Trevor Bardette

Trevor Bardette (b. November 19, 1902, Nashville, Arkansas ? November 28, 1977) was an American film actor. He made over 172 movies and seventy-two TV appearances in his career. Bardette appeared in several memorable episodes in Adventures of Superman. In the 1951 show, The Human Bomb, he played the sinister title character. In the 1954 episode, "Great Caesar's Ghost", he was a member of a criminal gang trying to drive editor Perry White insane by making him think the subject of his oft-heard ... more on Wikipedia

Trevor Bardette Filmography

movie 1994 Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone as Old Man Clanton
movie 1969 Mackenna's Gold
movie 1963 Papa's Delicate Condition as Stanley Henderson II
movie 1963 The Raiders as 'Uncle Otto' Strassner
movie 1959 The Mating Game as Chief Guthrie
movie 1958 The Saga of Hemp Brown as Judge Rawlins
movie 1958 Thunder Road as Vernon Doolin
movie 1957 Dragoon Wells Massacre as Marshal Bill Haney
movie 1957 Man in the Shadow as Bystander in Opening Scene
movie 1957 Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend as Sheriff Bob Massey
movie 1957 The Hard Man as Mitch Willis
movie 1957 The Monolith Monsters as Prof. Arthur Flanders
movie 1956 Red Sundown as Sam Baldwin
movie 1956 The Rack as Court President
movie 1955 Rage at Dawn as Fisher
movie 1955 Run for Cover as Paulsen
movie 1955 The Man from Bitter Ridge as Walter Dunham
movie 1955 The Rawhide Years as Captain
movie 1954 Dangerous Mission as Indian Chief at Schoolhouse
movie 1954 Destry as Sheriff Joe Bailey
movie 1954 Johnny Guitar as Jenks
movie 1954 The Outlaw Stallion as Rigo
movie 1953 A Perilous Journey as Whiskered Miner
movie 1953 Ambush at Tomahawk Gap as Twin Forks Sheriff
movie 1953 Bandits of the West as Jeff Chadwick
movie 1953 Red River Shore as Frank Barlow
movie 1953 The Desert Song as Neri
movie 1953 The Man Behind the Gun as Sheldon's Henchman at Hideout
movie 1953 The Man from the Alamo as Davy Crockett
movie 1953 The Sun Shines Bright as Rufe Ramseur
movie 1953 Thunder Over the Plains as Walter Morgan
movie 1952 Lone Star as Sid Yoakum
movie 1952 Macao as Alvaris
movie 1952 Montana Territory as Lloyd Magruder
movie 1952 The San Francisco Story as Miner
movie 1951 Flight to Mars as Alzar
movie 1951 Fort Dodge Stampede as 'Sparkler' McCann
movie 1951 Fort Savage Raiders as Old Cuss
movie 1951 Gene Autry and The Mounties as Raoul Duval
movie 1951 Honeychile as Crooked Rancher
movie 1951 Lorna Doone as Jan Fry
movie 1951 Mask of the Avenger as Farmer
movie 1951 The Barefoot Mailman as Oat McCarty
movie 1951 The Sword of Monte Cristo as Navarre
movie 1951 The Texas Rangers as Telegraph Operator
movie 1950 A Lady Without Passport as Lt. Carfagno, Cuban Cop
movie 1950 Broken Arrow as Stage Passenger
movie 1950 Cargo to Capetown as Captain Olferi
movie 1950 Copper Canyon as Southerner Ore Wagon Driver
movie 1950 Deadly Is the Female as Sheriff Boston
movie 1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood as Head Prison Guard
movie 1950 Hills of Oklahoma as Hank Peters
movie 1950 Tarzan and the Slave Girl as Man Building Tomb
movie 1950 The Grass Is Always Greener as Sheriff
movie 1950 The Palomino as Bill Brown
movie 1950 Union Station as Patrolman
movie 1949 Apache Chief as Chief Big Crow
movie 1949 Bagdad as Soldier
movie 1949 Big Jack as John Oakes
movie 1949 Hellfire as Wilson
movie 1949 Lust for Gold as Man in Saloon
movie 1949 Omoo-Omoo the Shark God as Capt. Roger Guy
movie 1949 Renegades of the Sage as Miller
movie 1949 San Antone Ambush as Wade Shattuck
movie 1949 Sheriff of Wichita as Captain Ira Flanders
movie 1949 Song of India as Rewa
movie 1949 The Blazing Trail as Jess Williams
movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma as Ezra Johnson - Farmer
movie 1949 The Wyoming Bandit as Wyoming Dan
movie 1948 Adventures in Silverado as Mike
movie 1948 Alias a Gentleman as Jig Johnson
movie 1948 Behind Locked Doors as Mr. Purvis, a patient
movie 1948 Black Eagle as Mike Long
movie 1948 Hills of Home as Saunders
movie 1948 Marshal of Amarillo as Frank Welch
movie 1948 Panhandle as Barber Patron
movie 1948 Secret Service Investigator as Henry Witzel
movie 1948 Silver River as Soldier
movie 1948 Smoky Mountain Melody as Uncle McCorkle
movie 1948 Sundown in Santa Fe as John Stuart
movie 1948 Sword of the Avenger as Miguel
movie 1948 The Gallant Legion as Half-Breed Interpreter
movie 1948 The Loves of Carmen as Lucas' Footman
movie 1948 The Mating of Millie as Mr. Wilson
movie 1948 The Paleface as Governor's Horseman
movie 1948 The Return of the Whistler as Arnold
movie 1948 The Wreck of the Hesperus as William Bliss
movie 1947 13 Rue Madeleine as Resistance fighter
movie 1947 Marshal of Cripple Creek as Tom Lambert
movie 1947 Ramrod as Bailey - Circle 66 Hand
movie 1947 Slave Girl as Hadji, the Cafe Proprietor
