Torben Meyer

Torben Emil Meyer (1 December 1884 ? 22 May 1975) was a Danish character actor who appeared in over 190 films in a 55 year career. ... more on Wikipedia

Torben Meyer Filmography

movie 1963 A New Kind of Love as Hotel Clerk
movie 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg as Werner Lampe
movie 1960 G.I. Blues as Headwaiter
movie 1959 Li'l Abner as Butler
movie 1959 This Earth Is Mine as Hugo
movie 1958 The Fly as Gaston
movie 1958 The Matchmaker as Alex, Headwaiter, Harmonica Club
movie 1957 Public Pigeon No. One as Waiter
movie 1957 The Helen Morgan Story as Manager
movie 1956 Anything Goes as French Waiter
movie 1956 Hollywood or Bust as Waiter
movie 1956 The Conqueror as Scribe
movie 1955 We're No Angels as Butterfly Man
movie 1954 About Mrs. Leslie as Maitre D'
movie 1954 Casanova's Big Night as Attendant
movie 1954 Deep in My Heart as Card Player
movie 1954 Living It Up as Chef
movie 1953 Call Me Madam as Rudolph
movie 1953 Houdini as Headwaiter
movie 1953 Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation as Doorman at Hotel Louis
movie 1953 The Caddy as Dignified Waiter
movie 1953 The Story of Three Loves as Man in Saloon
movie 1952 The Merry Widow as Station Master
movie 1952 What Price Glory as Mayor
movie 1951 Come Fill the Cup as Delmar, Ives' Auto Mechanic
movie 1951 Grounds for Marriage as Donovan
movie 1951 My Favorite Spy as Headwaiter
movie 1951 Night Into Morning as Butcher
movie 1951 That's My Boy as Photographer
movie 1951 The Blue Veil as Photographer
movie 1951 The Company She Keeps as Maitre'd in French Restaurant
movie 1950 The Great Rupert as Mr. Petrushka the Baker
movie 1949 And Baby Makes Three as Waiter
movie 1949 Hold That Baby! as Doctor Hans Heinrich
movie 1949 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend as Dr. Shultz
movie 1949 The Great Lover as Ship's Captain
movie 1948 Julia Misbehaves as Commissar
movie 1948 Letter from an Unknown Woman as Carriage Driver
movie 1948 Sealed Verdict as Courtroom interpreter
movie 1948 To the Victor as Elderly Frenchman
movie 1948 Unfaithfully Yours as Dr. Schultz
movie 1947 Millie's Daughter as Mr. Johnson
movie 1947 Song of Love as Stage Manager
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End as Milkman
movie 1947 The Exile as Sea Captain
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as Second Brewer
movie 1947 The Sin of Harold Diddlebock as Barber with Mustache
movie 1947 Variety Girl as Andre - Brown Derby Headwaiter
movie 1946 Alias Mr. Twilight as Starling
movie 1946 Heartbeat as Thief at Ball
movie 1946 Monsieur Beaucaire as Count
movie 1946 The Kid from Brooklyn as Garden Party Guest
movie 1945 A Royal Scandal as Stooge
movie 1945 Hotel Berlin as Franz, the Barber
movie 1945 Yolanda and the Thief as Town Official
movie 1944 Greenwich Village as Kavosky's Butler
movie 1944 Hail the Conquering Hero as Mr. Schultz
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Hotel Manager
movie 1944 The Great Moment as Dr. Dahlmeyer
movie 1944 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek as Dr. Meyer
movie 1943 Edge of Darkness as Cannery Clerk
movie 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man as Gypsy
movie 1943 Jack London as Literary Guest
movie 1943 Journey Into Fear as Waiter
movie 1943 They Came to Blow Up America as Graumark Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1942 Berlin Correspondent as Manager
movie 1942 Casablanca as Dutch Banker at Cafe Table
movie 1942 Crossroads as Old Man
movie 1942 The Adventures of Martin Eden as Jacob
movie 1942 The Palm Beach Story as Dr. Kluck
movie 1941 Bedtime Story as Dinglehoff
movie 1941 Sullivan's Travels as The Doctor
movie 1941 Sunny as Jean
