Troy Valjean Rucker

Troy Valjean Rucker Filmography

movie 2012 Drama Queenz as Preston
movie 2011 Boys Like You
movie 2011 Where Truth Lies
tv series 2008 Drama Queenz as Preston

Troy Valjean Rucker on Youtube

Episode 42! Chatting it up with the creators of the Drama Queenz on the performing arts, jobs, auditioning, and general advice about making it in the busines...

novo film project #0001: WHERE TRUTH LIES LOGLINE A man on the down-low grapples with the lies he tells himself and others on the day of his anniversary.

Troy Valjean Rucker sings "Madeleine" in "A Cabaret Evening of Brel & Piaf" at the Byrdcliffe Theatre in Woodstock, NY as part of Woostock Fringe's Festival ...

novo film project #0002: BOYS LIKE YOU LOGLINE A young man struggles with the boundaries of friendship when he finds himself in an intimate situation.