movie 1947 T-Men as Rudy
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End as Clinic Doctor
movie 1947 The Last Round-up as Indian Chief
movie 1947 The Millerson Case as Ward Beechy
movie 1947 The Sea of Grass as Andy Boggs, Homesteader
movie 1947 Tycoon as Julio Ayora - House Guest
movie 1947 Unconquered as Villager Beside Garth at Ft. Pitt Siege
movie 1947 Wyoming as Timmons
movie 1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball as Lester Abbott
movie 1946 Dragonwyck as Farmer
movie 1946 God's Country as White Cloud
movie 1946 Sing While You Dance as Dusty
movie 1946 The Big Sleep as Art Huck
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Rabbi Meyerberg
movie 1946 The Man Who Dared as Police Sgt. Arthur Landis
movie 1945 A Thousand and One Nights as Hasson
movie 1945 Counter-Attack as Petrov
movie 1945 Dick Tracy as Prof. Linwood J. Starling
movie 1945 Escape in the Desert as Steve, Citizen Gunman
movie 1945 Frontier Days as Dan Yarbro
movie 1945 Law of the Badlands as Jim Turk - Cavalry Scout
movie 1944 Faces in the Fog as Garner, Juror
movie 1944 None Shall Escape as Jan Stys as a man
movie 1944 Tampico as Charlie, Mexican Waiter
movie 1944 The Black Parachute as Nicholas - Guerilla
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Stefan
movie 1944 The Missing Juror as Tom Pierson
movie 1944 The Whistler as The Bum in the Next Bed
movie 1944 U-Boat Prisoner as Convoy Ship Commander
movie 1943 Chetniks as Peasant Leader
movie 1943 The Chance of a Lifetime as Manny Vogel
movie 1943 The Deerslayer as Chief Rivanoak
movie 1943 The Moon Is Down as Foreman
movie 1943 This Land Is Mine as Courtroom Guard Who Brings Albert's Notes
movie 1942 Apache Trail as Amber
movie 1942 Flight Lieutenant as Carey
movie 1942 Henry and Dizzy as Mr. Weeks
movie 1942 The Secret Code as Jensen
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Sam Bass
movie 1941 Bad Men of Missouri as Bandaged Soldier
movie 1941 Buy Me That Town as George
movie 1941 Doomed Caravan as Ed Martin
movie 1941 Glamour Boy as Sheriff
movie 1941 Highway West as Husband
movie 1941 International Lady as Krell, the Chemist
movie 1941 Jungle Girl as Dr. John Meredith
movie 1941 Mystery Ship as Ernst Madek
movie 1941 Red River Valley as Allison
movie 1941 Romance of the Rio Grande as Henchman Manuel
movie 1941 The Cowboy and the Blonde as Wanee, Indian Cook
movie 1941 Topper Returns as Rama
movie 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois as John Hanks
movie 1940 Dark Command as Mr. Hale
movie 1940 Girl from Havana as Drenov, the Russian
movie 1940 He Stayed for Breakfast as Police lieutenant
movie 1940 Island of Doomed Men as District Attorney
movie 1940 Murder Over New York as Hindu Businessman
movie 1940 New Moon as Foulette
movie 1940 Santa Fe Trail as Agitator in Palmyra
movie 1940 Ski Patrol as Russian Tunnel Team Commander
movie 1940 The Fighting 69th as First Alabama Man
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Jule - Bouncer at Dance
movie 1940 The Westerner as Shad Wilkins
movie 1940 Three Faces West as Clem Higgins
movie 1940 Torrid Zone as Policeman Escorting Lee on Ship
movie 1940 Virginia City as Union Fanatic with Knife
movie 1940 Wagons Westward as Alan Cook
movie 1940 Winners of the West as Raven
movie 1940 Young Buffalo Bill as Emelio Montez
movie 1939 Blackmail as Southern Deputy
movie 1939 Charlie Chan at Treasure Island as Abdul
movie 1939 Gone with the Wind as Minor Role
movie 1939 Let Freedom Ring as Gagan
movie 1939 Overland with Kit Carson as Trapper Mitchell
movie 1939 Stand Up and Fight as Mob Leader
movie 1939 The Cowboy Quarterback as The Indian
movie 1939 The Oklahoma Kid as Indian Jack Pasco
movie 1938 In Old Mexico as Rurales Colonel Gonzales
movie 1938 Jezebel as Sheriff at Plantation
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Municipal Taking the Young Dauphin
movie 1938 Mystery House as Bruker
movie 1938 Smashing the Spy Ring as Jordan
movie 1938 Topa Topa as Joe Morton
movie 1938 Valley of the Giants as Complaining Landowner
movie 1937 Borderland as Cololel Gonzales
movie 1937 The Great Garrick as M. Noverre
movie 1937 They Won't Forget as Shattuck Clay
movie 1937 White Bondage as Lon Huston

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The Monolith Monsters Trailer - Directed by John Sherwood and starring Lola Albright, Grant Williams, Les Tremayne, Trevor Bardette, Phil Harvey. Rocks from .

Trailer in original englischer Sprache zu dem Science Fiction Klassiker Das Geheimnis des steinernen Monsters aus dem Jahre 1957 Originaltitel: The Monolith ...

Starring Grant Williams, Lola Albright, Les Tremayne, Trevor Bardette, and Phil Harvey. Directed by Jack Arnold.

Rocky Lane, xerife de Amarillo, investiga um caso de assassinato e um desaparecimento ocorridos com passageiros de uma diligĂȘncia a caminho da cidade.