movie 1941 The Lady Eve as Mr. Clink - Purser
movie 1940 Christmas in July as Mr. Schmidt
movie 1940 Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet as Kadereit
movie 1940 Four Sons as Gustav
movie 1940 No, No, Nanette as Furtlemertle
movie 1940 The Great Dictator as Bald Barbershop Customer
movie 1940 The Way of All Flesh as Sandor Nemzeti
movie 1939 Everything Happens at Night as Station Master
movie 1939 Island of Lost Men as Cafe Manager
movie 1939 Nurse Edith Cavell as Bit Role
movie 1938 Blind Alibi as Art Critic
movie 1938 Bulldog Drummond's Peril as Hoffman
movie 1938 I'll Give a Million as Doorman
movie 1938 Romance in the Dark as Prof. Jacobsen
movie 1938 The First Hundred Years as Karl
movie 1938 The Great Waltz as Ticket Taker at Dommayer's
movie 1938 The Saint in New York as German Police Prefect
movie 1938 Topper Takes a Trip as Hotel Doorman
movie 1937 Espionage as Police Inspector
movie 1937 Fight for Your Lady as Hungarian Police Officer
movie 1937 Madame X as Peridcord
movie 1937 Prescription for Romance as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1937 Shall We Dance as Show Producer
movie 1937 She's No Lady as Swedish Waiter
movie 1937 The Emperor's Candlesticks as Train Announcer
movie 1937 The Good Old Soak as Headwaiter
movie 1937 The King and the Chorus Girl as Eric, the Butler
movie 1937 The Prisoner of Zenda as Max - Butler
movie 1937 Thin Ice as Chauffeur
movie 1937 Tovarich as Servant
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Second Tailor
movie 1936 Champagne Charlie as Minor Role
movie 1936 In His Steps
movie 1936 It Had to Happen as Sign Painter
movie 1936 King of Burlesque as Leopold the Valet
movie 1936 Piccadilly Jim as Pett's Butler
movie 1936 Star for a Night as Saddle Maker
movie 1936 The Accusing Finger as Proprietor
movie 1936 The Farmer in the Dell as Party Guest
movie 1936 The Preview Murder Mystery as Smith's Butler
movie 1936 Till We Meet Again as Kraus
movie 1936 Wedding Present as Winternitz
movie 1935 A Tale of Two Cities as Lackey #1
movie 1935 Break of Hearts as Headwaiter at The Ritz
movie 1935 Bride of Frankenstein as Victim in Flashback
movie 1935 Charlie Chan in Shanghai as French Diplomat
movie 1935 East of Java as Derelict
movie 1935 Enter Madame as Carlson
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Janitor
movie 1935 If You Could Only Cook as Swedish Servant
movie 1935 Mark of the Vampire as Card Player
movie 1935 Roberta as Albert
movie 1935 Splendor as Baron Von Hoffstatter
movie 1935 The Black Room as Peter
movie 1935 The Gay Deception as Waiter
movie 1935 The Girl Who Came Back as Zarabella
movie 1935 The Good Fairy as Head Waiter
movie 1935 The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo as Minor Role
movie 1935 The Night Is Young as Adjutant
movie 1935 Thunder in the Night as Cafe Owner
movie 1935 To Beat the Band as Headwaiter
movie 1935 Two for Tonight as Waiter
movie 1934 All Men Are Enemies as Clerk
movie 1934 By Your Leave as Costume Company Fitter
movie 1934 Little Man, What Now? as Headwaiter
movie 1934 Mandalay as Mr. Van Brinken
movie 1934 Music in the Air as Pharmacist
movie 1934 Pursued as Hansen
movie 1934 The World Moves On as Head Butler
movie 1933 Ladies Must Love as Beermaster
movie 1933 Reunion in Vienna as Headwaiter Strumpf
movie 1933 The Crime of the Century as Eric - the Butler
movie 1933 The Worst Woman in Paris? as Taxi Driver
movie 1932 6 Hours to Live as Sturges - Butler
movie 1932 Big City Blues as Second Waiter
movie 1932 Broken Lullaby as Waiter at Inn
movie 1932 Downstairs as Cafe Waiter
movie 1932 Halvvägs till himlen as Director
movie 1932 Le bluffeur as Col. Ginsberg
movie 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue as The Dane
