Tony Longworth

Tony Longworth Filmography

movie 2014 Bitter
movie 2013 Clarissa for Hire
movie 2013 Following The Wicca Man
movie 2013 The Adopted
movie 2013 The Ghost Is a Lie
movie 2012 A Dull Boy
movie 2012 Before & After
movie 2012 Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary
movie 2012 Mr. Write
movie 2012 No Man's Land
movie 2012 Same Old Same Old
movie 2012 Suicide Poet
movie 2012 The Audition
tv series 2012 Tangled Tales
movie 2011 A Dove Among Pigeons
video movie 2010 Cheques, Lies and Videotape as Narrator
movie 2010 Get Lamp
movie 2010 Morning Funeral
movie 2010 The Vampires of Zanzibar
video movie 2009 What the...? as Birthday boy
movie 2009 48 Hours in Purgatory
video movie 2009 Dead Harvey TV: Pilot Episode
movie 2009 Dead in Love
movie 2008 The Wolf at the Door
video movie 2007 Crazy Animal
video movie 2006 Evil Ever After
movie 2006 Intruder

Tony Longworth on Youtube

Odeon Entertainment's Ultimate Crimes trailer featuring the music of Tony Longworth.

A moving story of one man's drunken struggle to keep control of his bodily functions. Liquored up and ready for action, this poor soul is about to discover t...

A cool trailer featuring my music. Cinematography and VFX by allreal Media / /

Brilliant trailer created by Tony Longworth, who also wrote and performed the music, for the horror/thriller Welcome Home by Neil Davies. There is a serial k...