Frank Farral - the Father
movie 1913 A Prisoner of Cabanas as Tom Harding
movie 1913 A Revolutionary Romance as Jordan Alden
movie 1913 A Wild Ride as Lt. Borden
movie 1913 Alas! Poor Yorick! as The Deranged Actor
movie 1913 Alone in the Jungle as Bob Arden
movie 1913 An Old Actor
movie 1913 As a Father Spareth His Son as Young May - the Son
movie 1913 Dollar Down, Dollar a Week as Bill Harcourt
movie 1913 Greater Wealth as Ed Young
movie 1913 Hiram Buys an Auto as Hiram Hunt
movie 1913 Hope as Tom Franklin
movie 1913 In the Long Ago as The Indian Warrior
movie 1913 Man and His Other Self as Jack Barnes
movie 1913 Sally in Our Alley as The Draper
movie 1913 The Adventures of Kathlyn as John Bruce
movie 1913 The Dancer's Redemption as Than - Magdalene's Lover
movie 1913 The Early Bird as Huntington Morgan
movie 1913 The Flaming Forge as Jack - the Cobbler's Son
movie 1913 The Mansion of Misery as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Quality of Mercy as Harvey Manning
movie 1913 The Redemption of Railroad Jack as Railroad Jack
movie 1913 The Three Wise Men as The Wealthy Rounder
movie 1913 The Wordless Message as Tom - the Village Blacksmith - Bessie's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Thor, Lord of the Jungles as Jan Karl
movie 1913 Vengeance Is Mine as The Padre
movie 1913 Wamba, a Child of the Jungle as Portuguese Pete
movie 1913 When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1913 When Men Forget as Tom Hunter - the Artist
movie 1913 Whose Wife Is This? as The Husband
movie 1912 A Broken Spur
movie 1912 A Crucial Test
movie 1912 A Diplomat Interrupted
movie 1912 A Humble Hero as Sutton - an Engineer
movie 1912 A Reconstructed Rebel as Dick Winston
movie 1912 A Waif of the Sea as The Captain
movie 1912 Bessie's Dream as Jack
movie 1912 Carmen of the Isles as Mac - Tina's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Darkfeather's Strategy as Little Panther
movie 1912 Euchred as The Revenue Man
movie 1912 His Masterpiece
movie 1912 His Wedding Eve as Thomas Ellis
movie 1912 Kings of the Forest as Fritz - Sona's Husband
movie 1912 Me an' Bill
movie 1912 Mike's Brainstorm as Mike Rosenberg
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Danglars
movie 1912 Old Songs and Memories as The Old Man - Civil War Veteran
movie 1912 Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheart as Jim McGuire
movie 1912 Partners as Tom Stuart
movie 1912 Rivals as Tom
movie 1912 Sammy Orpheus; or, The Pied Piper of the Jungle as Sammy Orpheus
movie 1912 Sergeant Byrne of the Northwest Mounted Police as Sergeant Byrne, N.W.M.P.
movie 1912 Shanghaied as Bob Hartley
movie 1912 The Bandit's Mask
movie 1912 The Cowboy's Adopted Child as Jack Norton
movie 1912 The Danites
movie 1912 The Fisherboy's Faith as Ferdinand - the Fisherboy
movie 1912 The God of Gold as Dick Arnold
movie 1912 The Great Drought as Jim Harker
movie 1912 The Indelible Stain as Padre Argos
movie 1912 The Lake of Dreams as Manfred
movie 1912 The Last of Her Tribe
movie 1912 The Little Indian Martyr as Padre Juan
movie 1912 The Little Organ Player of San Juan as Padre Augustine
movie 1912 The Little Stowaway
movie 1912 The Love of an Island Maid as Amado
movie 1912 The Mate of the Alden Bessie
movie 1912 The New Woman and the Lion
movie 1912 The Ones Who Suffer as Tom Jennings
movie 1912 The Pity of It as Tom Morton
movie 1912 The Polo Substitute as John Smart
movie 1912 The Price of Art as Tom King - a Young Fisherman
movie 1912 The Professor's Wooing as Fernand - a Young Fisherman
movie 1912 The Secret Wedding as Adrian - the Artist
movie 1912 The Shrinking Rawhide
movie 1912 The Shuttle of Fate as Frank Keene
movie 1912 The Triangle as Tom Brand
movie 1912 The Vision Beautiful as Brother Peter
movie 1911 A Cup of Cold Water
movie 1911 Back to the Primitive
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 Captain Brand's Wife as Captain Brand
movie 1911 Evangeline
movie 1911 George Warrington's Escape
movie 1911 How Algy Captured a Wild Man as The Wild Man
movie 1911 How They Stopped the Run on the Bank as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 In Old California When the Gringos Came
movie 1911 Kit Carson's Wooing
movie 1911 Lieutenant Grey of the Confederacy
movie 1911 Lost in the Jungle as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 Making a Man of Him as The Farmer
movie 1911 Old Billy as Tom Downey
movie 1911 One of Nature's Noblemen
movie 1911 Range Pals as Dave
movie 1911 Shipwrecked
movie 1911 Slick's Romance as Poker Ed
movie 1911 Stability vs. Nobility
movie 1911 The Blacksmith's Love as Joe Saunders - the Blacksmith
movie 1911 The Bootlegger
movie 1911 The Coquette as Hugh Mainard
movie 1911 The Curse of the Redman
movie 1911 The Heart of John Barlow
movie 1911 The Maid at the Helm
movie 1911 The New Superintendent
movie 1911 The Night Herder as Dick Turner - the Night Herder
movie 1911 The Novice
movie 1911 The Profligate
movie 1911 The Regeneration of Apache Kid
movie 1911 The Right Name, But the Wrong Man
movie 1911 The Rival Stage Lines
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1911 Through Fire and Smoke as Tom Gaylor - the Fireman Hero
movie 1911 Wheels of Justice
movie 1910 A Tale of the Sea as Tom
movie 1910 Across the Plains
movie 1910 Davy Crockett
movie 1910 In the Great Northwest as Pierre
movie 1910 Mazeppa, or the Wild Horse of Tartary
movie 1910 Pride of the Range
movie 1910 The Courtship of Miles Standish
movie 1910 The Roman
movie 1910 The Sergeant as Soldier
movie 1910 The Sanitarium
movie 1909 Ben's Kid
movie 1909 Boots and Saddles
movie 1909 Briton and Boer
movie 1909 In the Badlands
movie 1909 In the Sultan's Power
movie 1909 Mephisto and the Maiden
movie 1909 On the Border
movie 1909 Pine Ridge Feud
movie 1909 The Heart of a Race Tout as The Race Tout
movie 1909 The Leopard Queen
movie 1909 The Stampede
movie 1909 The Tenderfoot
movie 1909 Up San Juan Hill
movie 1908 The Spirit of '76

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