movie 1932 The Animal Kingdom as Meyer - Idealistic Printer
movie 1932 The Match King as Hans, Headwaiter
movie 1932 What Price Hollywood? as Nick - Brown Derby Headwaiter
movie 1931 Just a Gigolo as Waiter
movie 1931 Trådlöst och kärleksfullt
movie 1930 A Soldier's Plaything as German Actor in Horse
movie 1930 Behind the Make-Up as Waiter
movie 1930 Just Like Heaven as Pierre
movie 1930 Lummox as Silly Willie
movie 1930 Mamba as German soldier
movie 1930 The Bad One
movie 1930 The Lottery Bride as Miner
movie 1929 Behind Closed Doors as Captain von Gilden
movie 1929 The Last Warning as Gene
movie 1928 Jazz Mad as Kline
movie 1928 Noah's Ark as Man on Train
movie 1928 The Man Who Laughs as The Spy
movie 1928 The Viking as Odd
movie 1926 Don Quixote as Samson Carrasco
movie 1926 Klovnen as Butler
movie 1926 Maharadjahens yndlingshustru III as Mohun Singh
movie 1925 Fra Piazza del Popolo as Benedetto - Servant
movie 1924 Lille Dorrit as Hauptschließer Chivery
movie 1924 Min ven privatdetektiven
movie 1923 Den sidste dans as Herr von Schneppen
movie 1923 Madsalune
movie 1923 Republikaneren as Editor
movie 1922 Der var engang as Ceremonimesteren
movie 1921 Film, flirt og forlovelse as The Baron
movie 1921 Hendes fortid as Moses Volkenthal
movie 1920 Dømmer ikke as Philip Saphir
movie 1920 Kærlighed og Overtro
movie 1920 Lykkeper as Walter Crone
movie 1920 Prinsens Kærlighed
movie 1919 Bajadser as Rodolfo
movie 1919 En ung mans väg as Agapetus von Dufva
movie 1919 Hans store Chance as Arthur
movie 1919 Hvorledes jeg kom til Filmen as Gordon Sidney
movie 1918 Hævneren as Niels
movie 1918 Mirakeltjeneren as Bobby Dewart
movie 1918 Prøvens Dag as Mr. von Scholten
movie 1917 Manden uden Smil as Pianist
movie 1916 Barnet fra Opfostringshuset as Bob Carter
movie 1916 En nydelig onkel
movie 1916 En uheldig skygge
movie 1916 Filmens Datter
movie 1916 Lotteriseddel No. 22152 as Charles - Apache
movie 1916 Manden uden fremtid
movie 1916 Penge
movie 1916 Sønnen as Mr. Grøn
movie 1916 Truet lykke as Simoni
movie 1916 Voksdamen
movie 1915 Appetit og kærlighed as Jens
movie 1915 Cigaretpigen as Pedro Delmart - Painter
movie 1915 Cowboymillionæren
movie 1915 Et huskors as Lensgreve Rosenørn
movie 1915 Held i uheld as Fritz Tummel
movie 1915 Hr. Petersens Debut as Nalle
movie 1915 Revolutionsbryllup
movie 1915 Trold kan tæmmes as Baron van Thaen
movie 1914 Af elskovs naade as Laege
movie 1914 Den kulørte slavehandler
movie 1914 Den nye Huslærer as Valde - Vagabond
movie 1914 Endelig alene
movie 1914 Eventyrersken as Gustav Jönsson
movie 1914 Grev Dahlborgs Hemmelighed
movie 1914 Helvedesmaskinen as Lerche
movie 1914 Herberg for Hjemløse as Journalist
movie 1914 Man skal ikke skue Hunden paa Haarene
movie 1914 Svindlere
movie 1914 Under Skæbnens Hjul
movie 1913 Atlantis as Willy Snyders, artist
movie 1913 Ballettens Datter as Delange - Theatre Manager
movie 1913 Elskovs Gækkeri as Grøn
movie 1913 En farlig Forbryderske
movie 1913 Fra fyrste til knejpevært
movie 1913 Grossererens Overordnede
movie 1913 Hustruens Ret
movie 1913 Højt spil
movie 1913 Kärleken rår as Kuno
movie 1913 Kæmpedamens bortførelse
movie 1913 Kærlighed og penge
movie 1913 Lykkens lunefulde Spil
movie 1913 Privatdetektivens offer as Grosserer Gummesen
movie 1913 Skæbnens Veje
movie 1913 Staalkongens Villie
movie 1913 Under savklingens tænder as Bankier
movie 1912 Badets dronning
movie 1912 Et hjerte af guld as En levemand
movie 1912 Et moderne Ægteskab
movie 1912 Hjærternes kamp
movie 1912 Manegens stjerne as Dumme Peter
movie 1912 Operabranden as Count Bonnot
movie 1912 Vor tids dame
movie 1910 Afgrunden as Secondary Role

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